Japan Digital Nomad Visa 2024 (Requirements, Eligibility)

Japan is preparing to launch its new Digital Nomad visa initiative in March 2024, with the specific date of release still pending. In this article, we explore the major features of the Japan Digital Nomad Visa program which will be a six-month stay for remote workers which is twice as long as their current visa-free duration.

Japan Digital Nomad Visa 2024
Japan Digital Nomad Visa 2024 (Requirements, Eligibility)

The goal of the program is to attract foreign remote workers who want to discover Japan’s many offerings. Ever wanted to visit Japan? Seize this golden opportunity!

Following the existing regulation, citizens from 49 countries including EU member states are allowed to stay in Japan for six months. In particular, Japan accommodates more than 2 million foreign workers from various countries according to the data provided by the labor ministry of Japan.

Many Japanese companies offer visa sponsorship, and Japan has become a tempting option for job seekers. To those looking to work in Japan, an extensive analysis of the Work Visa Process is suggested. Today, we will discuss the details of the Japan Digital Nomad Visa Program.

The About Japan Digital Nomad Visa

Below is a detailed overview of the new Japan digital nomad visa that highlights criteria, income requirements and relevant terms & conditions.

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Understanding the Digital Nomad Visa

The same goes for the discussion of education and its role in creating a new society.

The Digital Nomad Visa, also known as a remote work visa or freelance visa is the specialized permit allowing people to live and work in Japan without an offer of employment. This visa is given for a fixed time and renewed upon expiry.

Tailored for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs leveraging technology to sustain independent livelihoods irrespective of location, these visas cater to a burgeoning global demographic.

Several nations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa have introduced Digital Nomad Visa programs, including the UAE Virtual Work Visa, Malta Digital Nomad Visa, and Portugal Digital Nomad Visa. Notably, Canada has recently joined the fray with its own Digital Nomad Visa, open for online applications worldwide. Interested parties can explore further details on the Canada Digital Nomad Visa.

Who Qualifies for Japan's Digital Nomad Visa?

49 countries and territories can apply for Japan digital nomad visa. This includes countries that have tax treaties with Japan or those who are visa-free while visiting the country.

The list ranges from Europe, Armenia, Belarus Georgia Iceland Liechtenstein Moldova Monaco North Macedonia Norway Serbia Switzerland Turkey the UK and all European Union member states. Outside Europe, people from Australia, South Korea, Singapore and the United States are among those who can apply. It must be stressed that this roster is based on the current information and may change before official release.

Income Prerequisites for Japan Digital Nomad Visa

As per Japan's Immigration Services Agency (ISA), applicants must demonstrate a minimum annual income of ¥10 million (approximately $68,300) alongside possessing private health insurance.

Target Audience

The digital nomad visa program will be a part of the “specified activities” category in Japan, and officially listed on the MOFAJapan website is scheduled for release by March 2024. The applications are open for freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs and content creators including YouTubers.

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Bringing Family Members to Japan

Visa holders can be accompanied by their spouses and children, provided they also possess private health insurance coverage.

Renewal of Japan Digital Nomad Visa

It's important to note that the visa cannot be renewed consecutively. This implies that applicants must exit Japan for six months before reapplying. Furthermore, visa holders are not eligible for residency status and cannot engage in long-term housing rentals.


These are the key aspects to note about the Japan Digital Nomad Visa. Remember that the full launch is scheduled for March 2024 and watch out for more news on this front.

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