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The process for obtaining a Japan work visa is notably straightforward and efficient. As discussed earlier, we delved into the procedures for acquiring Lithuania and Slovenia work visas.

Work Visa Process in Japan 2023

In this article, I will provide you with comprehensive insights into the Japan Work Visa Process for the year 2023. To pursue employment in Japan, securing a job offer from a Japanese employer is a prerequisite.

Notably, there exists a plethora of Japanese job opportunities with available visa sponsorships spanning various sectors. Achieving a visa sponsorship role in Japan is remarkably uncomplicated.

The demand for foreign workers in Japan stems from its aging population, necessitating an influx of international workforce. As part of its strategy, Japan aims to welcome around 500,000 foreign workers by the year 2025. The initial visa duration will span five years.

The Japanese society is renowned for its warmth and honesty. It upholds strong values of self-discipline and offers a reasonable cost of living, rendering it an attractive destination.

This article will delve into diverse categories of Japanese work visas, encompassing occupations in Japan that offer visa sponsorships. Furthermore, it will present a step-by-step guide to navigate through the application process for obtaining a Japanese Work Visa.

Insights into the Japan Work Visa Process for 2023

Country of Employment: Japan

Visa Category: Work Visa

Eligibility: Open to applicants from all nationalities

Visa Sponsorship Employment: Yes

Passport Ranking: Ranked 2nd most powerful, granting access to 190 visa-free destinations

Prominent Sectors

1. English Language Teaching

2. Military Personnel

3. Engineering

4. Service Industry

5. Information Technology (IT) Professionals

6. Translation Services

7. Banking

8. Education (School Teacher)

9. English Language Proficiency Roles

10. Mechanics

11. Electrical Engineering

Popular Employment Opportunities

In Japan, the most sought-after job sectors are teaching English and IT. These fields not only offer work visa sponsorships but also provide accommodations and competitive salaries to their employees.

Varieties of Japanese Work Visas

Among various types of visas available, Japanese work visas can be categorized into two main types. These are:

1) Highly Skilled Professional Visa

   This visa category is further divided into (i) (a)/(b)/(c) designations. It enables highly skilled professionals to reside in Japan for up to 5 years and engage in advanced academic research, and specialized, or technical activities.

   - Special Highly Skilled Professional Visa: This visa requires a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Those with relevant field experience can apply for this highly skilled visa.
   - Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa: This visa is intended for individuals possessing advanced skills and experience suitable for working in Japan.

2) Japan Working Visa

   This is the standard work visa in Japan issued to many foreign workers. It does not mandate prior work experience. Holders of this visa are eligible for stays of 1, 3, or 5 years.

Occupations Eligible for Japanese Working Visa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has outlined the professions that qualify for Japanese Working Visas:

- Professor
- Artists
- Religious activities
- Journalist
- Business Manager
- Legal/Accounting services
- Medical services
- Researcher
- Instructor
- Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services
- Intra-company transferee
- Nursing care
- Entertainers
- Skilled labor
- Specified skilled worker
- Technical intern training

Visa Duration

All visas are issued for durations of 1, 3, and 5 years.

Visa Application Process

You can expect a response to your visa application within 5-6 working days.

Visa Fees

The fee for a Single Entry Visa is usually around 3000 Japanese Yen, while a Multiple Entry Visa costs around 6000 Yen. The fee is payable only if the application is approved.

Requirements for Japanese Work Visa

To be eligible for a Japanese Work Visa, you need to meet these criteria:

- Have a job offer from a Japanese company or employer.
- Possess a valid passport.
- Fill out and submit the Visa application form.
- Provide a photograph taken within the last six months.
- Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from your Japanese employer.

Required Documentation

The necessary documents include:

  • - Passport
  • - Completed visa application form
  • - One recent photograph
  • - Certificate of Eligibility
  • - Job offer letter detailing the position
  • - Educational documents (to be submitted to your employer for COE application)
  • - Additional documents might be required based on the applicant's nationality. Check the Japanese embassy or consulates-general's website for details.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is essential for foreign workers in Japan. This is obtained through the COE application process, managed by your Japanese employer once you've received a job offer.

Visa-Sponsored Jobs for Foreign Applicants

Japan offers numerous visa-sponsored job opportunities from employers, recruitment agencies, and companies. You can find these positions through various popular job search websites, often by selecting the "Overseas Applicants" or "Visa Offered" options or by searching for "Visa Sponsorship."

Here are some of the most well-known websites for finding jobs in Japan:

Submitting Your Japanese Work Visa Application

Follow these steps to apply for a Japanese Work Visa:

1. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.
2. Apply for a Japan Work Visa at the Japanese embassy in your home country. A list of Japanese Embassies, Consulates, and Permanent Missions can be found here.

Useful Links for Japan Work Visa

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Website:

- Japan Immigration Website:

Feel free to utilize these resources for further information on the Japanese work visa process.
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