UAE Virtual Work Visa 2024 (Digital Nomad Visa for Dubai)

An increasing number of individuals worldwide are choosing Dubai as their secondary residence due to its exceptional quality of life, promising economic prospects, robust safety measures, and array of world-class attractions.

UAE Virtual Work Visa 2024
UAE Virtual Work Visa 2024 (Digital Nomad Visa for Dubai)

Today, we delve into the UAE Virtual Work Visa, also known as Dubai’s Digital Nomad Visa, offering a residency permit to foreign workers employed outside the UAE. This visa grants legal residency in the UAE, providing access to telecommunications, utilities, medical services, education, and the added advantage of zero income tax.

This option stands as a cost-effective choice, allowing individuals to stay in their home country while utilizing UAE banking facilities. The visa spans one year and is renewable, enabling applicants to bring their family members along. Moreover, the Virtual Work Residence Visa enables professionals globally to work remotely from the UAE. Further details and specific requirements follow below.

Advantages of the UAE Virtual Work Visa (Dubai’s Digital Nomad Visa)

  • No requirement for sponsorship or an offer from a UAE employer/company.
  • Relaxed income prerequisites.
  • Online application option available.
  • Access to UAE benefits like zero income tax, healthcare, education, and family inclusion.

While akin to the UAE Green Visa, the Virtual Work Residence Visa differs in its income prerequisites, with the Green Visa requiring substantially higher earnings and granting a 5-year residency.

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Provided by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE.

  • Accessible to individuals of any nationality.
  • A monthly income threshold of at least USD 3,500 is mandatory.
  • Valid for an initial duration of one year, with the option for renewal

Dubai's Remote Work Initiative

Experience the flexibility of relocating to Dubai from outside the UAE while maintaining your current remote employment.

This virtual work initiative caters to:

  • Individuals desiring to reside in the UAE while working remotely for an employer outside the country.
  • Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers.
  • Start-up companies meeting the specified eligibility criteria.
  • The program offers a one-year validity, with the option of renewal upon re-application.

Prerequisites for Dubai's Virtual Working Scheme

For employees:

  • Initiated by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) in Dubai.
  • Submission of a one-year valid employment contract as proof of current employment.
  • A minimum monthly salary of US$3,500 is mandatory.
  • Submission of the latest month's salary slip and the preceding three months' bank statements.

For company owners:

  • Submission of proof of company ownership for one year or more.
  • Maintaining an average monthly income of US$3,500.
  • Submission of the company's account statements for the past three months.

An important update in October 2023 revealed that Dubai's Virtual Working Scheme has harmonized its requirements with the national Virtual Work Residence Visa, sharing identical criteria under different branding.

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Visa Fees

The cost for enrollment in the virtual working initiative is set at USD 287 per individual.

Application Processing Time

Your application will undergo processing within a swift 48-hour timeframe.

Application Procedure

Kindly visit the official website (link provided below) to initiate your application. Follow the outlined application process, ensuring the submission of the required documents. Complete your application submission online.


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