Malta Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2023

Experience the perfect blend of work and leisure on the captivating island of Malta. As an EU country, Malta stands out as an optimal choice, offering not only an enriching work environment but also affordability compared to other European Union nations.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2023

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide insights into the Malta Digital Nomad Visa for the year 2023, presenting a remarkable opportunity for individuals engaged in remote work for various companies or pursuing self-employment ventures such as freelancing, content creation on platforms like YouTube, or blogging. Relocating to Malta under the Nomad Visa framework is straightforward and accessible.

This program falls under the Malta Nomad Residence permit, which has already attracted and embraced digital nomads from within the European Union. The permit duration spans one year and can be renewed annually, ensuring a consistent experience for digital nomads.

Notably, the Digital Nomad Visa dispenses with the requirement for a job offer originating from Malta, offering a pathway to potentially transition your permit into a status of Permanent Residency. Further details regarding this exciting prospect are elaborated below.

Qualifications for Obtaining the Malta Digital Nomad Visa in 2023

If you are a citizen of a Non-EU Country and fulfil the following criteria, you can apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa:

  •  Engage in remote work for a company not based in Malta.
  •  Freelancers are eligible to apply.
  •  Maintain a minimum monthly income of €2,700.

Bringing Your Family Along

When applying for the Maltese digital nomad visa, you have the opportunity to include your family members. This includes:

  1.  Your spouse (husband or wife).
  2.  Your minor children.
  3.  Children who are dependent on you due to illness or disability.
  4.  Children who are financially dependent on you.

Duration of Stay

Initially, your visa will be granted for a period of one year. Subsequently, you have the option to apply for renewal while residing in Malta.

Required Documents

You will need to provide the following documents as part of your application:

1. Application Form N1

2. Application Form N2 (if applicable)

3. Application Form N4 General Data Protection Form

4. Letter of Intent

5. International Passport

6. Employment contract and official tax documentation if employed

7. Documentary evidence of self-employment, if applicable

8. Documentary evidence of all freelance activities, if freelancing

9. Europass CV

10. Bank statement

11. Proof of local or international health insurance coverage

12. Health declaration

To obtain all the necessary application forms, please visit the following website:


Here are the advantages of the Malta Digital Nomad Visa:

1. English-Speaking Country: Malta offers the convenience of being an English-speaking nation.

2. Schengen Travel: With a valid digital nomad residence permit, you can explore other Schengen countries.

3. Geographic Access: Malta's strategic location provides easy access to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

4. 5G Connectivity: You will enjoy access to advanced 5G technology.

Taxation in Malta

Under the Digital Nomad Visa, you are not required to pay taxes in Malta, unless you derive income from sources within Malta.

To check your eligibility for the Nomad Visa, please visit:

Application Process for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

1. Document Collection: Gather the necessary documents.

2. Online Application: Apply for the visa through the online portal.

3. Application Submission: Submit your application online.

4. Nomad Residence Permit Collection: Once approved, travel to Malta to collect your Nomad Residence Permit.

For the application process, visit the Malta Residency Permit website:

To submit your application to the Residency Malta Agency, use the following email: nomad.residency [email protected]. After sending the email, await a response from the agency.

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