Romania Seasonal Worker Visa 2024 (The Application Process)

Romania, nestled within the European Union, annually sets aside a specific allotment of work permits available to foreign laborers. In 2024, the Romanian government has earmarked a quota of 100,000 permits for non-EU/EEA workers.

Romania Seasonal Worker Visa 2024
Romania Seasonal Worker Visa 2024 (The Application Process)

This cap signifies that no more than 100,000 permits will be sanctioned for foreign nationals seeking employment opportunities within the country. This allocation encompasses various types of work permits, including seasonal and permanent positions. Explore the Romania Seasonal Worker Visa for insights into its duration of validity and the application protocol.

For non-Europeans, the opportunity to engage as seasonal workers extends to a maximum of six months within 12 months. The seasonal work visa operates under the Employment visa category (D/AM).

To secure employment in Romania, individuals must first secure a job, after which their employer will procure the requisite work authorization for seasonal employment, commonly referred to as a work permit.

Following this, a grace period of 60 days is granted to apply for the Romania Long-stay visa (symbol D) at the embassy situated in their country of origin or current residence. Further elucidation on this process is provided below.

Employment (symbol D/AM) Visa for Seasonal Workers

The Employment (symbol D/AM) Visa denotes a long-term visa exceeding three months. It is pertinent to note that this long-stay visa for employment is open to third-state nationals seeking seasonal employment opportunities within Romania.

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Type of Employment:

Seasonal work permits are typically granted for positions within specific industries experiencing a shortage of local labor during peak periods. These sectors commonly encompass:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Hospitality

Salary for Seasonal Workers in Romania

Romania adheres to a national minimum wage policy, which serves as a foundational benchmark for all employees, including those engaged in seasonal work. As of February 2024, the gross minimum wage stands at 2,550 Romanian Leu (RON) per month, roughly equivalent to 570 Euros.

Application Procedure for the Romania Seasonal Worker Visa

Secure a Job: A valid job offer from a Romanian employer is a prerequisite for obtaining a Long Stay Visa (Type D Visa).

Employer-Initiated Work Authorization: Prospective employers in Romania must initiate the process by applying for work authorization for seasonal employment through the General Inspectorate for Immigration (GII).

Apply for the Employment Visa (D/AM) at the Romanian Embassy: Upon obtaining the necessary work authorization, applicants can proceed to apply for a seasonal work visa at the Romanian embassy or consulate in their home country. It's important to note that there is a 60-day window from the issuance of the work authorization within which to submit the visa application.

Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit: Upon arrival in Romania, individuals must acquire a temporary residence permit from the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

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