Process for Seasonal Worker Permits in Belgium 2023

Belgium Seasonal Worker Permits 2023

For those individuals who hail from beyond European borders and aspire to partake in temporary undertakings within the realm of Belgium, this discourse is specially crafted for your benefit.

It is imperative to acquaint yourself with the intricacies of the Belgium Seasonal Labor Authorization Procedure for the year 2023. On the continent of Europe, the "Seasonal Laborer" Visa emerges as the quintessential and widespread avenue for third-country denizens.

Numerous European nations, including Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, proffer opportunities for Seasonal Labor Permits, and Belgium proudly stands as one of the proponents of such a regime.

To engage in seasonal labor within Belgium, the onus of procuring a "Singular Authorization" rests squarely upon your prospective employer. The Singular Authorization is an amalgamation of a Work Authorization and a Residential Authorization, which are pivotal requisites.

The scope of a Belgium Seasonal Labor Authorization extends to a period of up to five months within a span of 365 days. Furthermore, you have the prerogative to seek an extension well in advance of the culmination of your extant work authorization. Comprehensive elucidation concerning the Belgium Seasonal Labor Authorization Protocol for the year 2023 is furnished hereinafter.

Details About Belgium Seasonal Work Permit Process 2023 (Seasonal Worker)

  • Country: Belgium
  • Work Permit Type: Single Permit, Seasonal Work Permit
  • Visa Type: D Visa

Types of Seasonal Work Permitted on the Seasonal Work Permit

  1. Agricultural sector
  2. Horticultural sector
  3. Catering sector

Geographical Regions Open to Seasonal Workers in Belgium

  • In the Agricultural sector, employment can be pursued in any region within Belgium.
  • For the Horticultural sector, work opportunities are confined to the regions of Flanders and Wallonia.
  • The Catering sector extends employment opportunities to Flanders, Wallonia, and the German-speaking Community.

Countries Whose Citizens Have Been Granted Belgium Seasonal Work Permits

1. India

2. Ghana

3. Nepal

4. Bangladesh

5. Kosovo

6. Morocco

7. Nigeria

8. Mali

9. Pakistan

10. Sri Lanka

11. Bulgaria

12. Poland

13. Romania

The remuneration for Seasonal Workers in Belgium

  • The minimum monthly wage in Belgium for all workers, including seasonal workers, stood at €1593.
  • In the agricultural sector, during the same year, the minimum hourly wage for workers, encompassing seasonal laborers, amounted to €9.45.
  • Within the horticultural sector, the minimum hourly wage for 2020 exhibited variance depending on the sub-sector. For instance, it ranged from €9.26 in fruit growing to €10.12 in floriculture, €11.25 in silviculture, and €11.33 in tree nurseries.
  • In the Hospitality Sector, seasonal workers with one year of seniority received a minimum hourly salary that fluctuated between €12.1504 and €18.0369 in the year 2020.

The Belgium Seasonal Work Permit offers the following terms and conditions

Duration of Validity

As a seasonal worker in Belgium, you are entitled to stay in the country for a maximum period of 150 days within a span of 365 days.

Renewal Requirement

To secure a renewal of your seasonal worker permit, it is imperative to make an application to the regional authority at least one month before the existing permit is due to expire.

Essential Requirements for a Belgium Seasonal Work Visa

  • A valid job offer.
  • Single Permit Approval (obtained from Belgium) - which combines work permits and authorization for stay.
  • A Long Stay D Visa for entry into Belgium.

Processing Time

The processing period for your Seasonal Work Permit and Visa application for the Belgium Seasonal Worker Visa can take up to 90 days.

Cost of Belgium Seasonal Work Permit

The fee for a seasonal work permit in Belgium is €180. It is your prospective employer who is responsible for covering this fee when submitting your visa application to the Belgian Immigration Office.

Procedure for Belgium Seasonal Work Permit 2023

In order to comprehend the intricacies of the Belgium Seasonal Work Permit process, it is essential to have secured a job offer from a Belgian employer. This initiates the procedural journey.

The procedure for obtaining a Single Permit and a Belgium D Visa is as follows

1) Get a Single Permit

Your employer in Belgium will initiate the application for a "Single Permit," which encompasses both residence and work permissions in the specific region where your employment is based. This could be Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels Capital Region, or the German-speaking Community.

  • You will receive a decision to grant a Single Permit (annex 46) from the Immigration Office.
  • Subsequently, you will be provided with a certificate to grant a Single Permit (annex 47) by the Immigration Office.

2) Visa D

A Visa D is classified as a Long Stay Visa, allowing you to stay in Belgium for durations exceeding 90 days. Initially, this Visa affords you a one-year stay.

To secure a Belgium D Visa, you are required to submit your Single Permit, Passport, and visa application to the Embassy of Belgium or VFS in your home country. During this process:

  • Authorities will capture your fingerprints and a digital photo.
  • You can track the status of your Visa application online.

In order to complete the process of acquiring a Residence Permit Card in Belgium, please take note of the following steps and requirements:

3) Get a Residence Permit Card

Upon your arrival in Belgium, it is mandatory to register at the municipality in the vicinity of your chosen place of residence. This registration should be accomplished within 8 working days from your arrival date. The municipality will then issue a Single Permit for a limited duration, also known as an "A-card."

Required Documentation from Your Belgian Employer

Your Belgian employer is responsible for providing the necessary documentation to facilitate both your work and stay authorization. The required documents include:

  1. - A comprehensive application for a work permit.
  2. - Supporting evidence of your employment.
  3. - The employer's identity document.
  4. - An employment contract.
  5. - Your international passport.
  6. - Documentation proving your financial means for subsistence (if stipulated).
  7. - A clean criminal record.
  8. - Proof of health insurance coverage.
  9. - Documentation confirming adequate housing arrangements.

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