Chevy Blazer EV Launches in 2024 with Up to 557 HP and 320 Miles of Range

The electric Blazer will begin at about $45,000 and will be available with rear-, front-or all-wheel drive.

General Motors’ Ultium electric vehicle platform is quite excellent. Still, to date, the only models we’ve seen using it were the luxurious Cadillac Lyriq, the giddy GMC Hummer EV, and the costly (at the time of its release) Chevrolet Silverado EV. However, Chevy has now presented the brand-new Blazer EV that will be a fully mainstream crossover when available this summer.

The front image of the Blazer EV was shown for the first time earlier this month, but we have a complete collection of photos showing different trim levels of the brand new Blazer. In addition to the gas-powered Blazer equipped with an electric motor stuffed into this Blazer, EV is brand new from the start and is a design thanks to its sculpted shoulders, a boomerang-shaped LED light, short overhang, and wide, low stance.

More sporty trim levels, such as the top-of-the-line SS, come with more oversized air intakes and a different faux grille on the front. But all models look fantastic. Its RS and SS have a full-width rear lighting bar with a glowing logo with a welcome animation and display the status of charge when the device is plugged in. The prominent vent on the fender is also functional.

The interior of the vehicle is a rework of the present Blazer’s interior, incorporating the design and technology derived from the Silverado. Each Blazer electric vehicle comes with an 11.2-inch digital gauge cluster and a 17.7-inch central touchscreen that is angled towards the driver. The latter features an actual volume knob above various traditional climate control buttons.

Three round air vents resemble a Camaro in the lower part of the dash, and certain trim levels have ambient lighting integrated into the. The SS features orange accents and leather seats, which feature an awesome lightning bolt perforation.

No performance information or specifications are out there. However, Chevy has announced the Blazer’s top numbers. It will be equipped with rear-and front-or all-wheel drive, depending on the trim. And no, regardless of the configuration, the Blazer features independent suspension in every corner. Its Blazer EV SS will offer 557 horsepower and 648 pounds-feet of torque.

It can reach 60 mph in less than 4 seconds when operating in”WOW (Wide Open Watts) mode. Chevy claims that the SS features “the spirit of a sporting car.” Regenerative braking is a legitimate one-pedal driver capability, and the Blazer appears to come with a similar regen-activated steering paddle found on the Bolt EV.

The Blazer EV is available with rear-and front-or all-wheel drive, depending on the battery’s size and model; regardless of the configuration, the SUV comes with an independent suspension available at every corner. In addition, the Blazer EV SS will offer 557 horsepower and 648 pounds of torque. It will reach 60 mph in less than four seconds when operating in”WOW” (Wide Open Watts) mode.

Chevy claims the SS is equipped with “the spirit of the sporting car.” Regenerative braking should have an actual one-pedal driver capability, and it appears the Blazer is equipped with an identical regen-activated steering paddle like the Bolt EV. The range estimates vary from 247-320 miles, based on your trim level. This chart will aid in breaking some of the information down.

Chevy Blazer EV Specs

Drivetrain FWD FWD or AWD FWD, AWD or RWD AWD
Range (est.) 247 miles 293 miles 320 miles 290 miles
Wheels 19-inch 19-inch 21-inch 22-inch
Chevy Blazer EV
Chevy Blazer EV

Based on the model, the Blazer EV will take DC fast-charging speeds between 190 and 190 kW and can add the range to 78 miles within 10 minutes after plugging into. The Blazer EV is equipped with an 11.5-kW onboard charger, and owners can use the GM Ultium Charge 360 service and more than 100,000 charging stations in public places all across the US.

General Motors’ Super Cruise hands-free driver-assist tech is an option for the Blazer electric, as well as new security features such as advanced parking assist and reverse mechanical brakes. Other features available include an automatic tailgate with power, heated and ventilated front seats, and heated rear seats. 22-inch wheels, several USB-C ports, a mobile smartphone charger, a navigation system with the EV route planner, and a charge port-powered door.

The first models from the Blazer EV range to be available for auction will include the 2LT and RS trims. They will begin at $47,595 and $51,995 before the destination. The models will be available to dealers by the summer of 2023, and the $65,995 SS coming later in 2023. The entry-level 1LT is expected to be available during the 1st quarter of 2024 at $44,995, along with a Police fleet model that is PPV. The Blazer electric vehicle will be built in the same Mexico factory that produces the Blazer. Blazer.

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