Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs for High Earnings in 2024

During the Bitcoin surge of 2016, enthusiasm reached unprecedented levels. Even as the cryptocurrency faced dips and crashes, some individuals, driven by optimism, took the bold step of remortgaging their homes to invest in what they saw as a digital gold rush.

So, why would we consider compiling a list of affiliate networks that promote Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? The answer lies in the recent resurgence of Bitcoin's value, which has nearly quadrupled in the past six months, signaling a recovery from its previous downturns. This resurgence has propelled the entire cryptocurrency industry, including Bitcoin, to an estimated valuation of $350 billion.

Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs
Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs for High Earnings in 2024

A crucial lesson from the 2008 financial crisis is the importance of not placing all our trust in traditional fiat currency. The cryptocurrency sector continues to offer significant opportunities for profit, as cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Furthermore, our affiliate marketing data indicates that marketers in this field can expect an average monthly income of $9,296, underscoring the potential for substantial earnings.

Let's explore some of the top crypto Bitcoin affiliate programs

1. Binance Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, Binance initially operated as a crypto-to-crypto exchange before expanding to include fiat transactions in 2018. It supports a wide range of major cryptocurrencies, including its native Binance Coin (BNB). Notably, Binance's affiliate program is open to everyone, offering a base commission rate of 20%, which can increase to 40% by holding 500 BNB in your Binance wallet.

At current prices, this requires an investment of around $7,850, but for dedicated affiliates, it could be a worthwhile expenditure. Additionally, there's an opportunity to join a 50% commission tier, although this requires meeting certain qualifications and undergoing a human review process. A unique feature of Binance's affiliate program is the ability to offer your referrals a 5% to 20% discount (essentially a lifetime discount), which is deducted from your commission.

This incentive can encourage more signups through your network, so it's worth calculating whether it benefits you. Given Binance's dominance in the crypto space, tapping into its affiliate program is a strategic move to capitalize on the associated commissions.

  • URL: Binance affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Up to 50%
  • Affiliate payout method: All currencies (based on what referrals trade in)

2. Coinbase Affiliate Programs

Founded in 2012, Coinbase aims to build a more equitable society through the concept of decentralized currencies. While this may seem ambitious, the world appears to be moving towards a future where fiat money becomes optional.

Coinbase operates as a traditional digital crypto and bitcoin trading site and wallet, allowing users to purchase major cryptocurrencies with fiat cash. Additionally, it offers the option to receive payments via PayPal.

Unlike other platforms, Coinbase acts as a brokerage, directly selling bitcoin to users. On the other hand, Coinbase Pro serves as a genuine exchange and P2P trading platform with exceptionally low trading fees.

To date, the exchange has facilitated the trading of $150 billion worth of cryptocurrencies for 20 million users across 42 countries. 

What sets Coinbase apart as a crypto exchange is its insurance coverage of up to $250,000 and the offline storage of most data.

Regarding its crypto affiliate program, affiliates earn a portion of their referral's trading fees. There's no limit to the number of individuals you can refer to Coinbase, so the potential for affiliate income is virtually limitless.

Notably, Coinbase utilizes Impact as its affiliate program manager. If you haven't been set up on Impact before, you're in for a treat. This platform provides a clear overview of your affiliate marketing activities.

  • URL: Coinbase affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 50% of referral trading fees for the first 3 months
  • Affiliate payment method: Your local currency ($, £, €, etc.)

3. Coinmama Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Coinmama, established in 2013, initially served as a brokerage for individuals interested in purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over time, it has expanded its offerings to include Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, and various other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, if you have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you wish to sell, Coinmama is ready to assist you in that process as well.

However, it's important to note that using a brokerage comes with a cost. Typically, you might end up paying slightly more than you would through direct trading, with an additional brokerage fee of 5.9%.

Coinmama's Bitcoin affiliate programs offer attractive rewards. You earn 15% of all purchases made by your referrals for as long as their accounts remain active. This is a significant benefit for affiliates.

To manage your affiliate marketing efforts efficiently, Coinmama employs the Cellxpert affiliate tracking platform. This tool allows you to easily monitor the performance of your Bitcoin affiliate programs.

4. Changelly Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Changelly, a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, has quickly gained popularity among users. It offers the ability to trade over 150 different cryptocurrencies without the need to deposit any of your own coins or funds directly with Changelly. Instead, you can easily find the best prices across hundreds of exchanges and execute your trades.

It's worth noting that Changelly also allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly on the site using your Visa card, making it a hybrid exchange that caters to both seasoned traders and newcomers.

When exchanging one cryptocurrency for another on Changelly, you'll be charged a fixed fee of 0.25%. There are no additional hidden or unexpected charges, ensuring transparency in your transactions.

There are two ways to earn through Changelly's Bitcoin affiliate programs. First, you can embed their widget on your website, or alternatively, you can use a referral link that you can share anywhere.

Once your referral signs up for an account using either method, you'll be entitled to receive 50% of any transaction fees paid to Changelly by your referral. Similar to Binance, the more cryptocurrencies your referrals exchange, the higher your earnings will be.

5. CEX.IO Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

CEX.IO, launched in 2013, is a reputable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to quickly purchase crypto using a debit or credit card, and withdraw funds to a card or bank account with just a few clicks.

With a user base of around four million individuals, CEX.IO has earned high ratings on Trustpilot (4.7) and BitDegree (8.4), thanks to its strong reputation.

While CEX.IO continuously expands its selection of cryptocurrencies, it maintains a strict due diligence process. Each currency on the platform undergoes thorough verification, ensuring that only reliable assets are available for trading. This approach provides users with peace of mind, as it prevents the inclusion of volatile meme currencies that often come and go.

CEX.IO's crypto affiliate program is open to both existing CEX.IO clients and individuals with a qualified website or app, including bloggers, influencers, publishers, and content creators.

By signing up, you can earn a 30% commission on any qualified trades and purchases made by consumers you refer to CEX.IO within a 30-day cookie window. Payments can be withdrawn via debit or credit card, bank transfer, or to your Skrill wallet, and will be credited to your balance 14 days after the initial transaction.

To make the process even smoother, you'll receive support from a dedicated affiliate manager and access to regularly updated marketing materials, including banners and landing pages.

6. LocalBitcoins Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

LocalBitcoins is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins for fiat currency. Founded in 2012 by Finnish entrepreneur Nikolaus Kangas, the platform aims to revolutionize the banking industry through cryptocurrencies.

With support in 248 countries, including the United States, LocalBitcoins facilitates peer-to-peer crypto exchanges directly between users, acting as a platform for these transactions to take place.

Unlike traditional exchanges, LocalBitcoins members engage in direct transactions with each other, reducing the need for intermediaries. To mitigate potential risks, LocalBitcoins employs a crypto "Escrow wallet," ensuring a secure and reliable trading experience for all parties involved.

Affiliates of LocalBitcoins can earn 20% commission on all trading fees for each transaction made by their referred users. If an affiliate brings both the buyer and seller to the platform, they can earn a 40% commission. These commissions are valid for 12 months from the moment the referral becomes active on the site.

LocalBitcoins pays out commissions in Bitcoin, allowing affiliates to easily and securely receive their earnings.

7. Trezor Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Trezor specializes in one thing: creating top-notch hardware wallets for storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They understand that one of the key benefits of cryptocurrencies is decentralization, allowing users to store their funds on the blockchain rather than in traditional bank accounts. However, keeping cryptocurrencies online can be risky due to security breaches or personal mistakes that may result in the loss of the entire wallet. 

To ensure maximum security, Trezor offers hardware wallets that store private keys offline. By using a Trezor wallet, users can protect their cryptocurrencies from potential online threats. 

Affiliates of Trezor can earn a commission of 12% to 15% on each sale of a Trezor wallet. Given that their high-end wallets can cost over €600, there is significant earning potential for affiliates. 

Since hardware wallets are typically a one-time purchase, Trezor would be an ideal bolt-on crypto Bitcoin affiliate program for authoritative websites that cater to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

8. SimpleSwap Overview

SimpleSwap is an innovative platform that enables seamless transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. With support for over 450 different currencies, it caters to a wide range of users through its desktop site and mobile applications available for both Android and iOS. Since its launch in 2018, SimpleSwap has garnered more than 10,000 installations, making it a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of SimpleSwap is its user-friendly approach, allowing users to conduct trades without the need to create an account or maintain deposits on the platform. This adds an extra layer of security, protecting users from potential financial fraud.

As of the latest update, SimpleSwap's affiliate program offers a commission rate of 0.4% on every exchange facilitated through the site. It's important to note that this rate is subject to change. The program offers a 30-day cookie duration and provides affiliates with various marketing tools to promote the platform, including affiliate links, API access, banner advertisements, and an on-site widget.

Affiliates receive their commissions in Bitcoin, with a minimum payout threshold of 0.008 BTC, which is currently equivalent to approximately $160. Payouts are processed within three business days of the affiliate's request.

9. Ledger: A Premier Cryptocurrency Wallet Solution

Founded by Eric Larchevêque in 2014, Ledger has established itself as a leading provider of secure cryptocurrency storage solutions, catering to both beginners and seasoned users alike. When discussing top-tier bitcoin hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor are often mentioned side by side, as they together dominate this crucial market segment.

Hardware wallets are widely recognized as the most secure method for storing cryptocurrencies, making Ledger an excellent recommendation for your audience. By promoting Ledger, you're helping them safeguard their digital assets.

In terms of affiliate opportunities, Ledger offers a robust program available both directly through their website and via the global affiliate network Awin. The program is straightforward to join, and affiliates can expect to earn a generous 10% commission on sales across Ledger's three primary product lines.

10. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining: An Exciting Endeavor

For many newcomers, the concept of bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining is both intriguing and complex. In essence, it involves using computer hardware to solve complex mathematical problems, thereby securing the network and earning rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

To perform these calculations efficiently, it's essential to have the latest ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). While GPUs like those from nVidia can be used for mining certain cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, ASICs generally offer the best mining performance and profitability.

However, it's important to note that mining cryptocurrencies is not a profitable endeavor for most individuals. It requires dedicated infrastructure, access to cheap or free electricity, and a deep understanding of the mining process. 

When evaluating mining profitability, there are five key factors to consider: 

  1. Price of the Coin You're Mining
  2. Power Consumption
  3. Cost per kWh
  4. Mining Pool Fee
  5. Hardware Costs

If you're looking to provide your audience with valuable information on cryptocurrency mining and monetize hardware purchases, partnering with affiliate programs from Amazon, eBay, and nVidia's affiliate network can be a lucrative option.

  • Join the Amazon, eBay, and nVidia
  • URL: Amazon, eBay, and nVidia
  • Commission Rate: Varies depending on the program.
  • Affiliate Payment Method: Fiat Currency

11. CoinLedger: Simplifying Crypto Taxes

Let's face it: dealing with taxes is never enjoyable, especially when cryptocurrencies are involved. However, there are solutions like CoinLedger that make the process easier. CoinLedger offers a comprehensive tax software that streamlines your cryptocurrency accounting experience, allowing you to quickly calculate and submit your tax obligations.

CoinLedger's affiliate program is highly attractive, offering a recurring commission rate of 25%. The program is hosted on their original website, making it easy to join and start earning.

12. Bonus Programs: eToro Affiliate Program

eToro, known for its viral advertising campaigns and aggressive marketing, is a prominent social trading platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more. It's important to note that depending on the jurisdiction, eToro's referrals may be trading CFDs (contracts for difference), which means they are acquiring contracts for the underlying asset rather than the asset itself.

If your audience's goal is to hold real bitcoin, eToro may not be the ideal platform for them. However, eToro is a highly secure and trusted site, and its affiliate program offers one of the most lucrative Bitcoin Affiliate Programs in the industry. The commission amounts vary depending on the country of origin for each referral, with referrals from top countries earning a stunning $600 per trader.

  • URL: eToro Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: $200-$600 per active trader, $20 per affiliate
  • Payment Method: Fiat currency (Paypal and bank transfer)

Conclusion on the Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

The landscape of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, has seen an explosion of service providers eager to capitalize on the growing trend of cashless transactions. Exchanges, markets, and lending platforms are popping up at an unprecedented rate. However, the challenge lies in distinguishing the viable options from those that promise quick riches through initial coin offerings (ICOs) only to disappear as quickly as they appeared.

In this guide, we have highlighted the top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency affiliate programs currently available. These programs have proven their reliability and longevity in an industry known for its volatility.

Cryptocurrencies seem to be here to stay, making now an excellent time to establish an authority site in this field or in a related sub-niche. If you're new to affiliate marketing, unsure about choosing a niche, or unfamiliar with keyword research, don't worry. We offer free training on how to build an authority site from scratch. Our course covers the basics and beyond, teaching you how to generate passive income without any upfront investment. Start your journey towards creating sustainable, passive income today.

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