Work Visa Procedure for Finland 2024 (Residence Permit Types)

Finland, situated in the European Union, boasts a populace of approximately 5.5 million as of the 26th of March 2024. Enterprises in Finland perpetually seek international laborers. Should you aspire to partake in labor or commerce endeavors in Finland exceeding 90 days, a Residence Permit is invariably imperative.

Work Visa Procedure for Finland 2024
Work Visa Procedure for Finland 2024 (Residence Permit Types)

Diverse categories of residence permits cater to distinct work classifications and professions. In this article, we will tell you about the Finland Work Visa Process, the requirements for residence permits, and the types.

During the year 2021, Finland granted 15,012 Residence Permits for employment. Subsequently, in 2022, the number escalated to 20,960 work-related residence permits. The following year, in 2023, Finland issued 16,999 residence permits for work purposes.

As of the 26th of March 2024, the tally stands at 2,733 work permits dispensed to non-native individuals, as reported by the Finnish Immigration Service. The comprehensive application procedure for the Finland work visa, along with the array of work permit classifications, is delineated below.

Different Categories of Finland Residence Permits for Employment

Diverse categories of residence permits cater to various occupational roles. The provided hyperlink can access each permit's prerequisites and submission procedures.

1) Residency authorization for a wage earner (TTOL)

This form of work permit is prevalent. It pertains to individuals relocating to Finland for employment in sectors such as hospitality, construction, sanitation, or childcare. The employment must be with a Finnish entity, and an official job offer is mandatory.

This permit entails Labour Market Testing, necessitating the employer to confirm the availability of suitable local or European Economic Area (EEA) workforce for the designated role within a reasonable period.

Following the evaluation of labor market testing, the Employment and Economic Development Office will release a preliminary verdict. Subsequently, the Finnish Immigration Service will adjudicate on the application.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

2) Application for Specialized Residence Permit

Individuals with specialized skills can seek this permit to apply for the EU Blue Card. As a Highly Qualified Worker, you must have received a job offer with a salary of EUR 3,638 per month in 2024 and hold a higher educational qualification.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

3) Residence Permit for Seasonal Employment

If you are planning to engage in seasonal tasks within the agricultural or tourism sectors in Finland, such as roles in forestry, crop cultivation, or event organization, you may apply for a seasonal work permit valid for a period ranging from 3 to 9 months.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

4) Application for Residence Permit for Internship

Individuals interested in pursuing an internship, engaging in volunteer activities, or participating in a Working Holiday program can apply for this specific residence permit.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

5) Residence Permit for Research Purposes

For individuals identified as researchers planning to conduct scientific investigations, pursue studies towards a licentiate degree, or undertake doctoral dissertation preparations in Finland, this designated residence permit is tailored to accommodate such scholarly endeavors.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

6) Residence Permit for AU Pair

An au pair, typically aged between 18 and 30, embarks on a journey to a foreign land to reside with a host family for a predetermined duration as part of a cultural exchange initiative. It is essential to note that au pairs are not domestic staff. For roles involving household assistance, the appropriate application is for a residence permit for an employed individual.

  • For the Requirements and Online Application: Visit Here

7) Residence Permit Application for Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs aspiring to establish their business ventures in Finland can apply for this specific residence permit tailored to accommodate entrepreneurial pursuits.

8) Residence Permit for Startup Entrepreneur

As a startup entrepreneur aiming to establish a new business venture in Finland, this residence permit is tailored to facilitate the entrepreneurial journey.

9) Residence Permit for Athletes or Coaches

Individuals seeking to enter Finland as professional athletes, coaches, or referees can apply for this specific permit. It is imperative to secure employment before initiating the residence permit application process.

10) Job Seeker Permit (Residence Permit for Job Search or Business Initiation)

This permit enables individuals to explore employment opportunities in Finland. Applicants who have completed their studies in Finland within the past five years are eligible to apply.

In cases where none of the aforementioned permits align with your circumstances, there are alternative permits available based on various employment categories:

Please note that if there is no specific residence permit application tailored to your occupation, the general recommendation is to apply for a residence permit for an employed individual.

Who Qualifies for Employment in Finland without a Visa?

Individuals hailing from the following regions can engage in work activities in Finland sans the need for a Visa:

1. Members of the Schengen Area and the EEA/EU.

2. Residents of the Nordic countries.

3. Citizens from the US, New Zealand, Australia, San Marino, the Vatican, the Republic of Andorra, and Japan.

However, those exempted from Visa requirements are limited to a 90-day work period. Following this duration, they must register as working residents within Finland.

How to Secure a Work Visa for Finland?

Follow these steps to initiate your application process for a residence permit based on employment:

1. Secure a job opportunity within Finland.

2. Apply for a residence permit either through the Enter Finland e-service or by completing a paper form available on Note that your employer cannot undertake the permit application process on your behalf; you must do so personally.

3. Visit a Finland Embassy or a recognized Finland Visa service provider like VFS to verify your identity, provide biometric data, and submit all requisite documents along with the visa application forms.

4. The Finnish Immigration Service will review and adjudicate your application. Your employer will also receive notification of the decision. Upon approval, you'll receive a residence permit card.

5. With the permit in hand, you're free to travel to Finland and commence your employment."

Top Platforms for Discovering Job Opportunities in Finland

1. Work in Finland

2. Job Market Finland

3. Indeed Finland

4. EURES Finland Jobs

Remember: For the most up-to-date information, it's advisable to refer to the official Migri website or reach out to them directly. Utilize the official resources listed below.

Helpful Resources

If you're uncertain about the appropriate application to submit, you can utilize the Application Finder tool for guidance.

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