Application Procedure for Croatia Seasonal Work Permit 2024

Croatia emerges as a sought-after destination for seasonal labor within the realms of Tourism and Hospitality. The 2019 EMN report unveiled the issuance of 7,962 seasonal work permits to non-Europeans.

Application Procedure for Croatia Seasonal Work Permit 2024
Application Procedure for Croatia Seasonal Work Permit 2024

Delving into the intricacies of the Croatia Seasonal Work Permit application process, this discourse navigates the duration of stay, permissible job categories, and the requisite visa for application.

Seasonal laborers are entitled to engage for 90 days or a maximum of 6 months, with the validity of their residence and work permit extending to half a year.

Upon securing a seasonal position in agriculture, forestry, the hospitality sector, or tourism-related domains, the imperative step involves procuring a Work Permit & Residence Permit.

Prospective candidates can peruse a repository of seasonal job opportunities on the HZZ website (Croatian Employment Service) utilizing Google Web Translate for assistance. Further elucidation on the application protocol and prerequisites is expounded below.

Insights on Croatia Seasonal Work Permit

  • Geared towards non-EU denizens for seasonal labor in agriculture, forestry, hospitality, and tourism.
  • Predominantly influx of seasonal workers during the summer season.
  • Professions such as bakers, masons, house painters, civil engineers, and truck drivers are notably in demand. Concurrently, tourist-centric roles witness a surge in requisites during the summer period.
  • Validity is capped at six months annually.
  • Mandates a hiatus of at least six months outside Croatia before reapplication.

Requisite of Labor Market Test

A labor market test exemption is granted under the following circumstances:

  • No labor market test is requisite for seasonal workers engaged for up to 90 days.
  • A labor market test might be necessitated unless the role aligns with high-demand vocations.

Prerequisites for Seasonal Work Permit

  • Possession of a valid travel document.
  • Execution of a valid employment contract.
  • Provision of suitable accommodation.
  • Clean Criminal Record.

Noteworthy: Several employers furnish accommodation to their seasonal workforce without deduction from their remuneration.

Duration and Validity

  • Work and Residence Permit: Six Months
  • Type D Visa: One Year

Application Procedure for Croatia Seasonal Work Permit

Upon securing a job offer, the employer undertakes the application for the residence and work permit on the employee's behalf, facilitating a seamless process.

Application Protocol for Croatia Work Visa

Post obtaining the work permit, the visa application can be initiated at the Croatian embassy or consulate in the home country. A comprehensive list of Croatian embassies and consulates is accessible for reference. Depending on the tenure of employment exceeding 90 days, application for the Croatia Long Stay D Visa is mandated, valid for a year.

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