Work Visa in Sweden 2024 (Eligibility, Requirements)

Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to live, work, and study. It is the house of some of the World's Best Innovative Companies such as IKEA, Ericsson and Spotify.

Work Visa in Sweden 2024
Work Visa in Sweden 2024 (Eligibility, Requirements)

They are dealing with people from various backgrounds. In this article, we instruct you about the Swedish Work visa process, eligibility, requirements, types of work permits, labour shortage list, minimum wage, and number of work permits issued so far and how to find work in Sweden.

Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency) has granted (36000) work permits in the year 2023. In January 2024 3,123 applications were received from which 2,230 permits were given. So that’s 71.41% success rate! The statistical data is included on the Migrationsverket website.

You can apply for the Sweden Job SeekerVisa if there is no Job offer from a Sweden Employer for you. Permission to look for a job. Further details are provided in the next section.

Information about Sweden work visa procedures

Obtaining a work permit and D visa is a must if you want to work in Sweden and if you are not an EU citizen.

The Swedish Work Permits have multiple types and the most convenient way of applying for a work permit is by doing it online.

Sweden Requires a Visa To Come From These Countries

Do you need a Visa or not based on your origin country? Please check this link.

Sweden Work Permit

Work Permit (Employer Sponsored): En vanliga anställning med en bestämd svenskt-företag. Sponsor for this work permit must be done by the employer

  • Residence Permit to Look for Work: For (both) Swedish graduates searching for work or starting a business in Sweden. It is also known as Job seeker Visa. This is good for job seekers because they can only search for jobs in Sweden within 9 months.
  • Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT): For those employees working for multinational companies when relocating to new positions.
  • Self-Employment Permit: When you start your business in Sweden.
  • Seasonal Work Permit: For duration not exceeding six months under one year, for temporary seasonal work (agriculture, forestry, tourism, and others). This authorization also falls under the employee-sponsored.

Sweden Work Permit Requirements

  • Work permits are generally necessary for non-EU citizens to be allowed to work in Sweden.
  • An exception exists from work permits for employees working in some professions.
  • You must have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer.
  • As a worker, you shall be paid by your employer the minimum monthly salary of SEK 13,000 before tax.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Permission is needed to enter Sweden and this has to be done ahead of time.
  • Employer provides health insurance.
  • Read about Sweden’s Work Permit Requirements.

Sweden Work Visa Requirements

Before applying for a Long Stay National (D) Visa you must be able to show the following things:

  • Valid employment contract and job offer.
  • Work Permit Apply
  • All educational documents
  • Biometrics
  • Pay Visa Application Fee
  • Go for an Interview at the Swedish Embassy if and when needed.
  • Submit the VISA application either through the Internet or at the Swedish Embassy/consulate in your home country.

Validation of a Work Pass

  • Sweden Work Permit (Employer-sponsored): Depending on the type of Job Contract
  • Seasonal Permit: Six months
  • Intra-company Transfer (ICT): The Validity of the Job Contract is dependent on it.
  • Business visa: The period is 90 days
  • Self-employment visa: for one year.

Visa Duration

The Schengen long-stay visa is a residence national visa in Sweden, also called a D-visa. The D Visa will be given a one-year validity on its first issuance.

Sweden Long Stay Visa costs

  • D Visa Fee: € 80

Sweden Work Permit Cost

  • Work Permit: SEK 2,200
  • EU Blue Card, ICT permit, Seasonal work: 2000
  • Extension of work permit: TWENTY-TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEK
  • Job Seeker Visa: The cost for the product is SEK 2,200
  • Self-employed: SEK 2,000

You can inquire about the permit fee from here

How to Apply for the Sweden Long Stay Sweden D Visa for Work?

There are two ways you can apply for a Sweden work visa: 

  • Online.
  • At the embassy and the consulate-general.

Online Process

  • To get a work permit, you will have to apply for it before entering Sweden.
  • Your employer in Sweden should apply for the work permit on your behalf by giving information on the employment.
  • Swedish Migration Agency will contact the employee at the mail address that was entered on the employer's behalf.
  • You will receive an email from Sweden and the mail will contain the information needed to apply for the work permit.
  • Please enclose the documents that I have requested which are the employment contract and the pages of your passport.
  • Use the online Visa Payment.
  • Show your passport. Ascertain which of the embassy or consulate-general that you should be in contact with. As you may need an entry visa for a trip to Sweden you should then go to the Swedish embassy or consulate-general as soon as possible to get your photo taken and to provide fingerprints.
  • Obtain a Resident Permit ID. The card serves as proof that you have the right of residence in Sweden and it also has the details about your fingerprints and photo.

Embassy or Consulate General Appointment

For applications submitted at the embassy or consulate-general please follow the following procedure.

  1. Book an appointment. Search for the Swedish embassy or consulate and request for the procedure of visa.
  2. Fill out the Visa application form.
  3. page-by-page copies of your passport. 
  4. Submit an application fee.
  5. The Migration Agency examines your application and notifies you of its decision. Please see the current waiting times to know the approximate waiting time.

What are the ways to get Jobs in Sweden?

In general, when you apply for a job in Sweden it is the first step to email your CV with a cover letter.

Labour Shortage List

occupational groups that have a high demand in Sweden. Look into it because it’s one of the most attractive options.

  1. Ambulance paramedics
  2. Occupational therapists
  3. Midwives
  4. Nurses of paediatrics and schools
  5. Biomedical analysts
  6. Bus and tram drivers
  7. District nurses
  8. Operation technician of a heating and water plant
  9. Physiotherapists
  10. Drivers of farm tractors and logging trucks
  11. Pre-school teachers
  12. Geriatric nurses
  13. Primary school teachers
  14. Registered nurses
  15. Crane operators
  16. Refrigeration technicians and those who work with heat pumps
  17. Vocational teachers
  18. Teachers without specialist training
  19. Medical secretaries and healthcare administrators both do other administrative, managerial, and promotional tasks.
  20. environmental health and protection officers
  21. Software and system developers
  22. Automotive technicians and car repairers
  23. Operating room nurses
  24. Psychiatric nurses
  25. Psychologists
  26. Radiographers
  27. Nurses in emergency care
  28. Specialist doctors
  29. Specialist and specialist teachers
  30. Welders and gas cutters
  31. Study and career counsellors
  32. Our IT team consists of systems analysts and IT architects.
  33. Security inspectors
  34. Dental hygienists
  35. Dentists
  36. Nursing assistants
  37. HVAC engineers
  38. HVAC installers
  39. Both mathematics and science teachers
  40. Other healthcare specialists
  41. Other specialist nurses

Permanent Residency in Sweden

A permanent residence permit can be granted after four years of employment in Sweden within seven years.

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