List of Shanghai Government Scholarships 2024 in Chinese Universities

Greetings everyone! Welcome to this article where we unveil the roster of Chinese universities extending the coveted Shanghai Government Scholarships (SGS) to international scholars within the Shanghai Municipality.

List of Shanghai Government Scholarships 2024 in Chinese Universities
List of Shanghai Government Scholarships 2024 in Chinese Universities

The SGS, a prestigious fully-funded scholarship program, caters to Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. programs, encompassing tuition fees, lodging, medical coverage, and a monthly living stipend. Familiarizing oneself with the lineup of the Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 across Chinese universities holds paramount significance and benefits.

Facilitating your quest, we present an exhaustive compilation of Chinese universities offering SGS programs in 2024. Presently, 31 esteemed institutions in Shanghai partake in the Shanghai Government Scholarship Program, featuring two distinctive scholarship categories denoted as A and B. Delve deeper into the following sections for an elaborate insight into scholarship perks, participating universities, and eligibility criteria.

But what exactly is the Shanghai Government Scholarship?

The Shanghai Government Scholarship epitomizes a fully-funded initiative aimed at attracting exemplary talents and intellectuals from diverse corners of the globe. It extends its reach to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs alike.

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What perks can one expect from the Shanghai Government Scholarship?

Distinguished by Type A and Type B distinctions, the Shanghai Government Scholarship offers varying degrees of financial assistance:

Type A SGS (Full Scholarship):

  • Complete coverage of tuition fees for the chosen program.
  • Provision of complimentary on-campus lodging or an equivalent housing allowance.
  • Inclusive comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Monthly stipend for sustenance, ensuring a comfortable livelihood.
  • Encompasses all major financial requisites of your academic journey in Shanghai.

Type B SGS (Partial Scholarship):

  • Coverage of tuition fees pertinent to the selected program.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance coverage.
  • Excludes on-campus lodging and living stipend provision.

Criteria and Prerequisites for Qualification

Outlined below are several eligibility conditions for the SGS Scholarship:

  • Non-Chinese citizenship is required.
  • Demonstrable academic excellence is a must.
  • Fulfill university-specific eligibility criteria.

Shanghai Government Scholarships at Chinese Universities, 2024 List

Behold, a compilation of Chinese Universities extending the Shanghai Government Scholarship in 2024:

No.School nameIntroduction and application address
1Fudan University
2Shanghai Jiaotong University
3Tongji University
4East China Normal University
5East China University of Science and Technology
6Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
7Donghua University
8Shanghai International Studies University
9Shanghai University
10Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
11Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology
12East China University of Political Science and Law
13Shanghai Maritime University
14Shanghai Normal University
15Shanghai Ocean University
16Shanghai Sport University
17Shanghai Theater Academy
18Shanghai Conservatory of Music
19Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
20Shanghai Electric Power University
21University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
22Shanghai Lixin College of Accounting and Finance
23Shanghai University of Applied Technology
24Shanghai Electric Institute
25Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
26Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
27Shanghai Business School
28Shanghai Sanda College
29Shanghai Jianqiao College
30Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
31Shanghai Health Medical College

Procedure for Applying for the Shanghai Government Scholarship

Select University: Opt for a university participating in the SGS program (2024). The comprehensive list is available on the official website:

  • Review Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria, prerequisites, and application procedures.
  • University Application: Fulfill the admission application requirements as per the university's guidelines.
  • SGS Scholarship Application: Complete the online application form accessible on the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission website.

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