Saudi Arabia Work Visa Process 2024 (Complete Guide)

The comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Saudi Arabia work visa. More job opportunities for Saudi citizens or workers from other countries of the world.

Saudi Vision 2030 is a government program that aims to diversify the economy and society of the country and not just depend on oil - a New City "Neom” • “The LINE” - a vertical city of 170 km length is being built now that will create more job opportunities.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Process 2024
Saudi Arabia Work Visa Process 2024 (Complete Guide)

This is the time when all eyes are focused on Saudi. Get to know about the Saudi Arabia Work Visa Process and companies that Sponsor work visas.

Saudi Arabia has revealed its plans for the tourism industry to support the 2030 vision. In line with they want to set up at least one million additional job vacancies and to draw 100 million annual visits by 2030.

When you want to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must first obtain an Employment Visa, a work permit that the company or employer must sponsor, and undergo a medical test in Saudi Arabia to determine your fitness to work. The following details give more information.

Diverse Range of Saudi Arabia Work Visas

Exploring the gamut of work visa categories tailored to accommodate foreign professionals:

Employment Visa

Serving as the cornerstone for foreign nationals embarking on employment ventures within Saudi Arabia, this visa category caters to varying contract durations and is subject to renewal.

Moreover, an employment visa extends to roles such as taxi drivers or positions not mandating advanced qualifications, opening avenues for diverse employment prospects.

Temporary Work Visa

Foreign workers who have only a limited-term contract to work in Saudi Arabia are allowed to work in the country temporarily for a specified length of time.

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Seasonal Work Visa

The Seasonal work visa is awarded to workers who are hired to fill temporary positions that relate to certain seasons and specific events in Saudi Arabia like agricultural harvests and tourism seasons. The visa quotas are limited to the respective season periods.

  • Saudi Work Visa Requirements
  • Job Offer
  • Employer Sponsorship
  • Medical Test
  • Visa Application
  • Obtain Iqama

How can one apply for the Work Visa in Saudi Arabia?

  • Job Offer: Get a job offer from a company in Saudi Arabia. Several companies in Saudi hire foreign workers including IsDB, Aramco, tax companies and more.
  • Employer Sponsorship: The organization will file a work visa application for you on your behalf through the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MOHRSS).
  • Medical Test: Undergo the medical test you will need to do in Saudi Arabia.
  • Visa Application: After getting a permit from the MOHRSS, you can apply for the visa online or through a Saudi embassy/consulate in your country of origin. From here choose your Visa type.
  • Obtain Iqama: The Iqama is a residence permit granted to foreigners who work in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi government. This enables the holder to be a legal resident and employee.

Note: Please find the list of links and contacts of the Saudi embassies. Due to this variation of the Embassies or Consulates' rules and requirements, you should contact them beforehand.

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Firms that Sponsor Visa Sponsorship to Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)
  • STC Group
  • National Commercial Bank (NCB)
  • Islamic Development Bank: International candidates are eligible to apply for the IsDB Young Professionals Program (YPP) and get a 2-year training during which they are guaranteed permanent employment after the end of the training program.

But, you know several firms in Saudi Arabia provide employee work visas as these are only a few examples.

Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for 2024

Among the many universities in Saudi Arabia, for instance, King Abdulaziz University, King Fahd and King Abdullah University, there are so many fully funded scholarships that students can benefit from.

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