Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa 2024 (Application Procedure)

The tiniest country in the European Union - Luxembourg - shows by its economic power that the most important thing is not the size. Indications show that there would be a need for an additional 270.000 thousand workers by the year 2030.

Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa 2024
Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa 2024 (Application Procedure)

This is to attest that the economy is doing fine. The top European Union GDP rank belongs to Luxembourg, and it is mainly famous for the opportunities for seasonal workers to make good money. The following are the steps you should take to obtain the much-coveted seasonal work visa in Luxembourg.

As of January 2024, Luxembourg legally required its employers to pay a minimum wage of € 2,141.99 monthly regardless of the nationality of their workers. At present, the current capacity of the nation is at 659,196 but inclusive of over 515,000 employed individuals, Luxembourg outshines popularity in economic activity. Entertainment and stay splashed with seasonal work of EU citizens will be exhibited. For example, non-EU residents may choose to work for one or two seasons only.

Eligibility Criteria for the Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa

  • Non-EU citizens possessing a valid passport.
  • Individuals holding a signed contract for seasonal work, are recognized as such within Luxembourg's labour framework.
  • Submission of a visa application is imperative for entry.
  • Completion of the temporary stay authorization form.
  • Evidence of ample financial means to sustain oneself in Luxembourg.
  • Provision of health insurance coverage for the entirety of the stay.
  • Furnishing two passport-sized photographs.
  • Presentation of a clean criminal record certificate from the applicant's country of origin, where applicable.

Seasonal Work Categories

The scope of seasonal activities encompasses various roles tailored to specific periods of the year:

  • Harvesting tasks such as grape picking and other agricultural endeavors.
  • Packaging duties related to harvested goods.
  • Instruction and coordination roles within leisure and holiday sectors.
  • Guiding services for holiday tours and tourists.
  • Maintenance and supervision responsibilities for beaches, outdoor pools, and campsites.
  • Positions in retail, hospitality, and accommodation establishments operating seasonally.
  • Employment opportunities in aviation and passenger transport companies experience regular and predictable surges in activity during specific times of the year.

Seasonal Worker Remuneration

The statutory minimum wage in Luxembourg, effective from January 2024, stands at €2,141.99 per month. This wage standard applies universally, encompassing all employees, irrespective of their seasonal status or nationality.

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Application Procedure for Short-term Seasonal Workers

Individuals from non-EU countries aiming to engage in seasonal employment in Luxembourg for less than three months are required to undergo a specific application process:

  • Seek Employment: Begin by searching for job opportunities as a seasonal worker.
  • Employer Certification: Your prospective employer must obtain a certificate from the National Employment Agency (ADEM).
  • Contract Signing: Upon securing the certification, you can proceed to sign a contract with your employer.
  • Work Permit Application: Your employer is responsible for applying for a work permit on your behalf. The processing time for this application is typically three months. Failure to receive a response within this period results in automatic rejection.
  • Work Permit Receipt: Upon approval, the work permit will be delivered to the applicant via postal mail.

Application Process for Long-term Seasonal Workers

For third-country nationals intending to reside in Luxembourg for over three months for seasonal employment, the application process involves two main steps:

Before Arrival:

  • a. Apply for temporary stay authorization, usually handled by the employer.
  • b. Obtain a type D visa from the nearest Luxembourg embassy/consulate in your home country.

Upon Arrival:

  • a. Submit an arrival declaration within three days of entering Luxembourg.
  • b. Undergo a medical examination as required.
  • c. Apply for a residence permit tailored for third-country national seasonal workers.

How to Obtain the Luxembourg Seasonal Work Visa?

Upon completing the preceding steps, the final stride entails applying for the Visa, and facilitating entry into the country.

  • For Stays Less than 3 Months: Opt for the short-stay visa (visa C).
  • For Stays Longer than 3 Months: Opt for the long-stay visa (visa D).

Refer to the following links for visa application guidance:

Additionally, you can explore Luxembourg's diplomatic and consular missions, selecting your country to access visa procedures, application forms, and associated fees.

We've crafted an in-depth article delineating the Luxembourg Work Visa Process.

Visa Expenses

  • Short Stay (C): EUR 80
  • Long Stay (D): EUR 50

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