Denmark Government Scholarships for 2024-25 (Study in Denmark)

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe and boarders Germany, Norway and Sweden. As an international scholar, the Denmark Government Scholarship 2024 is the pathway to world-class education.

Denmark Government Scholarships
Denmark Government Scholarships for 2024-25 (Study in Denmark)

These top prizes, handed out by the Danish government, are calling on exceptional talents across the world to kick off an intellectual adventure within Danish territory. Made for either master’s or PhD, they are offered under various disciplines promising endless avenues for academic growth.

When you finish your studies, the Denmark Job Seeker Permit is at your disposal, which provides the needed link between the study and the professional world. Be captivated by the undaunting beauty of Denmark, where the best combination of business and pleasure calls out to you. As over half of international students prolong their sojourn Denmark appears as a leading world educational hub.

Temporary workers from outside the EU/EEA/Swiss regions find it comforting that they can seek employment here, up to 20 hours a week, and ramp it up to full-time during summers (June, July, and August). It may generate about 750 to 800 Euros each month (in part-time work), a perspective that could add to the Danish education's attractiveness.

Information about Danish Government Scholarships for International  Students

  • Host Country: Denmark
  • Partner Universities: Danish State Universities
  • Funding Source: Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • Eligibility: Open to EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students alike.

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science oversees the scholarships listed below.

1) Danish Government Scholarships for NON-EU/EEA Students

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science spearheads the premier scholarship initiative, catering specifically to NON-EU/EEA students. This comprehensive program encompasses coverage for both tuition fees and living expenses, ensuring accessibility to quality education for deserving individuals.

Annually, Danish universities allocate a finite number of government scholarships, earmarked for exceptionally talented full-degree students originating from non-EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. This initiative reflects Denmark's commitment to fostering global academic exchange and diversity within its educational landscape.

Eligibility criteria for prospective applicants include:

  • Citizenship from non-EU/EEA countries or Switzerland.
  • Enrollment in a full-degree higher education program.
  • Ineligibility for individuals seeking admission to Artistic Higher Education Institutions.

A consortium of eight esteemed universities actively participate in the Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU students, namely:

  • Roskilde University (RUC)
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Aarhus University (AU)
  • Aalborg University (AAU)
  • University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

For further details and application procedures, kindly visit the designated portal dedicated to the Danish Govt Scholarships.


Additional Scholarships for Studying in Denmark:

2) Erasmus Mundus/Joint Master Degree Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship presents an excellent opportunity for both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students to pursue specific Master's degree programs. This scholarship, fully funded by the European Commission, encompasses various benefits including airfare, stipend, visa support, health insurance, and tuition fees.

Explore a comprehensive list of approved Erasmus Mundus Masters courses available in Denmark and delve into the details of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024, a fully funded opportunity awaiting ambitious scholars.

University-Specific Scholarships

University of Copenhagen: Offering a limited number of tuition waivers and grants through the Danish Government Scholarship program.

Aarhus University: Providing full coverage of tuition fees and living expenses for selected Master's degree programs.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU): Extending various scholarships such as the DTU Ph.D. Scholarships and DTU Master's Scholarships, covering tuition fees along with a monthly stipend.

Aalborg University: Offering diverse scholarships including Talent Scholarships and Merit Scholarships for international students.

Roskilde University: Providing Danish State Tuition Fee Waivers, specifically addressing tuition expenses.

Further Opportunities for Studying in Denmark

Numerous scholarship programs cater to both EU and non-EU students, listed in the EU database Ploteus. Additionally, PhD students and researchers are encouraged to explore opportunities via the European Researchers' Mobility Portal.

Four Compelling Reasons to Choose Denmark for Your Studies

  • A harmonious balance between work and leisure, enhancing overall well-being.
  • Competitive wage levels within the Danish job market.
  • Abundant prospects for professional growth, coupled with the  chance to gain invaluable international experience.

Student Employment Opportunities

For international recruitment in Denmark, visit the official Danish website Explore job listings on platforms like:

I hope this information was helpful! To work in Denmark, you must apply for a Danish work visa. Please read about the Denmark Work Visa Process.

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