Chile Work Visa 2024 | How to Find a Job in Chile

Chile is one of the economically most stable countries in South America, it receives significant foreign investments and has good opportunities for career growth. In this chapter, we untangle the complexities of the Chilean Work Visa Process, disclosing the avenues to finding work in Chile and obtaining the requisite work permit.

Chile Work Visa 2024
Chile Work Visa 2024 | How to Find a Job in Chile

Currently, it is estimated that its population is about 19 million personalities. To make a move a prospective expatriate needs to procure both a work permit and a visa corresponding to it the type of which depends on the length of their intended stay. The visa approval rate in the country is quite high, marginalizing close to 90%. American Work Visa has a nearly similar success rate.

Chile is an extremely attractive destination when it comes to your professional life, it provides competitive salary packages, multiple career opportunities, and lower living costs compared to the world average. Secondly, neighbouring South American countries are nearby which makes the exploration easy. Spanish is mainly used; therefore, we'll consider the jobs which don't require knowledge of Spanish.

Every foreign aspirant seeking employment in Chile exceeding the 90-day threshold must initiate the application process for the Chile Work Visa. Below, we elucidate the prerequisites and delineate the various categories of Chilean Work Visas.

Chile Work Visa Overview

  • Country Name: Chile
  • Capital: Santiago
  • Continent: South America
  • Visa Type: Work Visa

Varieties of Chile Work Visas

1. Temporary Resident Visa for Chile

This visa category, extending for a maximum duration of one year, accommodates foreign employees securing positions within Chilean enterprises. Holders of this visa may engage in employment, pursue educational endeavors, and conduct business operations.

2. Chile Work Visa (Extended Duration)

Foreign workers contracted by Chilean companies for periods surpassing one year qualify for the Chile Work Visa, facilitating their sustained presence and professional engagement within the nation.

Chile Work Visa Prerequisites

Here’s a rundown of the essential documents for procuring the Chile Work Visa:

Letter of Employment: A formal letter issued by the Chilean employer offering you the position.

  • Work Contract: A translated copy of your employment agreement into Spanish, duly signed by the hiring company. Authentication by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandatory.
  • Educational Credentials: Copies of your academic qualifications or any relevant certificates essential for the job.
  • Passport Photograph: A recent passport-sized photograph of yourself.
  • Personal Photo: Another recent photograph of yourself.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: An official document verifying your clean criminal record from your home country.
  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to apply for the Chile Work Visa.

Visa Application Processing Time

Expect a processing period of approximately 15 to 20 days for your Chile work visa application to be completed.

Duration of the Visa

Once obtained, the Chile work visa grants a validity period of two years, with the option for renewal for an additional two years.

Occupational Demand and Skills Deficits in Chile

Chile currently grapples with skill shortages across various sectors, notably in:

  • Mining: Demand persists for professionals such as engineers, geologists, and technicians.
  • Technology: Opportunities abound for software developers, data scientists, and cybersecurity experts.
  • Renewable Energy: Skilled individuals including engineers, project managers, and construction specialists are sought after.
  • Healthcare: There is a continual need for doctors, nurses, and specialized medical practitioners.
  • Education: English language instructors and STEM educators are in high demand.

It is advisable to explore employment opportunities within these sectors due to the prevailing demand for skilled workers.

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Enterprises in Chile Employing International Talent

Several renowned companies in Chile extend employment opportunities to foreign candidates across diverse sectors:

  1. Agriculture: Noteworthy entities include Agrosuper, Viña Cono Sur, and SQM.
  2. Mining: Antofagasta Minerals, BHP, and Codelco are prominent players in this sector.
  3. Tourism: LATAM Airlines, Sky Airlines, and Hotelera Nacional cater to the tourism industry.
  4. Services: Accenture, IBM, and Deloitte offer employment in various service-oriented domains.
  5. Finance: Major financial institutions such as Banco Santander, Banco de Chile, and Banco Estado recruit international talent.

Prime Platforms for Job Hunting in Chile

To embark on your job search journey in Chile, consider utilizing the following popular websites:


Pursuing Permanent Residency in Chile

People who currently live in Chile with a work visa valid for at least five years can apply for permanent residence. Chilean passports are midway on the scale, being the 16th most powerful in the world, granting visa-free access to 174 countries worldwide.

Application Procedure for the Chile Work Visa

Online Application Process:

  • Navigate to the official website: Access the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at
  • Initiate the application: Opt for "Visa Application" and select the relevant visa category.
  • Provide details: Complete the application form with requisite particulars such as passport information, intended travel dates, and job offer specifics.
  • Document submission: Upload scanned copies of mandatory documents like passports, employment offers, financial proofs, and photographs.
  • Submit the application: Review and finalize your submission, remitting the processing fee if necessary.

Consulate/Embassy Appointment:

  • Arrange an appointment: Following the application review, you'll receive an appointment invitation for document authentication and potential visa fee payment.
  • Attend the appointment: Present original documents and attend the scheduled appointment at the nearest Chilean consulate or embassy.

Visa Approval and Collection:

  • Notification of decision: Await notification regarding the approval or rejection of your visa application.
  • Visa retrieval: Upon approval, retrieve your visa from the consulate or embassy.

Helpful Resources

For pertinent information and assistance regarding visa and immigration matters in Chile, refer to the following official links:

Job Opportunities in Chile for Non-Spanish Speakers

Exploring employment avenues in Chile sans Spanish proficiency? Consider roles such as:

  • English Teacher
  • Tour Guide/Receptionist
  • Positions in International Companies

Minimum Wage Standards in Chile

Familiarize yourself with Chile's minimum wage regulations:

  • For individuals aged between 18 and 65: CLP 460,000 (roughly US$515).
  • For those under 18 or above 65: CLP 343,150 (about US$385).

Insights for Job Seekers

Consider these tips while navigating the job market in Chile:

Opt for entry on a tourist visa if feasible, then secure employment locally before applying for a work permit.

In Closing

Keep in mind that this information presented is for general guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. For details and custom advice, it’s better to refer to official sources, for example, call or message These people

Best Wishes.

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