Portugal Work Visa Process 2024 (Visa Types, Requirements)

Over the past few years, an increasing number of international individuals have relocated to Portugal, drawn by the diverse migration options the country offers. These include the Job Seeker Visa, Digital Nomad Visa, retirement visa, and employment visa.

Portugal Work Visa Process 2024
Portugal Work Visa Process 2024 (Visa Types, Requirements)

Following five years of legal residence in Portugal, individuals can also apply for permanent residency. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Portugal Work Visa Process, explore the various work visas available, and outline their respective requirements.

A recent addition to the visa options is the Portugal Job Seeker Visa, which allows foreign citizens to travel to Portugal in search of employment opportunities. Non-European Union (EU) nationals aspiring to work in Portugal must secure a work permit, visa, and residence permit.

For EU/EEA or Swiss citizens, working without a visa is permitted, although a residence permit is required for stays exceeding three months. Further details on these processes are provided below.

Exploring Portugal Work Visa 

The Portuguese government facilitates the acquisition of Residency Visas and Temporary Stay National Visas for extended stays.

  • Temporary Stay National Visa: These are enduring visas that remain valid throughout the entire stay, permitting multiple entries.
  • Residency Visas: Valid for four months, allowing for two entries.

Varieties of Portugal Work Visas

Under the Temporary Work Visa, individuals can engage in the following activities:

  • Seasonal Work: A temporary stay visa catering to seasonal work lasting over 90 days.
  • Independent Work: A temporary stay visa designed for those engaged in independent work.
  • Highly Qualified Activity: Temporary stay visas tailored for scientific research, higher education professorial roles, or highly qualified activities, applicable for durations less than a year.
  • Remote Work / Digital Nomad: Targeting digital nomads capable of working remotely.
  • Amateur Sports Activity: A temporary stay visa intended for those participating in amateur sports.
  • Intra-Company Transfer: Crafted for employees undergoing transfers from one branch of a multinational company to another in a different country.

Costs Associated with Portugal Work Visa

The processing fee for a national visa application stands at 90€ (subject to potential variations based on the applicant's country of origin).

Prerequisites for Portugal Work Visa

To apply for Seasonal work or other temporary stay visas, a job offer from a Portuguese employer is mandatory. The employer must initiate the Work Permit application with the Portuguese Labor Authorities. Upon approval of your work contract or permit, you can proceed to apply for the Portugal Work Visa, submitting the necessary documents to the Portugal Embassy or VFS Global. Required documents include passport-size pictures, your employment contract, and a clean criminal record.

Note: Certain visas, such as Digital Nomad, Job Seeker, and Retirement Visa, do not necessitate job offers. Ensure to review the document requirements specific to each work visa type.

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Processing Timeline

Anticipate a processing period of approximately 30 days for your Temporary Stay Visa application.

Guide to Applying for the Portugal Work Visa

Once you've secured a job offer, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Work Permit Application:

  • Your employer initiates the Work Permit application.

2. Apply for a Work Visa:

  • Once you have the Work Permit, apply for the work visa by completing the national visa application form.
  • Identify the nearest Portugal embassy and visit the provided link to determine where to submit your application.
  • Schedule an appointment and submit the required documents.

3. Visa Decision:

  • Await the decision on your visa application. Upon approval, you are eligible to travel to Portugal.

4. Portugal Residence Permit:

  • After arriving in Portugal, apply for your Residence Permit for Work at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). This permit is crucial for long-term residence in Portugal.

National Visa Application Form

For the long-stay national application form, visit this link.

Duration of Work Visa

  • Your work visa remains valid for 1-2 years, and the residence permit is also valid for 2 years.
  • Renew your permit at the SEF before expiration, provided you still hold a valid job in Portugal.

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