Lithuania Work Visa Requirements and Types for 2024

In recent times, Lithuania has witnessed a rising trend of international professionals seeking employment opportunities. Notably, EU/EEA citizens enjoy exemption from the Lithuania Work Visa requirement.

Lithuania Work Visa Requirements and Types for 2024
Lithuania Work Visa Requirements and Types for 2024

However, individuals from third-country nationals must secure a work permit, a long-term work visa, and a residence permit in Lithuania to pursue work opportunities. To facilitate relocation, the Lithuanian Government offers an arrival allowance of EUR 3,444. Upon receiving a job offer, the employer typically manages the work permit application process on behalf of the employee.

The work permit for employment in Lithuania stands as one of the most commonly pursued visas. Prospective individuals aspiring to work in Lithuania must undergo the process of obtaining a work permit.

Despite its stature as a relatively small European country with a population of only 2.8 million, Lithuania presents an array of work opportunities. Those interested in pursuing work in Lithuania should explore the different types of available work visas and familiarize themselves with the application procedures.

Why Lithuania Seeks Foreign Workforce

Lithuania faces a continuous decline in its population, a trend evident in Lithuania's Population Chart available via Google search. Despite being a compact European nation with a total populace of 2.801 million, Lithuania stands as a promising land of opportunities, particularly renowned as an IT sector hub. The region boasts plentiful IT jobs offering visa sponsorship and competitive salaries.

The country not only offers a surplus of job opportunities but also prides itself on being one of the safest destinations. Since gaining independence in 1990 and subsequently joining the European Union in 2004, Lithuania witnessed an outflow of affluent individuals who migrated to other nations, altering its demographic landscape.

Beyond its economic prospects, Lithuania is enticed by the promise of a laid-back lifestyle, contributing to its appeal as a prospective place for foreign workers.

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Varieties of Work Visas Available in Lithuania

1. Work Visa for Highly Skilled Workers (EU Blue Card)

  • This visa category targets highly skilled individuals meeting specific criteria to qualify for the EU Blue Card.

2. Work Permit for Employment in Lithuania

  • The standard work permit is sought by those securing employment in Lithuania. It's a fundamental requirement for non-EU/EEA nationals to work legally.

3. Work Visa for Intra-Company Transfers

  • Designed for employees transferred within multinational companies operating in Lithuania, facilitating their relocation and work within the company's branches.

4. Seasonal Work Visa

  • Intended for individuals seeking temporary employment during specific seasons, catering to industries with seasonal labor demands.

1. EU Blue Card: Work Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals

The EU Blue Card in Lithuania requires specific eligibility criteria:

  • Higher education qualification.
  • Minimum five years of professional experience.
  • Job offer from a Lithuanian employer.
  • The profession is listed among the high-skilled qualifications lacking in Lithuania.

2. Work Permit for Employment in Lithuania (Popular Choice)

The predominant work permit type in Lithuania, essential for those securing job offers within the country. Upon receiving an offer, the employer must apply for the work permit. Successful applicants need a long-stay national D visa to enter Lithuania.

3. Intra-Company Transfer Visa

Applicable when your company relocates you to a Lithuanian branch. This visa facilitates smooth transition and legal work within the company's Lithuanian operations.

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4. Seasonal Work Visa

A seasonal work permit in Lithuania is granted under these conditions:

  • Unavailability of a suitable Lithuanian employee for the position.
  • Employment contract confirmation for the seasonal work.
  • Established residence in Lithuania.
  • Inclusion of seasonal work in the approved list by the Minister of Social Security and Labor for seasonal job opportunities.

Advantages of Living and Working in Lithuania

  • 98% Visa Success Rate
  • Government Arrival Allowance of EUR 3,444
  • 98% Job Guarantee
  • Opportunity for Green Card Residency

Lithuania Work Visa Procedure

To apply for a Lithuania work visa, follow these steps:

  • Job Offer: Secure a job offer from Lithuania.
  • Work Permit: Your employer handles the approval of the work permit.
  • Obtain Labor Market Compliance Decision: This document, valid for up to two years, verifies foreign work alignment with labor market needs. It serves as a basis for applying for a residence permit in Lithuania.
  • Locate Nearest Embassy/Consulate: Once you have a job offer or work permit, apply for a long-stay national visa at your country’s closest Lithuanian embassy/consulate. Locate the appropriate embassy/consulate and gather the required documents, including the visa application form.
  • Visa Collection: Await the response and collect your visa.
  • Acquire Residence Permit in Lithuania: Working commences only after obtaining a residence permit.

Visa Processing Timeline

Expect your Lithuania Long Stay National Visa to be processed within a swift 15-day window.

Duration of Visa and Work Permit

Typically granted for one year, work permits in Lithuania are renewable, enabling foreigners to apply for a national work visa, usually valid for up to 1 year.

Lithuania Citizenship Pathway

Upon completing five years, individuals become eligible to acquire a permanent residence permit and eventually pursue Lithuanian citizenship.

Requirements for Lithuania Work Visa

When applying for a Lithuania work visa, ensure you have these essential documents ready:

  1. Completed long-stay visa application form
  2. Mediation (invitation) letter and job contract
  3. Valid passport
  4. Work permit
  5. Bank statement
  6. Health insurance proof
  7. Clean criminal record certificate

Visa Costs

Applicants seeking a national visa are required to pay a fee of EUR 140. The online visa application process is facilitated through the Migration Department's system (MIGRIS). Refer to the provided link for a comprehensive list of necessary documents.

For detailed information on Long Stay Visas, please visit the specified link.

Top Job Search Platforms in Lithuania

Discover employment opportunities through these leading Lithuanian job sites:

  • Work in Lithuania
  • CV Online
  • CV Market
  • CV Bankas
  • Love Job
  • VoodooSales
  • Start-up CV
  • Scobo

Lithuania Employment Agencies

Partnered with major Lithuanian enterprises, these employment agencies facilitate job placements:

  • Alliance for Recruitment
  • Manpower
  • Strategic Staffing Solutions
  • Simplika
  • Biuro Info
  • Headex

Arrival Allowance in Lithuania

In a bid to attract skilled professionals and alleviate their relocation expenses, the Lithuanian government offers an Arrival Allowance of EUR 3,444. Visit for more details.

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