List of Countries that Offer Work Visas for Fruit Pickers (2024)

Fruit Picking Opportunities: Perfect for students, adventurers, and those seeking temporary employment, Fruit Picker Jobs encompass a variety of seasonal tasks in agriculture, construction, and tourism.

List of Countries that Offer Work Visas for Fruit Pickers
List of Countries that Offer Work Visas for Fruit Pickers

These include harvesting and picking fruits, as well as packing fruits/vegetables and engaging in dairy farm work. This sought-after activity is prevalent in numerous countries. Thus, this article will highlight the Countries Offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers, commonly referred to as seasonal work visas.

Many farms provide convenient onsite accommodation and meals, with earnings ranging from $15 to $20 per hour. Canada stands out by offering airfare, accommodation, and comprehensive support to foreign workers participating in the agriculture program.

Remarkably, this profession does not necessitate any specific academic qualifications. For those intrigued, a detailed list of countries providing fruit picker visas, along with their associated benefits and crucial visa details, is presented below.

Countries Providing Work Visas for Fruit Pickers 2024

Here, you'll find details about each country, including the visa names offered for seasonal jobs, the types of visas available (if applicable), and the corresponding website links. Explore the comprehensive information provided below to make informed decisions about pursuing seasonal work opportunities.

1. United States

  •     Visa Name: US H2A Agriculture Visa
  •     Number of Visas: Not specified
  •     Activity Type: Engaged in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops
  •     Benefits: Employer covers Attorney or agent fees, Application fees, and Recruitment costs.

Website Link: Explore Here

2. Canada

  •     Program Name: Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program
  •     Visa Type: Agriculture Worker
  •     Number of Visas: Not specified
  •     Activity Type: Involves Farm Workers, Vegetable and Fruit Picking, Agriculture, and Horticulture
  •     Benefits: Employer provides Transportation, Health Insurance, and Accommodation coverage.

Website Link: Check Here

3. United Kingdom (UK)

  •     Visa Name: UK Seasonal Worker Visa
  •     Number of Visas: 45,000 for horticulture and 2,000 for poultry
  •     Activity Type: Primarily in the Horticulture and Poultry sectors

Website Link: Visit Here

4. New Zealand

  •     Visa Name: Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, and Working Holiday Visa
  •     Number of Visas: 19,500 (9 fixed quota)
  •     Activity Type: Involves Planting, maintaining, harvesting, and packing crops

Website Link: Access Here

5. Australia

  •     Visa Name: PALM scheme and Working Holiday Visa
  •     Number of Visas: Not specified
  •     Activity Type: Mainly in the agriculture sector

Website Link: Visit Here

6. Japan

  •     Visa Name: Japan Specified Skilled Workers
  •     Number of Visas: Not specified
  •     Activity Type: Covers agriculture, Nursing, Fishery and Aquaculture, Accommodation, etc.

Website Link: Explore Here

Exploring Seasonal Worker Visas Across Europe

Discover a compilation of European nations extending seasonal worker visas tailored for fruit and vegetable harvesting, featuring insights into program specifics and available job categories:

1) Lithuania

  • Visa Name: Seasonal Work Permit
  • Activity Type: Spans Agriculture and forestry, Tourism and hospitality, Construction and manufacturing, Cleaning, and other services

Website Link: Access Here

2) Portugal

  • Visa Name: Temporary stay visa for seasonal work
  • Activity Type: Encompasses Agriculture (including livestock, hunting, forestry, fishing), Hospitality and restaurants, Food and liquor industries, Wholesale and retail commerce, Construction, Land transport

Website Link: Check Here

3) Belgium

  • Visa Name: Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit

Website Link: Explore Here

4) Malta

  • Visa Name: Malta Seasonal Worker

Website Link: Visit Here

5) Slovakia

  • Visa Name: Slovakia Seasonal Visa
  • Activity Type: Covers Agriculture, forestry, fishing, industrial production, construction, accommodation, and catering services

Website Link: Visit Here

6) Italy

Italy follows an annual quota system for seasonal visas for non-Europeans

  • Visa Name: Italy Seasonal Visa
  • Number of Visas: 89,050

Website Link: Visit Here

7) France

  • Visa Name: Travailleur Saisonnier (Seasonal Worker)
  • Activities: Includes Fruit and vegetable pickers, farmers, Ski instructors, Hotel staff (cleaners, guards), Restaurant staff, Campsite staff, Lifeguards
  • Number of Visas: 88,200 for farmers, and agricultural, 149,100 for winegrowers, arboriculturists, and crop pickers

Website Link: Access Here

Numerous other European countries, including Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Finland, offer similar programs for fruit pickers and farmers. Detailed coverage of each will be provided in the coming days.

Research is advised, considering variations in seasonal jobs and harvest times based on fruit and region. Evaluate factors like living conditions, wages, and worker rights when selecting a program.

Comprehensive Guide: Top Websites for Fruit Picker Jobs Worldwide

Unlock the potential of lucrative fruit picker opportunities with this curated list of leading job platforms across various regions:

Australia & New Zealand: 


2. Agri Labour Australia (Notably popular on SEEK)


1. Job Bank (The largest portal for job searches in Canada)


1. EURES (European Job Mobility Portal)


1. Department of Labor

2. H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program


Embark on your journey to secure that dream seasonal job with these trusted platforms! This compilation represents a dedicated effort to gather reliable information on Countries Offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers in 2024. Rest assured, all details are verified and authorized, and direct links to official websites are provided for your convenience.

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