Seasonal Worker Visa in France 2024 (Process, Requirements)

The France Seasonal Worker Visa is categorized as the Long-Stay Salaried Employment Visa. Falling within the popular France Salaried Employment Visa type, I have elaborated on this in a previous article covering the France Work Visa Process.

Seasonal Worker Visa in France 2024
Seasonal Worker Visa in France 2024 (Process, Requirements)

Your role under this visa will be that of a "travailleur saisonnier" (seasonal worker), associated with industries such as Tourism, Agriculture, Hospitality, Hotel staff, and Restaurant Staff.

This seasonal worker permit is initially issued for three years and is subject to renewal. However, your employment in France as a seasonal worker is limited to 6 months within any twelve-month rolling period.

To facilitate your stay, a long-stay visa and a multi-year residence permit are necessary, enabling you to both enter and reside in France. Further insights into the France seasonal visa, along with the application process, are provided in the subsequent sections.

France Seasonal Worker Visa Details

  • Country: France
  • Eligibility: Non-EU Nationals
  • Duration: Three Years, Renewable

Seasonal Pursuits in France

  • Harvesting fruits and vegetables, cultivating farmers
  • Ski instructing
  • Roles in hotels, including cleaning staff and security personnel
  • Restaurant positions
  • Staff for campsites
  • Lifeguards

As per information from the French labor market:

  • Anticipated hiring of 149,100 individuals for roles in viticulture, arboriculture, and crop picking.
  • 88,200 positions targeted for farmers and agricultural workers, with a significant portion being seasonal opportunities.

These statistics are derived from official reports of the French labor market and various job boards.

Validity and Duration of Permits

A seasonal worker permit, initially valid for three years, can be renewed. The permission grants you the right to engage in seasonal employment for a maximum of six months. It is essential to apply for a new work permit for each subsequent contract.

Understanding the Process of Applying

Navigating through the steps to secure a France Seasonal Work Visa involves a systematic approach:

Step 1: Securing a Job Offer

Your primary focus should be on sourcing a Seasonal Job opportunity through reputable online platforms specialized in employment listings for France.

Step 2: Obtaining the Work Permit

Upon securing a job offer, your employer takes charge of applying for the requisite work permit from the governing body overseeing foreign labor affairs.

Step 3: Acquiring the Long Stay Visa and Residence Permit

Applying for the France Long Stay Visa becomes imperative, a process facilitated at the French Embassy in your home country. Access the list of French embassies worldwide to initiate this process. An online visa application can be initiated through designated channels by scheduling an appointment.

Upon approval, a multi-year residence permit tagged with the designation 'travailleur saisonnier' (seasonal worker) is granted. Within two months of arriving in France, a visit to the local police station is mandatory to obtain the multi-year residence permit confirming your status as a seasonal worker.

Eligibility Criteria for the Seasonal Worker Visa

  • A valid seasonal job offer from a French employer is mandatory.
  • Your employer assumes responsibility for procuring the Authorization to Work from the relevant foreign labor authority.
  • Following approval, the issuance of the Work Permit follows suit.
  • Application for the France Long Stay Visa at the French Embassy is the subsequent step.
  • Note that employment in seasonal roles cannot surpass six months within a consecutive 12-month timeframe.

Official Website References

For Visa Applications: More detailed information on visa application processes for France can be found Here.

Dedicated Website for France Seasonal Visa:

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