Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit 2024 (Visa Procedure)

Individuals can seek the Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit to reside and work in Belgium, provided their employer verifies the unavailability of suitable Belgian workers for seasonal tasks.

Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit 2024 (Visa Procedure)
Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit 2024 (Visa Procedure)

The European Migration Network (EMN) notes that a significant number of seasonal workers from India, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka contribute to Belgium's seasonal workforce, with applications open to all non-EU countries.

Applicants can engage in various sectors including agriculture, horticulture, and catering, and upon approval, they will be issued a "Single Permit," combining both work and residence authorizations.

Subsequently, successful applicants can apply for a long-stay Type D visa at the Belgium embassy. Upon arrival, a Temporary Residence Document (A-card) will be issued, containing essential details about requirements, salary criteria, and the application procedure.

Who is Eligible for the Belgium Seasonal Work Permit?

Eligibility for the Belgium Seasonal Work Permit extends to third-country nationals residing outside the European Union.

Permit Duration Options

  • Short Stay: Allows for a duration of up to 90 days.
  • Long Stay: Extends beyond 90 days, with a maximum limit of 150/365 days.

Seasonal Worker Salary in Belgium (2020)

  • Overall Minimum: €1,593 per month (based on a 38-hour week contract)
  • Agriculture Sector: €9.45/hour
  • Horticulture Sector: €9.26 to €11.33/hour

Procedure for Applying for a Belgium Seasonal Work Permit (Single Permit Application)

To engage in long-term seasonal work in Belgium, securing a seasonal worker permit is essential. In this scenario, employers initiate the process by submitting a "Single Permit Application" to the competent regional authority.

This comprehensive application covers both the authorization to stay (labeled as "residence") and the authorization to work (referred to as "work").

Employers must provide necessary documentation to obtain approval for the work permit. For first-time seasonal workers in Belgium, the process may take up to 90 days.

Upon successful authorization from the regional authority for work and approval from the Immigration Office for stay, applicants receive a decision granting a single permit.

Submission Requirements for a Single Permit by Your Employer

1. Completed and signed application form.

2. Proof of employment.

3. Employer's identity document.

4. Employment contract.

5. Copy of the employee's International Passport.

6. Evidence of financial resources.

7. Clean criminal record certificate.

8. Medical certificate.

9. Proof of health insurance.

10. Accommodation verification.

11. Administration Fee.

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Applying for a Type D Visa

Once your single permit application is approved, it's time to apply for a visa to travel to Belgium. The Visa D should be applied for at the Belgian diplomatic or consular post in the worker's home country, marked as "B36" for stays exceeding 90 days.

List of Belgian embassies and consulates: Note that many countries collaborate with external service providers like VFS Global or TLS Contact.

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Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit

Upon arriving in Belgium, register at your local municipality within 8 working days. Receive a temporary residence document and collect your A-Card, also known as a 'single permit with limited duration.' This step completes the process for a Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit.

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