Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024 | Fully Funded in the USA

Summer in the USA presents a splendid chance for exploration. The nation hosts a plethora of summer programs and exchange opportunities, drawing global attention. A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024.

Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024
Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024

Scheduled for a duration of 10–12 weeks in the upcoming summer of 2024, this program welcomes international students from all corners of the world. However, it's important to note that American students are ineligible to apply for the Woods Hole Summer fellowship.

The United States stands out in history for offering an abundance of fully-funded prospects. The Woods Hole summer initiative encompasses coverage for airfare, accommodations, meals, stipends, and guidance with visas—an unparalleled opportunity to secure an internship in the USA.

WHI spans across diverse fields including biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics, oceanography, and marine policy. Further program intricacies are outlined below.

Overview of Woods Hole Summer Student Fellowship 2024

  • Location: United States
  • Duration: 10–12 Weeks
  • Internship Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: February 5, 2024

Program Advantages

The count of fellows accepted fluctuates annually, typically ranging between 25 to 30 individuals each summer.

  • Stipend: Weekly financial support. For instance, the stipend for the summer of 2023 stood at $680 per week.
  • Travel: Round-trip transportation to Woods Hole, USA.
  • Accommodation: Shared housing with two single beds per room in a communal unit.
  • Visa Assistance: Extensive support for international fellows in acquiring essential J-1 visa documentation.
  • Opportunity for Interaction: Engagement with current MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate students.

Internship Fields

Diverse fields encompassing Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, Oceanography, Marine Policy, and related areas of study.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Accessible to all international undergraduate students from any nation.
  2. Commencement of fellowships is slated for May 2024.
  3. Students pursuing a three-year Bachelor's Degree Program (e.g., UK system) should be in their second year.
  4. For those enrolled in a five-year combined Bachelor/Master's Degree Program, eligibility stands at the third year of the program.

Required Documentation

  • Updated CV or resume.
  • A current unofficial university transcript in PDF format.
  • Minimum of three recommendation letters from professors.
  • Completed course record detailing undergraduate coursework by subject category, primary textbooks used, and corresponding grades.
  • Personal Statement.
  • Compensation for Interns in the US

Numerous internships in the USA offer payment. Notably, the Rips Internship and LPI summer internship are popular paid programs within the United States.

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Visa Requirements for US Internships

To partake in a US internship, a J-1 visa is typically required. This visa category caters to international academic students and interns participating in exchange programs with the US government.

Application Process for Woods Hole Summer Internship in the USA

The application process is conducted online, and the application link can be accessed below.

  • Complete the online application forms.
  • Upload the essential documents in PDF format.
  • Save and submit the application.


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