UK Skilled Worker Visa Process | Tier 2 Visa 2024

Embarking on the journey of acquiring the UK Skilled Worker Visa, also recognized as the Tier 2 General work visa, unfolds an opportunity for global citizens to seamlessly integrate into the vibrant fabric of the UK's workforce.

UK Skilled Worker Visa Process
UK Skilled Worker Visa Process

With an escalating inclination, the issuance of Skilled Worker visas to prime applicants has soared by an impressive 59%, reaching approximately 69,423 in the preceding year. This visa beckons you to collaborate with an accredited employer, one who bears the authority to endorse a foreign professional for the esteemed Skilled Worker Visa.

March 2023 witnessed a roster of around 63,400 esteemed organizations and institutions registered as licensed sponsors for work and educational pursuits. The tenure of this visa extends graciously for a quintet of years, paving the way for prospective settlement opportunities within the UK after this span elapses.

Noteworthy alterations in visa prerequisites have been orchestrated by the UK government, and this discourse aims to unravel these pivotal modifications.

The About UK Skilled Worker Visa

  • Nation: United Kingdom
  • Visa Category: Skilled Work Visa
  • Duration of Sojourn: 5 Years (Renewable)

Comprehending the Points-based System in the UK

A cumulative assemblage of 70 points constitutes the gateway to applying for the esteemed Skilled Worker visa, encapsulating the essence of your job offer, qualifications, English proficiency, and remuneration.

  • Endorsement from an approved employer: 20 Points
  • Occupation aligned with the requisite skill level: 20 Points
  • Proficiency in the English language at the stipulated level: 10 Points

Salary brackets:

  • £20,480 to £23,039: 0 Points
  • £23,040 to £25,599: 10 Points
  • £25,600 or above: 20 Points

Occupation in a deficit domain: 20 Points

Educational qualifications:

  • PhD in a relevant subject to the job: 10 Points
  • PhD in a STEM subject pertinent to the job: 20 Points

For a comprehensive understanding of the UK point-based system, peruse the following link.

Financial Implications of the Skilled Worker Visa

For applicants initiating the application process from outside the UK, the standardized application fees for the UK Skilled Worker Visa are as follows:

  • Up to 3 years: £719 per individual
  • Beyond 3 years: £1,423 per individual

Navigating the Shortage of Occupations

In the event, your profession aligns with the shortage occupation list, denoting professions in high demand, a reduced application fee is levied:

  • £479 for a stay of up to 3 years
  • £943 for a stay exceeding 3 years

Kindly refer to the shortage occupation list for pertinent information.

Eligible Professions

An exhaustive compendium enumerating Eligible Occupations, adorned with distinctive 4-digit codes, shall be provided by your UK employer within the job offer letter.

Find your occupation code by visiting this link:

For those already in possession of a job offer, promptly requisition your employer for the assigned occupation code. In instances where the code remains elusive, employ the ONS occupation coding tool for facilitation.

Authorized UK Employers (Catalog of Licensed Sponsors)

Endorsed employers, synonymous with sponsors, orchestrate the sponsorship facilitating your ingress or residency within the UK.

The updated list of approved UK employers is available for perusal, showcasing an expanded array of companies.

Strategizing for Success

To optimize the prospects of securing a position with a UK Approved employer, strategic groundwork entails the following steps:

  1. Initial scrutiny of the shortage occupation list (as provided above)
  2. Selection of an occupation aligning with your expertise
  3. Verification of the occupation's eligibility for the UK Skilled Worker Visa via the eligible occupation list
  4. Subsequent perusal of Approved Employers/companies offering positions in the identified field, accessible through the aforementioned list of approved companies

Eligibility Prerequisites

To navigate the vista of eligibility seamlessly, certain mandates need fulfillment:

  • A job offer from an Approved UK Employer
  • Possession of a 'certificate of sponsorship' from your employer, delineating the offered role within the UK. Solely licensed sponsors wield the authority to issue a CoS
  • Engagement in a job that features on the roster of eligible occupations
  • Receipt of a stipulated minimum salary
  • Association with a UK employer accredited by the Home Office
  • Accumulation of 70 requisite points for qualification
  • Prudent confirmation of a job offer prior to commencing the visa application process

Tenure of Sojourn in the UK under the Aegis of the Skilled Work Visa

The expanse of your visa's validity spans up to 5 years before necessitating an extension.

Navigating the UK Skilled Work Visa Application

Initiation of the application mandates online proceedings, accessible via this portal. The trajectory to a Visa Decision, when initiated from outside the UK, consummates within 3 weeks.

Procedural Timeframe

Upon successful online submission and completion of biometric requisites, the ensuing processing spans:

- 3 weeks for applicants outside the UK

- 8 weeks for applicants within the UK

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