UK Seasonal Visa Process | Temporary Work Visa 2024

The UK Seasonal Visa serves as a short-term work permit without an avenue for permanent settlement. Its scope allows Temporary Workers to engage in the horticulture and poultry industries. Within horticulture, tasks span from harvesting fruits, and vegetables, to tending flowers.

UK Seasonal Visa Process
UK Seasonal Visa Process

For the year 2023, a quota of 47,000 seasonal visas has been established, with 45,000 allocated for horticulture and 2,000 for poultry-related work. I am here to facilitate your navigation through the UK Seasonal Visa Procedure.

This visa opportunity is accessible to individuals globally. However, individuals sponsored under the Seasonal Worker program do not possess the option to seek an extension for their stay.

It stands as a replacement for the Temporary Worker-Seasonal Worker Visa (T5) and does not necessitate higher educational qualifications. Nonetheless, applicants need to demonstrate financial stability, with a minimum requirement of £1,270 available. Further details are outlined below.

Overview of UK Seasonal Worker Visa

  • Destination Country: United Kingdom
  • Employment Sectors: Horticulture, Poultry
  • Eligibility: Open to Applicants from Any Country
  • Visa Category: Seasonal Worker Visa (Temporary)

Horticulture Sector

This encompasses a range of produce:

  •  Protected vegetables: cultivated in glasshouse systems
  •  Field vegetables: outdoor cultivation, including various vegetables, herbs, leafy salads, and potatoes
  •  Soft fruit: grown outdoors or under cover, like strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, and related species
  •  Top fruit (orchard fruit): fruit-bearing trees like apples, plums, cherries, and apricots
  •  Mushrooms: typically including Agaricus bisporus and other indoorgrown species
  •  Bulbs and cut flowers, such as daffodils, cultivated both outdoors and indoors
  •  Pot plants: seasonal bedding plants like pansies, violas, geraniums, and poinsettias
  •  Hardy ornamental nursery stock: including Christmas trees, shrubs, roses, ornamental trees, and perennials
  •  Tree and forest nurseries

Poultry Production Sector

Roles in this sector encompass various occupations:

  •  Butcher (occupation code 5431)
  •  Bird/game dresser (occupation code 5433)
  •  Killer and Plucker (occupation code 5433)
  •  Plucker (occupation code 5433)
  •  Poulterer (occupation code 5433)
  •  Poultry processor (occupation code 5433)
  •  Poultry sticker (occupation code 5433)
  •  Trusser (occupation code 5433)
  •  Food operative (occupation code 8111)
  •  Poultry catcher/handler (occupation code 9111)
  •  Poultry vaccinator (occupation code 9119)
  •  Poultry meat packer (occupation code 9134)

Eligibility for UK Seasonal Worker Visa

The UK Seasonal Worker Visa welcomes applicants aged 18 and above from any country, facilitating an online application process.

Cost of UK Seasonal Worker Visa

Applying for the UK Seasonal Work Visa incurs a fee of £298 applicable across all countries, payable online upon application submission.

Application Period and Duration of Stay

  • For Horticulture Work (Flexible entry for work throughout the UK)
  • Maximum Duration: Six months
  • Applications for Horticulture Seasonal Worker visas are accepted at any time during the year.
  • For Poultry Work (Available from October 18th to December 31st annually)
  • Application Deadline: November 15th each year
  • Poultry Seasonal Worker visa applications must be submitted by November 15th annually.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old and eligible from any country.
  • A valid certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer is mandatory for application.
  • This certificate, provided by your UK Sponsor, is crucial for the process.
  • Many UK recruitment agencies or companies furnish sponsorship letters.
  • Maintaining a minimum of £1,270 in your local account upon arrival in the UK is required to cover initial expenses unless your sponsor agrees to cover these costs up to £1,270.
  • If your employer offers accommodations, meals, or other benefits, these details must be specified in the supporting letter.
  • Employers must ensure that the job pays at least the minimum wage.
  • A confirmed job offer is essential for application consideration.

Essential Documentation

Documentation required for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa includes:

  •  Proof of Employment
  •  Valid Passport
  •  CoS reference number provided by your sponsor
  •  Bank Statements

How to Apply Online for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa?

  • Step 1: Secure a Job  Obtain a valid job offer from a UK employer.
  • Step 2: Online Application  Apply through the UK Government’s Visas and Immigration website (Link:
  • Step 3: Fee Payment and Appointment Booking  Pay the application fee online and schedule an appointment at a visa application center via GOV.UK.
  • Step 4: Biometric Submission  Provide biometrics and submit your passport.
  • Step 5: Await Visa Decision  Wait for the decision on your visa application.

Processing Time

Typically, the processing time for the UK Work Visa ranges between 3 to 4 weeks. After applying online, expect a decision within approximately 3 weeks.

For the official UK seasonal work Visa website, visit the link provided below to initiate your online visa application.

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Prohibited Activities on a Seasonal Visa

You are not permitted to:

  •  Engage in permanent employment.
  •  Work in a job that isn’t aligned with your certificate of sponsorship or undertake a secondary job.
  •  Access public funds.
  •  Bring family members along on this visa

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