Scholarships in the US for 2024–2025

The US remains a safe house for understudies around the world, bragging a cluster grants, awards, and monetary help programs. Various American colleges liberally offer grants, a life saver amid the significant expenses of advanced education in the country.

Scholarships in the US for 2024–2025
Scholarships in the US for 2024–2025

What separates US training from different countries is its moderately raised costs, making these grants significant. Quite, chasing after a US grant at an American establishment doesn't perpetually request normalized English capability tests like IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL; a few colleges presently acknowledge Duolingo English Test confirmations.

Different associations likewise stretch out awards to help instructive pursuits in the US. Imminent candidates looking at grants in the USA for global understudies ought to fastidiously survey every grant's essentials to guarantee qualification for the 2024 cycle. For monetarily battling understudies, concentrating on the US could be a unique advantage.

Annually, the USA extends a host of scholarships tailored for international students, a boon for those facing financial constraints. However, securing a US student visa necessitates fulfilling specific requirements, an essential step in the pursuit of educational opportunities in the States.

Scholarships vs Loans vs Grants

Scholarships stand as rewards based on merit, while grants cater to financial need, considering students' academic achievements.

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics in the US, issues plague American education systems, notably overcrowded schools leading to challenges such as larger classroom sizes and insufficient attention to health and safety concerns.

Statistics reflect a notably high standard of education in the US. Delving into scholarships often raises pertinent questions: Why are scholarships crucial? Who contributes to scholarship funds? Where does scholarship funding originate? How many scholarships are granted annually?

What's the count of medical schools and educational institutions in the US? The answer underscores the significance of scholarships, particularly for students facing financial constraints. Numerous scholarships are made available through diverse organizations that support students globally. The US educational system stands out for its unique approach and offerings.

Exploring the Benefits of Studying in the United States

What makes studying in the USA worthwhile? Well, education in the US stands out among other countries with its notably higher standards. Plus, did you know that studying in the USA can be cost-free? With an 85% acceptance rate for US student visas in 2022, the prospects look promising.

The history of American education spans formal and informal learning, offering a comprehensive understanding of educational trends. An added advantage? Many American universities offer study opportunities without mandating the IELTS exam, simplifying the process for international students.

These universities boast higher educational standards compared to counterparts elsewhere, contributing to more manageable study costs, thanks to an array of scholarships available in the US.

For many, studying in the US is a coveted dream, and it's no wonder. The US education system ranks high globally, particularly in states known for their exceptional educational offerings, often accessible without tuition fees.

Accessing education in America is streamlined, especially for international students seeking diverse experiences and knowledge enhancement. The landscape is evolving, with several schools in the US now foregoing SAT requirements, making the process even more accessible. Scholarships abound for international students looking to pursue studies in the US, offering pathways to achieve academic dreams.

Dreaming of studying in the USA with a scholarship? American-funded scholarships serve as gateways to turn those aspirations into reality. The allure of America's top-notch programs set in multicultural environments and abundant opportunities further solidifies the global recognition of a US degree's world-class status.

In this article, we've compiled 10 scholarships for the year 2024, fully or partially funded, tailored for international students seeking to pursue their respective fields of study in the US.

The List of 10 Scholarships in the USA

Here’s a curated list of 10 top-tier scholarships in the USA worth considering for the academic year 2024-2025:

Montana State University Scholarship

The Montana State University Office of International Programs presents scholarships for international students aiming to pursue their Undergraduate Degree Program at an American university. These scholarships, awarded based on merit, also consider SAT or ACT scores. Applicants from any country are eligible.


The Montana State Scholarship ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 annually and can be renewed each year contingent on the candidate maintaining a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. While international students must provide SAT or ACT scores for extra scholarship consideration, they are not mandatory for admission.

For comprehensive details, refer to the official link here.

Scholarships in the USA for Pacific Students

The dream of pursuing studies in the USA with a scholarship resonates with many. United States scholarships offer Pacific Students the chance to study in the United States of America. Specifically designed for students from chosen Pacific nations, the United States South Pacific Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarships.


Funded by the United States Government, the US South Pacific Scholarship program opens doors for students to apply for Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs at the University of Hawaii. These programs focus on fields directly pertinent to the developmental needs of Pacific island countries. The scholarship program awards three scholarships to selected candidates, enabling them to pursue studies in the USA.

For comprehensive details, refer to the official link here.

Boston University College of Fine Arts

Boston University extends a range of scholarships catered specifically for international students aspiring to join the College of Fine Arts. These scholarships are awarded to students showcasing exceptional artistic abilities either through auditions or portfolio evaluations. To delve deeper into requirements and audition specifics, students can explore the official websites dedicated to Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.


The College of Fine Arts at Boston University provides an array of scholarships tailored for Undergraduate international students. These scholarships are granted based on merit, offering opportunities such as:

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Additional Merit Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students
  • Quest Bridge Scholarships

For a comprehensive understanding of these scholarships, visit the official link here.

Gates Foundation Scholarships

The Bill Entryways Grant program holds worldwide acknowledgement among global understudies. Laid out in 1991, it gives completely funded grants in the USA. Yearly, more than 300 grant awards are granted to understudies inside the US, covering all costs for chasing after their College Degree programs.


The Bill Entryways Grant Program envelops different costs, including educational expenses, scholastic expenses, convenience, books, board, transportation, and individual costs. Qualification reaches out to US residents or nationals, alongside candidates from different foundations like Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, African-Americans, Native Americans, Gold country Locals, or Hispanic Americans.

For detailed information, visit the official link here.

University of Arizona Scholarship Program

The University of Arizona, a public research university founded in 1885 in Tucson, Arizona, offers international students opportunities for pursuing Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. This scholarship is open to both United States nationals and international students, waiving the requirement for IELTS and GRE.


Selection criteria for international students at the University of Arizona are merit-based. The Global Wildcat Award provides selected candidates with $4,000 to $35,000 annually. Transfer students can also access scholarships covering $5,000 to $12,000 per academic year.

For detailed information, refer to the official link here.

Clark University Global Scholarships Program

Clark University, a renowned private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts, introduces the Global Scholars Program tailored for Bachelor’s degree pursuits. Offering over 30 undergraduate programs, 12 interdisciplinary concentrations, and various advanced degree and professional certificate programs, this scholarship is open to all international candidates.


The Clark Worldwide Researchers Program broadens the monetary guide going from $15,000 to $25,000 every year throughout the degree program. It is need-based monetary help. Clark College includes various grants, for example, the Richard Traina Grant, Robert Goddard Grant, Jonas Clark Grant, Segal AmeriCorps Grant, Yellow Lace Program for Veterans, Educational Cost Trade Grant, Official LEEP Grants, and Worldwide Researchers Program Grants.

For detailed information, visit the official link here.

The University of Michigan Scholarship

Established in 1817, the University of Michigan stands as a distinguished public research university, revered as one of the oldest and top-ranked institutions in the United States. This reputation makes pursuing studies in the US quite accessible for international students. Michigan University offers scholarships covering over 100 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, welcoming applicants from around the world, including US citizens, without the necessity of IELTS and GREs.


Michigan University presents various scholarships, including:

  • International Undergraduate Scholarship, offering grants of $40,000
  • Annual grants for International Students, providing $10,000 per year for up to four years
  • Graduate Scholarships Program

For detailed information, visit the official link here.

University of Hawaii Scholarships Program

As a prestigious public research university, the University of Hawaii attracts attention as one of America’s foremost institutions. Annually, the Asian Development Bank offers more than 300 scholarships at the University of Hawaii for Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. These scholarships cover all expenses for international candidates.


The University of Hawaii Scholarship Program encompasses comprehensive support, including full tuition fees, housing, airfare, stipends for food and incidental expenses, health and medical insurance, book allowances, subsidies for health insurance coverage, and thesis funds for selected international candidates.

For detailed information, visit the official link here.

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

Illinois Wesleyan College expands various grants for the two US residents and worldwide understudies seeking pertinent degree programs. Qualified applicants can apply for IWU grants, advances, and grounds business potential open doors. Candidates holding back nothing degree can look for valuable open doors through IWU Grants


Illinois Wesleyan University offers various scholarships, such as:

  • Merit-based scholarships provide grants ranging from $16,000 to $30,000 annually, renewable for up to four years
  • President’s Scholarships, full-tuition scholarships spanning four years
  • Need-Based Financial Aid

For detailed information, visit the official link here.

Hood College Merit Scholarship Program

Hood College, a distinguished private college in Frederick, Maryland, boasts a 71% acceptance rate and invites international students to apply for undergraduate degree programs through its Merit Scholarship Program. Hood College is highly regarded in the USA.


The International Merit Scholarship at Hood College covers full tuition expenses up to $18,000. Candidates worldwide can apply for degree programs in various fields. To showcase academic excellence, candidates will need to complete the SAT and submit transcripts.

The process for obtaining a US student visa is straightforward. Fulfilling the student US Visa requirements is essential.

For detailed information on US student visa requirements, US student visa photo requirements, and the US student Visa fee, refer to the official link here.

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