Norway Work Visa Process 2024 | Work Permit Types

Norway, situated in Northern Europe, upholds a remarkable standard of living. Non-EU citizens aiming to work in Norway for over 90 days necessitate a Norway work visa, also referred to as a Residence permit for work purposes.

Norway Work Visa 2024
Norway Work Visa Process 2024

Acquiring a Work Visa for Norway is essential for residing and working in the country for more than three months. Here, I'll delve into the Norway Work Visa Process, outlining various types of Norwegian work visas available.

Norway extends an array of work visas, catering to skilled workers, seasonal employees, job seekers, vocational training participants, and more.

The kind of residence permit sought hinges on factors like residency, job nature, and employment agreement. Crucially, comprehending the intricacies of the Norway work Visa process and its application procedure is key. Find comprehensive details below.

Exploring Norway Work Visa Procedure

Understanding the Range of Work Visas and Application Requirements

The process of applying for a work visa varies across countries. Here, we detail the types of Norway work visas and their prerequisites, followed by guidance on the application process.

Types of Work Visas in Norway

Working in Norway necessitates a residence permit tailored for employment. Various residence permits cater to specific work-related categories:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Seasonal Workers
  • Job Seekers
  • Exchange Programs, Cultural, and Organizational Work
  • Vocational Training and Research

A 'Work' Visa in Norway generally denotes a Residence Permit for work. Detailed descriptions of each residence permit are provided below.

1) Norway Skilled Worker Residence Permit

The Skilled Worker permit stands as the most prevalent and sought-after work visa in Norway. After three years, individuals can apply for permanent residency.

Eligibility for the Skilled Worker permit includes:

  • Employment offer from a Norwegian employer.
  • University degree or vocational training.

The demand for skilled workers in sectors like oil and gas, healthcare, IT, and engineering remains notably high in Norway.

For more information on Skilled Worker permits, visit:

Select your country of origin for specific details.

2) Residence Permit for Seasonal Workers

The seasonal residence permit applies exclusively to industries like forestry, agriculture, fish processing, tourism, and restaurants during specific times of the year. Securing employment before applying for this permit is essential.

Requirements entail full-time work throughout the intended stay, without the necessity of vocational training. It's important to note that trades such as carpentry and painting do not fall under the seasonal work category.

For detailed information on Norway's Seasonal Residence permit, visit:

3) Job Seeker Residence Permit

Considering relocating to Norway to seek employment opportunities? Verify your eligibility for the Norway Job Seeker visa, ensuring you possess sufficient funds to sustain yourself, amounting to NOK 24,713 per month.

Explore the requirements for Norway's Job Seeker Visa here:

4) Residence Permit for Exchange Programs, Cultural, and Organizational Work

Individuals engaged in artistic, performance, or musical endeavors, as well as employees affiliated with humanitarian, non-profit, or religious organizations, may qualify for a Norway residence permit under this category.

5) Residence Permit for Vocational Training and Research

This specific residence permit caters to individuals seeking to conduct research or undergo training in Norway. It includes:

  1. Trainee: Intended for students serving as trainees in Norway.
  2. Researchers with personal funds: Tailored for researchers conducting independent research in Norway without a Norwegian employer.

Discover more about this permit at:

Eligibility Criteria for Norway Work Visa

For eligibility, individuals must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold one of the following qualifications:
  • Completion of higher education
  • Completion of vocational education
  • Possess "special qualifications" relevant to the job
  • Secure a full-time job with a Norwegian employer
  • Ensure the job offers compensation in line with Norwegian standards
  • Maintain a clean criminal record

Norway Work Visa: Essential Document Checklist

When initiating your application, it's crucial to submit a range of supporting documents to the police or embassy. UDI provides comprehensive checklists outlining the necessary documents required.

To access these checklists and understand the specific documents needed for your application, visit:

Select your country of residence and review the document checklist applicable to your situation.

How to Apply for a Norway Work Visa Online?

The process for a Norway visa application necessitates online completion of the application form. Follow these steps to initiate the online application:

1. Obtain a job offer from a Norwegian employer.

2. Determine the specific type of residence permit for work you wish to apply for.

3. Start by selecting your country of citizenship via

4. Based on your nationality, the available work visa types will be displayed.

5. Choose the appropriate residence permit type aligned with your situation, such as skilled worker, seasonal, or job seeker.

6. Complete the online application process by paying the application fee, submitting all required documents, and following the steps provided at the aforementioned link.

Note: Employers also have the option to apply for the work visa on behalf of the applicant.

If Your Employer Applies for a Norway Work Visa on Your Behalf

  1. Gather the necessary documents for a Norway Work Visa.
  2. Complete the online application on the UDI website.
  3. Provide copies of the required documents and written authorization to your employer for their application on your behalf.
  4.  Your employer submits the completed application to the Residence Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police or a Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA), depending on the district.

If You Apply Yourself: Submit Your Application at the Norway Embassy or VFS

  • Post completing the online application, submit the form and documents to the nearest Norwegian Embassy or Visa Application Center (VAC).
  • The Embassy/VAC forwards your application to the UDI in Norway.
  • If a visa is necessary for entry to Norway, the UDI sends the entry visa to the Embassy/VAC where you applied.

Norway Work Visa Fees

Most applicants are required to pay an application fee. Find the updated prices for the Norway work Visa at

Duration of Norway Work Visa

A Norway Work Visa, or Residence Permit for Work, typically remains valid for two years. After continuously residing in Norway for three years, you become eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Applying Online for a Norway Work Visa via the UDI Website

To begin your Norwegian Work Visa application, visit the UDI website, complete the online form, and specify your nationality and residence permit type.

Norwegian Embassies List

For information on obtaining a Norway work visa, contact the Norwegian embassy in your country. Visit: and select your country for details.

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