Norway Job Seeker Visa 2024 | Step-by-Step

Exploring job opportunities overseas? The Job Seeker Visa is a sought-after option across Europe. Today, our focus is on the Norway Job Seeker Visa—its eligibility, prerequisites, and application process.

Norway Job Seeker Visa 2024
Norway Job Seeker Visa 2024

Acting as a temporary permit, this visa allows foreign nationals to enter a country and actively seek employment. Notably, countries like Sweden, Germany, Portugal, and Austria offer similar Job Seeker Visas to non-EU citizens.

The Norway Job Seeker Visa falls within Norway's spectrum of work visas, granting a residence permit tailored for job seekers. In Norway, this visa is synonymous with a Work Visa, referred to as a Residence permit for work.

For an in-depth understanding of Norway's work visa variants, delve into our comprehensive post on the Norway Work Visa Process. Let's delve into the specifics of the Norway Job Seeker Visa.

Understanding Norway Residence Permits for Job Seekers

Typically, securing a job offer from Norway is a prerequisite for commencing work there. However, certain situations allow individuals to obtain a residence permit, enabling them to stay in Norway while actively seeking employment.

A job seeker permit for Norway is not required for citizens of EU/EEA countries. They have the inherent right to reside and work in Norway because they are members of the European Economic Area (EEA). They must register with the police within three months of their arrival in Norway.

Non-EU/EEA citizens, however, encounter different regulations, outlined below.

Are You a Skilled Job Seeker from a Visa-Free Nation?

Skilled workers from countries with visa-free access to Norway qualify for the Norway Job Seeker Visa. This includes citizens from both EU/EEA nations and non-EU countries.

To ascertain eligibility, being a skilled worker necessitates having completed a university degree or vocational training. Understanding what classifies a skilled worker is imperative.

Have You Graduated or Conducted Research in Norway?

Individuals who've finished their education in Norway—be it an undergraduate or master's degree, or a vocational program—are eligible to apply for a residence permit to seek employment.

This permit extension allows for the pursuit of job opportunities in the country, even in the absence of a job offer.

Requirements for Graduates in Norway

  • Applicants are required to pay an application fee.
  • The applicant must actively seek employment as a skilled worker in Norway, excluding roles as a religious leader or teacher.

Fulfillment of one of the following criteria is mandatory:

  • Possession of a student residence permit, with the application for a job seeker permit submitted before its expiration.
  • Submission of the application at least one month before the student permit's expiration.
  • Completion of the degree/education program in Norway.
  • Holding a researcher residence permit, with the application filed before its expiration.
  • Possession of a skilled worker residence permit with an employer in Norway, for research positions in a university, university college, or research institute, with the application submitted before its expiration.
  • Sufficient financial means to sustain oneself during the intended stay in Norway.
  • A minimum of NOK 24,713 per month, totalling NOK 296,550 annually, is required.

Duration of a Norway Job Seeker Visa

The granted duration for a Norway Job Seeker Visa spans up to one year.

Cost of a Job Seeker Visa for Norway

The application fee stands at NOK 6,300 (approximately USD 690). To verify the most current fees, refer to the official website:

Processing Timeline

As per the official UDI website, the processing of Norway Job Seeker Visa applications typically takes up to 6 months when filed through VFS or the embassy.

Check the Processing Time: Here

How to Apply for the Norway Job Seeker Visa?

The application procedure varies depending on your country of citizenship. To understand and navigate the process, follow these steps:

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