Malta Work Visa Procedure 2024 | Permit Types and Requirements

Malta, an enchanting European Union nation despite its diminutive size, has emerged as a magnet for numerous international aspirants over recent years. It continues to captivate the imagination of many, offering a relatively uncomplicated pathway for relocation.

Malta Work Visa Procedure 2024
Malta Work Visa Procedure 2024 Permit Types and Requirements

This article aims to shed light on the procedural aspects of obtaining a Malta Work Visa, outlining the requisites for securing a work permit in this picturesque country. Remarkably cost-effective, Malta's status as an EU member further bestows the advantage of visa-free travel within other EU nations.

Individuals hailing from non-EU/EEA territories or Switzerland must undergo a visa application process to pursue work opportunities in Malta. Notably, the Maltese Government has introduced a Malta Digital Nomad Visa, presenting a unique avenue that doesn't hinge upon securing a job offer within Malta.

For those unfamiliar with this initiative, a comprehensive guide on the Malta Digital Nomad Visa has been compiled for reference. This particular visa category has garnered considerable interest. Further insights into the different types of Malta Work Visas, along with a detailed overview of the application procedures, are delineated below.

Understanding the Duration of Stay on a Malta Work Visa

For stays surpassing 90 days, securing the National Long Stay Visa also referred to as the D Visa, becomes imperative. Alongside this extended visa, foreign employees must obtain a corresponding work permit.

Malta Work Permit Duration

The standard duration for a Malta work visa spans a year.

Varieties of Malta Work Permits

The process of acquiring a Malta work visa necessitates selecting from the array of available work permit options. Malta presents three distinct work permits and residency programs for consideration.

The breakdown of Malta's work permits includes:

1) Single Permit

This permit caters to individuals seeking a long-term stay in Malta for work purposes. It mandates a valid job offer from a Maltese employer. Alternatively, the employer can initiate the application process on behalf of the individual. Processing a single permit typically takes two to three months.

2) Malta Key Employee Initiative

Designed for highly skilled professionals, this visa boasts an impressively quick processing time of just five days. To qualify for the Key Employee Initiative, ensure adherence to these eligibility criteria:

  • Possession of relevant skills and work experience pertaining to the designated job.
  • A minimum annual salary of €30,000.
  • Documentation showcasing your work history spanning the last three years.

3) EU Blue Card

Reserved for highly skilled individuals in educated fields, the EU Blue Card targets exceptionally qualified applicants. Issued by the Maltese Government, this card holds a validity of three years. Once in possession of the EU Blue Card, holders gain the freedom to reside and work in any EU country.

Applying for a Malta Work Visa

Securing a Malta work visa involves a relatively straightforward process:

1) Document Collection

The specific documents required vary based on your visa type and nationality, as well as the corresponding work permit.

2) Arrival in Malta and Work Permit Application

Upon arrival, initiate the application for a Malta work permit within the country. However, prior to this step:

  • Apply for a Malta national visa (Long Stay D Visa) through the Maltese embassy in your home country.
  • Obtain the Interim Receipt card issued by the Malta embassy, facilitating entry into Malta for the application of a single permit.
  • Submit the work permit application form and requisite documents in person to the Identity Malta Agency upon arrival in Malta.

3) Employer's Application for Employment License

Your employer is responsible for initiating the application for an employment license, also referred to as a work permit, on your behalf.

4) Receipt of the Work Permit

Upon approval of your Malta work permit, Identity Malta will dispatch your residence card. This card grants you the legal authorization to commence work in the country.

Varieties of Malta Residency Programs

Malta's residency programs extend the opportunity to include your family members.

  • Digital Nomad Visa
  • Startup Residence Programme
  • Permanent Residency Programme

These initiatives, introduced by the Maltese Government, aim to entice foreign talent. They present a relatively streamlined process compared to Malta's work permits, allowing for online application submissions along with document transmission by mail.

Malta Nomad Residence Permit (Popular Choice)

This particular permit targets individuals capable of remote work from their homes, encompassing the self-employed, employees, or freelancers.

The permit caters to those who operate remotely, irrespective of geographical constraints, leveraging telecommunication technologies.

Crucially, this visa category doesn't mandate a job offer from Malta. Successful applicants receive a Nomad residency permit valid for three years, with the possibility of renewal. After a five-year tenure, holders can even convert this permit into a passport.

Applying for the Malta Nomad Residence Permit

Freelancers have the option to apply for the Malta Nomad Visa through the dedicated website: This platform hosts comprehensive details including application forms, FAQs, and a step-by-step guide.

Malta's Permanent Residency Program

Malta introduces a permanent residency program accessible through investment, with an estimated processing period ranging from 4 to 6 months.

To review the prerequisites, visit:

The Malta Startup Residence Programme

Offering a 3-year residence permit, extendable for an additional 5 years, this initiative allows beneficiaries to reside in Malta while kickstarting their entrepreneurial ventures.

For exhaustive insights into the residency program, application procedures, necessary documentation, and associated costs, refer to the official website:

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