Internship UNICEF 2024 | Fully Funded Internship

Begin a transforming journey with the fully paid UNICEF Internship 2024, which is open to enrolled students, graduates, and doctorate candidates who have graduated within the last two years.

Internship  UNICEF 2024
Internship UNICEF 2024 

This opportunity is available worldwide, and applicants from all countries are welcome to participate in UNICEF's Internship Program. Participants can expect a paid internship experience in addition to extensive support such as travel, visas, and accommodations.

These internships span across UNICEF offices worldwide, offering an inclusive platform where individuals from diverse fields can apply without prior work experience.

Students from various educational backgrounds are encouraged to pursue this opportunity, accessible through an online application process aligning with the internship criteria. Delve into the detailed information below to uncover the exciting prospects awaiting you within UNICEF's Internship Program.

About UNICEF Internship Program

  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Locations: Multiple global sites
  • Funding: Fully covered
  • Category: Internship
  • Application Deadline: Open throughout the year

Reasons to Apply

  • This is an outstanding opportunity offering a Fully Funded, paid internship program.
  • Accessible globally to applicants from every corner of the world, it spans various locations.
  • There's no requirement for IELTS/TOEFL examinations.
  • The application process doesn't involve any fees.

Internship Duration

Typically, the internship spans between six to twenty-six weeks.

Financial Coverage

This Fully Funded Internship encompasses:

  • A monthly stipend for interns.
  • A lump sum for travel expenses.
  • Coverage for visa costs.

Note: Regarding visas, UNICEF offers essential support documents if required for visa applications.

Testimonial from UNICEF Interns:

Interns at UNICEF have praised the program, citing it as one of the most supportive and enriching experiences.

Internship Focus Areas

UNICEF offers diverse internship opportunities in various sectors such as:

  1. Education
  2. Human Resources
  3. Legal Affairs
  4. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Finance and Administration
  6. Operations and Business Management
  7. Health Services
  8. Innovation Initiatives
  9. Knowledge Management
  10. Supply Chain Management
  11. Logistics Operations
  12. Planning Strategies
  13. Nutrition Programs
  14. Program Management
  15. Statistics and Monitoring
  16. Child Protection Initiatives
  17. Social and Economic Policy Development

UNICEF Internship Requirements

Ensure the completion of the following prerequisites before applying:

  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. program, or graduated within the last two years.
  • Proficiency in English, French, or Spanish.
  • Strong academic background and motivation.

Required Documents

Prepare the following documents for submission:

  • CV/Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Recruitment Profile

How to Apply for UNICEF Internship 2024?

Applying for a UNICEF internship is a hassle-free process. Opportunities are available year-round.

Upon accessing the list of internship openings, locate the "apply now" button associated with your preferred internship. Follow the provided instructions for the application process.

Thoroughly review the prerequisites for each internship opportunity. Use the provided link below to access the UNICEF Internship application.

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In Conclusion

For a premier international internship experience, UNICEF stands out, covering all expenses. Moreover, being a government organization under the United Nations, it offers a prestigious platform for professional growth.

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