Jobs Sponsoring Visa for Scotland 2023

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Scotland

Greetings, job seekers! If you are in pursuit of gainful employment within the United Kingdom, do not disregard the enchanting land of Scotland. While the masses tend to gravitate towards the bustling cities of London and Birmingham, Scotland presents itself as an enticing alternative.

In this discourse, we shall elucidate the prospects of Scotland Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the year 2023. Nestled in the picturesque northern realms of the UK, Scotland, with its diminutive stature and populace, boasts breathtaking verdant landscapes, housing approximately 5.4 million inhabitants, in stark contrast to England's 66 million denizens.

In the realms of Scotland, one can uncover a plethora of Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Employment opportunities. It is imperative to note that the Tier 2 Visa is presently denoted as the Skilled Worker Visa.

In practical terms, this denotes that securing gainful employment via a Scottish Visa Sponsorship Enterprise may bestow upon you the privilege of acquiring a Skilled Worker Visa. Now, let us expeditiously delve into the roster of Scottish enterprises extending the courtesy of visa sponsorship positions within the scenic confines of Scotland.

  • Job Location: Scotland
  • Sponsorship Available: Yes
  • Visa Category: Skilled Worker Visa

The job sectors

1. Healthcare & Nursing Jobs

2. Domestic Help & Cleaning Jobs

3. Maintenance Jobs

4. Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry Jobs

5. Teaching Jobs

6. Accounting & Finance Jobs

7. Hospitality & Catering Jobs

8. Social Work Jobs

9. Sales Jobs

10. Social Care Jobs

11. Admin Jobs

12. Scientific & QA Jobs

13. Logistics & Warehouse Jobs

14. Other/General Jobs

List of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Scotland

As of October 31, 2023, there are 76 Visa Sponsorship Jobs currently open in Scotland, as officially listed by the UK Government on their website. The preponderance of these opportunities falls within the Health and Care Sector.

For additional details regarding Scotland Visa Sponsorship Jobs visit this link

List of Licensed Sponsors in Scotland 2023

In the United Kingdom, sponsors are officially recognized as Licensed Sponsors. These sponsors have acquired licenses granted by the UK Home Office. Only sponsors who are duly registered possess the authority to hire foreign candidates with the provision of visa sponsorship.

List of UK Licensed Sponsors Online

In the list above, you have the option to search for locations in Scotland by city name, such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Perth, or Dundee. This search will showcase all the companies in Scotland that offer employment opportunities with visa sponsorship.

It's worth noting that certain professions are in high demand in the United Kingdom. The UK Home Office maintains a list of these occupations that are frequently required. So, if you are in search of a job along with a visa, these fields present a more favorable prospect for securing one with ease.

List of Shortage of Occupation

Key Companies Offering Tier 2 Visa Sponsorships in Scotland

For the most comprehensive and current list of licensed sponsors, it is advisable to visit the official list provided by the UK Government Home Office. You can access the complete registry of UK Licensed Sponsors online.

As of the conclusion of March 2023, the UK Home Office reported that approximately 63,400 organizations and institutions had been registered as licensed sponsors, serving both employment and educational purposes.

Work Visa Numbers

Based on statistics provided by the Home Office, there were 61,240 approvals for primary applicants seeking 'Skilled Worker' visas and an additional 61,414 approvals for primary applicants for 'Skilled Worker – Health and Care' visas.

Scotland is indeed a picturesque country, particularly as I embarked on a train journey from London (England) to Aberdeen (Scotland). The experience was truly remarkable, offering breathtaking landscapes, pristine farms, and a multitude of livestock, including sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and poultry.

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