List of Fully Funded Fellowship Programs for 2024

List Fellowship Programs 2024

In the realm of educational opportunities, the landscape unfolds with Fellowship initiatives, spanning both extensive and brief durations. These programs cater to the scholastic pursuits of both undergraduates and graduates, encompassing a spectrum from academic immersion to non-academic pursuits.

Remarkably, these Fellowships, generously funded, emanate from diverse entities such as organizations, universities, and foundations, culminating in a curated compendium titled the "List of Fellowship Programs for the Year 2024."

These initiatives extend their benevolence to cover an array of expenditures, ranging from tuition and fees to sustenance stipends and travel disbursements.

The conferment of these fellowships hinges upon a nuanced amalgamation of criteria, intertwining elements like academic prowess, topical pertinence, and prowess in leadership.

For those inclined towards securing a fellowship, perusing this discourse becomes imperative. Without further ado, the compendium of Fellowship Programs for the upcoming year is laid out below.

List  of Fellowships for the Year 2024

Assessment criteria for each fellowship initiative are bespoke, contingent upon the specific program's idiosyncrasies. It is incumbent upon the prospective applicants to meticulously explore each fellowship link, unravelling the intricacies within.

1) EWC Postgraduate Fellowship 2024 in the United States

The EWC Postgraduate Fellowship, nestled within the hallowed halls of the University of Hawaii, Mānoa, USA, represents an immersive engagement for both Master's and Ph.D. aspirants.

This comprehensive fellowship encapsulates an extensive array of provisions, including coverage for tuition fees, housing, sustenance, stipends, healthcare, literary materials, and sundry incidental expenses.

2) Hong Kong Doctoral Fellowship Initiative 2024

The Hong Kong Doctoral Fellowship scheme, orchestrated under the aegis of the Hong Kong Government, extends an invitation to international scholars aspiring to pursue a Ph.D. at Hong Kong's esteemed universities. Annually, this initiative bestows the honor of 300 fellowships upon deserving candidates.

3) MCW Emerging Leaders Fellowship 2024, United States

The MCW unfolds as a comprehensive year-long fellowship venture, orchestrating a distinctive experience wherein participants immerse themselves in a 10-day sojourn across the vibrant landscape of New York, USA, slated for July 2024.

This fellowship, characterized by its non-degree and non-academic essence, transcends conventional educational paradigms. Open to individuals aged 18 to 26 hailing from diverse corners of the globe, the MCW Young Leaders Fellowship beckons a global cohort.

4) EPFL Summer Research Initiative 2024 in Switzerland

The EPFL Summer Research Initiative materializes as a dynamic three-month fellowship, tailored for students actively enrolled in BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, or equivalent academic trajectories.

This fellowship, hosted by the prestigious EPFL University, propels participants into an immersive research experience within their respective fields.

5) Intercontinental Nexus Fellowship 2024

The Intercontinental Nexus Fellowship, sculpted with precision, seeks to fortify the interconnections within civil society networks, intricately weaving bonds between Germany and the global community.

This fellowship, orchestrated to unfold over a span of two to three months, extends an inclusive invitation to individuals from a sweeping array of 40 nations.

6) Zurich Academic Summer Inquiry Program 2024

The Zurich Academic Summer Inquiry Program, orchestrated under the aegis of ETH, unfolds as a captivating summer fellowship initiative beckoning both undergraduate and graduate scholars to immerse themselves in the realm of research.

This fellowship, hosted by Zurich University, offers a unique opportunity for students to glean invaluable research experience during the balmy summer months.

Further exploration of the provided link will shed light on the intricacies of this summer fellowship, providing a glimpse into the enriching research milieu at Zurich University.

Additionally, a plethora of other international fellowship opportunities, including the Einstein Fellowship in Germany, the Awaji Youth Fellowship in Japan, UNESCO fellowships, and United Nations Fellowships, await the discerning student seeking global academic exploration.

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