How To Earn Money From Instagram Reels

How To Earn Money From Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. The short, entertaining videos have become a favorite way for creators to engage their audience and potentially earn money directly from Instagram

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about monetizing Instagram Reels as a creator.

What Are Instagram Reels?

In case you’re new to Instagram, Reels are short videos that live right within the Instagram app. They can be up to 30 seconds long. 

Reels have a lot of the same features as TikTok. Users can set Reels to music, use fun filters and effects, and more.

Other Instagram users can discover Reels in several ways:

  • The Explore page
  • The Reels tab
  • From your profile
  • Stories
  • Hashtags

Reels are extremely popular right now. They’re engaging, fun to watch, and easy to create. For creators, Reels represent a massive opportunity to grow your following and make money directly from Instagram.

Instagram Reels Monetization Options

Instagram and parent company Meta want Reels to be lucrative for creators. That’s why they offer several built-in monetization features.

Here are the main ways to earn money from Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels Bonuses

One way to earn from Reels is through Instagram’s own Reels bonus programs. They offer cash bonuses to creators for top-performing Reels. 

To qualify, your Instagram account needs:

  1. 10k+ followers
  2. Adheres to Instagram’s Partner Program policies
  3. Post original Reels content

Bonuses range from $500 - $10,000+ depending on views and engagement on your Reels.

The bonuses are not guaranteed. But posting frequently and promoting your Reels gives you a better chance at earning a bonus.

Instagram Reels Ads 

Instagram Reels ads work similarly to YouTube ads. Creators can earn revenue from ads displayed on their Reels.

To monetize Reels with ads, you need:

  • An Instagram Professional Account
  • At least 30k Instagram followers
  • Content that aligns with Instagram’s monetization policies

The exact Instagram Reels ad rates are not public. But according to Meta, top creators can earn “five to six figures per month” from Reels ads alone.

So ads represent a very lucrative Instagram monetization method for qualifying creators.

Instagram Subscriptions 

Instagram Subscriptions allow followers to pay a monthly fee for exclusive content and benefits. This includes subscriber-only Reels.

Creators receive 100% of subscription revenue minus taxes and fees. Subscriptions are now available to all creators who meet these requirements: 

  • Professional account
  • 18+ years old
  • At least 10k followers

Subscriptions offer a predictable, recurring revenue stream just for creating exclusive Reels. Creators can set their own monthly subscription price.

Reels Product Placement & Sponsorships

Another great way to monetize Reels is through paid partnerships with brands. 

You can cooperate with brands in a few ways:

  • Tag their products 
  • Use branded hashtags
  • Create unique branded content
  • Promote their product as an affiliate

Smaller creators can work their way up to paid sponsorships. Engage with relevant brands through likes, comments, tags, and shares. Offer to create custom Reels featuring their product in an authentic way.

With a sizable audience, you can negotiate ongoing Reels sponsorship deals. This represents a steady income stream for posting branded content.

Sponsorships allow creators to earn money from Reels without relying solely on Instagram’s built-in monetization features.

Linking to Paid Offerings

Add links to your Instagram bio or Reels captions to drive traffic and sales:

  • Online courses
  • Video tutorials
  • Ebooks, guides & templates
  • Coaching & consulting services
  • Physical products
  • Affiliate links

Send viewers to an external site to purchase your paid offerings. Instagram advertising rules prohibit direct sales, but you can leverage Reels for some indirect monetization.

Best Practices For Monetizing Reels

Now that you know how to make money from Instagram Reels, let’s look at some top tips for executing monetization strategies:

Lean Into Current Trends

The Reels algorithm rewards relevant, timely content. Look at which songs, hashtags, effects, and topics are trending around Reels. Then put your own spin on them.

Post High-Quality Original Content 

To earn Reels bonuses and ad revenue, you need eye-catching, original content. It takes more effort than repurposing TikToks or other social posts. But high-quality Reels have the best chance of going viral.

Post Frequently

Successful Reels creators post daily or almost daily. The more content you have, the better chance of being discovered. Plus it shows the algorithm you’re committed to Reels.

Use Effects, Filters & Text Creatively 

Leverage Reels creative tools to make fun, visually engaging videos. Effects, text, and stickers help your Reels stand out.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Duet and collaborate with creators in your niche to gain access to each other’s followers. Cross-promotion can help expand your reach.

Promote Your Reels

Share your Reels across Instagram feeds, Stories, and elsewhere to maximize viewership. Paid Instagram ads can further boost Reels distribution.

Provide Value For Your Audience

At its core, monetization relies on having an engaged audience who loves your content. Focus on consistently providing value through education, entertainment, inspiration, etc.

Track Performance

Analyze your top-performing Reels to identify winning formulas. See which songs, effects, captions, etc. resonate most. Then refine your strategy over time.


If you're among those contemplating how to generate income via Instagram Reels, the solution is surprisingly straightforward. While there's no singular definitive method, various approaches exist to initiate earning from your creative endeavors on the platform.

Ranging from collaborating with brands to marketing products through shoppable posts, numerous avenues allow the monetization of your Reels. Through a process of experimentation, discovering the most effective method for your content can promptly kickstart your earnings from Instagram Reels.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to some common questions around making money from Instagram Reels:

How much do you make per 1 million views on Reels?

It varies greatly. With Instagram ads, one creator might earn $50 per 1 million views. Another with higher engagement could make over $500 per million views. Bonuses also factor in based on overall performance.

How many views do you need on Reels to get paid?

There’s no exact view threshold to start earning. But you need consistently high viewership and engagement to maximize earnings from ads, bonuses, sponsorships, etc. Many creators don’t start seeing significant earnings until 100k+ views per Reel.  

Do Instagram Reels pay you?

Instagram doesn't directly pay creators just for posting Reels. However, creators can earn money through Instagram’s bonus programs, Reels ads, subscriptions, sponsorships, and other strategies outlined above.

Do you have to go viral on Reels to earn money?

A viral Reel can certainly help land a lucrative bonus or sponsorship. But creators don’t have to go viral to earn. Consistently high viewership, quality content, and good engagement together can generate steady Reels income over time.

Can you make a living from Instagram Reels?

For top creators who meet all monetization requirements, it’s absolutely possible to earn a full-time living from Instagram Reels alone. But it requires building a large, engaged following and regularly posting trending, high-quality Reels. Most creators treat Reels as a supplemental income stream along with other monetization strategies.

Start Monetizing Your Reels

As you can see, Instagram Reels offer plenty of monetization potential for creators in the US market. Between multiple built-in features and outside sponsorship opportunities, Reels can become a lucrative channel.

It does take commitment and strategy to begin earning. But by providing consistent value to your audience with engaging Reels, the payoffs will come.

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