Sweden Seasonal Work Permit Application Process 2023 (For Non-Europeans)

Sweden Seasonal Work Permit Guide 2023

As per the European Union's Commission, an annual influx exceeding 100,000 seasonal laborers journey from non-European nations to Europe, engaging in a spectrum of seasonal endeavors. Sweden stands among those nations extending the invitation for Seasonal Work permits, including roles as cultivators of luscious berries .

Compensation is guaranteed at a baseline rate of SEK 13,000 per month, ensuring self-sufficiency during your stay. It's noteworthy that Sweden forgoes the application of a labor market evaluation for this seasonal personnel. Allow me to illuminate the intricate facets of the Sweden Seasonal Work Permit Process for the year 2023.

Your entryway to this opportunity solely necessitates a formal epistle from a reputable Swedish employer. The zenith demand for seasonal workforce materializes during the radiant summer season, a veritable mosaic of opportunity. The duration of your seasonal work permit spans half a year, enabling your professional engagement exclusively for this period within the scope of twelve months.

It's also worth noting that renewal of the permit is a viable prospect, should you choose to extend your fruitful involvement. A singular gateway to Sweden's Permanent Residency unveils itself to those who consecutively spend four years as denizens under the aegis of a seasonal work permit. Further intricacies are delineated below for your discerning consideration.

Details on the Seasonal Work Permit Process in Sweden in 2023

  • Job Country: Sweden
  • Permit Name: Seasonal Work Permit
  • Visa Name: D Visa (Long Stay)

Who can Apply for Sweden on a seasonal work permit?

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland and have been offered seasonal work in Sweden by an employer established here, you can apply for a work permit for seasonal work.

Who is the Swedish Migration Agency?

My last post was about the Sweden Work Visa Process 2023. I have written that the Swedish Migration Agency is the only government body that is responsible for issuing work permits.

The Swedish Migration Agency’s website is the primary source of information for employers on hiring seasonal workers.

Unveiling the Sweden Seasonal Work Visa

In the picturesque landscapes of Sweden, the realm of seasonal work encompasses a diverse array of industries and activities, such as:

  • Crop and animal production, along with hunting and related service undertakings.
  • The delicate art of fruit picking, a task that encapsulates the essence of the bountiful Swedish harvest.
  • Forestry and logging, where the whispering woods and mighty trees beckon skilled hands.
  • The ever-hospitable domain of accommodation and food service activities.
  • The meticulous orchestration of tour operator activities, guiding travelers on adventures through Sweden's treasures.
  • Fostering reservations and related services, harmonizing with the dynamic tourism landscape.
  • The artistry of landscape service activities, sculpting the natural canvas into captivating vistas.
  • Providing essential support to the world of performing arts, ensuring flawless productions.
  • Managing the wintery playgrounds of ski facilities, where the slopes come alive.
  • The meticulous stewardship of golf courses, offering green sanctuaries to enthusiasts.
  • The enchanting realm of amusement parks and theme parks, where dreams and fun intermingle.

The European Commission, an esteemed authority, estimates that annually over 100,000 non-EU seasonal laborers embark on a journey to the European Union. Their contribution to the workforce is increasingly significant, adding vibrancy to various industries. This information is sourced from the European Commission's Report on Seasonal Workers.

Statistics of Sweden's Seasonal Work Permits

The realm of seasonal labor in Sweden is marked by significant numbers and diversity:

  1. Berry Picker and Planters: A total of 6,534 permits were duly granted, facilitating the harvesting of succulent fruits.
  2. Forestry Work: In this sector, over 1,000 permits were bestowed, enabling work amid the tranquil woods.
  3. Fast Food Staff, Kitchen, and Restaurant Assistants: A substantial workforce of 927 individuals contributed to the culinary and hospitality sectors.

In the preceding year of 2022, as reported by the Swedish Migration Agency, a grand total of approximately 13,000 seasonal work permits were issued, underscoring the vitality of this labor force. For a comprehensive breakdown of work permits by profession and year, the Swedish Migration Website offers an exhaustive report.

Cost Analysis for Sweden Seasonal Work Permit and D Visa

  • - Sweden Seasonal Work Permit Cost: Securing a Sweden Seasonal Work permit requires a fee of SEK 2,000, equivalent to approximately €169.56, as of the 26th of October 2023.
  • - Sweden D Visa Cost: For the Sweden Long Stay (D) Visa, a visa fee of 80 Euros is levied.

Processing Time for Sweden Seasonal Work Permit

A key factor in your plans should be the processing time for a Sweden Seasonal Work Permit. When a complete application is submitted, the decision is typically rendered within 90 days.

Sweden Seasonal Work Permit Requirements in 2023

The prerequisites for obtaining a seasonal work permit in Sweden for the year 2023 are as follows

For a seasonal permit spanning 90 days:

  • - Work Permit
  • - Visa

For a seasonal permit extending beyond 90 days:

  • - Work Permit
  • - Residence Permit
  • - Visa

Eligibility for a seasonal work permit necessitates the following

  • - Residency outside the EU/EEA regions.
  • - Possession of a valid passport.
  • - A bona fide offer of temporary employment as a seasonal worker from a Swedish employer.
  • - Access to accommodation without deductions from your salary.
  • - Valid health insurance.
  • - Capability to cover the seasonal work permit fee.
  • Navigating the Application Process for Sweden's Seasonal Work Permit

Embarking on the journey to secure a Sweden Seasonal Work permit involves a structured process, with two application avenues depending on your location and the specific type of application being accepted:

Online Application:

1. Job Search: Your journey commences with finding employment in Sweden. A well-crafted CV and a compelling cover letter are essential tools in this endeavor.

2. Employer's Application: Your prospective employer will initiate the work permit application process on your behalf.

3. Work Permit Application Instructions: Subsequently, you will receive an email containing comprehensive instructions on how to proceed with your work permit application.

4. Payment of Work Permit Fee: As a crucial step, you'll be required to make the requisite payment for the work permit.

5. Awaiting Approval: With your application submitted, patience becomes your ally as you await the decision on your work permit.

6. Visa Application: Once your work permit is approved, you can proceed to apply for the necessary visa.

7. Residence Permit Application: For longer-term stays, beyond the scope of your visa, a residence permit application follows.

Embassy Application:

If you opt for the embassy application route, the process follows a slightly different path:

1. Application Submission: You'll need to complete the "Application for a Seasonal Work Permit in Sweden" form, designated as form 262011. This form should be submitted to the Swedish Embassy in your respective country.

Sweden Long Stay Visa (D Visa):

Upon securing a job offer and having your work permit granted, the subsequent step is applying for a Sweden National Long Stay D Visa, allowing a one-year residence in Sweden.

Please be sure to verify the specific application procedures with the relevant Swedish embassies and consulates in your region to ensure a smooth application process.

Useful Resources for Navigating Sweden's Seasonal Work Permit Process

To aid you in your pursuit of a Sweden Seasonal Work permit, several valuable websites and resources are at your disposal:

- Sweden Employers on Hiring Seasonal Workers: Employers seeking to hire seasonal workers can find essential information and resources here.

- Seasonal Worker Jobs in Sweden: A valuable source for job listings and opportunities in the realm of seasonal work within Sweden.

- EURES (European Job Mobility Portal): A European platform that provides a wealth of information and support for jobseekers and employers across Europe.

- Arbetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Public Employment Service): The official website of the Swedish Public Employment Service, offering job listings and employment-related resources.

- Summer Jobs in Sweden: This resource specifically focuses on seasonal job opportunities during the summer season.

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