Sweden Work Visa Procedure 2023 | Work Permit Types

2023 Sweden Work Visa Guide

The Swedish Migration Agency, the custodian of immigration and work-related matters, has crafted an assortment of work permits. These permits, tailored to diverse circumstances, encompass the following categories: Employer-sponsored permits, Seasonal work permits, permits for those employed in the noble pursuit of berry picking, self-employment visas, and business visas, each catering to a unique facet of the employment spectrum.

A statistical snapshot reveals that within the temporal bounds stretching from January 2023 to September 2023, the Swedish Migration Agency found itself inundated with a considerable influx of work permit applications, the tally reaching an impressive 40,559. 

The panorama of the Sweden Work Visa Process in 2023 unfolds as an intricate tapestry, woven with diverse threads, each representing a different facet of the process. As we navigate this labyrinthine terrain, we shall uncover the finer nuances of each work permit category, unravelling the multifaceted tapestry of Sweden's work visa landscape.

The details about the Sweden Work Visa Process for the year 2023

  • Country: Sweden
  • Permit Type: Work Permit
  • Visa Type: D Visa (National Visa)
  • Who can Apply: Non-Europeans

Who Does Not Need a Work Permit to Work in Sweden?

In Sweden, citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland are exempt from the necessity of securing a work permit when seeking employment, as long as they possess citizenship in one of the EU member states.

This exemption is a direct result of the principles governing the free movement of labor within the EU and its affiliated regions.

What is Migrationsverket?

Migrationsverket, also known as the Swedish Migration Agency, is a governmental body in Sweden entrusted with the comprehensive administration of all forms of permits.

This agency plays a pivotal role in overseeing matters related to immigration, residence permits, and work permits. It serves as the primary authority for individuals navigating the complexities of Sweden's immigration and work-related processes.

Types of Sweden Work Permits

There exist diverse categories of work permits in Sweden, each tailored to distinct circumstances and objectives. These include:

Sweden Work Permit (Employer-sponsored)

This represents the most prevalent form of work permit, tailored for employees who have successfully secured a job offer from a Swedish employer, particularly for hiring foreign workers originating from non-European Union (EU) countries. It's crucial to note that this work permit mandates employer sponsorship, with the employer taking responsibility for the visa.

Sweden Seasonal Work Permit

This variant, like the Work Permit, falls under the Employer-sponsored category. It authorizes individuals to engage in various seasonal roles encompassing agriculture, forestry, the garden industry, the hotel and restaurant sector, the travel industry, tourist and reservation services, ski facility and golf course operations, theme parks, and the entertainment industry.

Sweden Self-Employment Permit

The Swedish self-employment permit is crafted to accommodate freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals desiring a stay exceeding three months within the country. Notably, a residence permit is a prerequisite, to be secured prior to one's travel to Sweden.

Intra Intra-company Transfer Permit

This specific permit comes into play when a company relocates an employee to its branch in Sweden. It is designed to facilitate intra-company transfers.

Sweden Business Permit

For those voyaging to Sweden to partake in conferences or embark on business-related journeys, the Sweden Business Permit serves as the gateway to access the country for professional endeavors.

Sweden Working Holiday Visa

Individuals who are citizens of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea, falling within the age bracket of 18 to 30, have the privilege of applying for a working holiday visa in Sweden.

This visa enables them to embark on a journey of experiencing life in Sweden and immersing themselves in Swedish culture for a period of up to one year. It presents a distinctive opportunity for cultural exchange and exploration, fostering a deeper connection with the Swedish way of life.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is designated for highly skilled workers possessing significant professional experience. This card is specifically tailored for individuals who exhibit expertise and qualifications in their respective fields, making them valuable assets in the European job market. It serves as a means for these skilled professionals to seek employment and contribute to the workforce of European Union member states.

Sweden Work Permit Statistics

According to the Sweden Migration Agency here are the monthly statistics on work permits:

Monthly statistics work permitJan–Sep 2023September 2023
Received applications37,5573,002
Granted permits28,2182,500
Granted permits by certified employer*5,854626

The stay durations for various types of Sweden work permits

  • Sweden Work Permit (Employer-sponsored): The duration of stay depends on the terms specified in the job contract between the employee and the Swedish employer.
  • Seasonal Permit: This permit grants a stay of six months, typically aligned with the seasonal employment period.
  • Intra-company Transfer (ICT): The validity of this permit also hinges on the terms outlined in the job contract. It remains in effect as long as the job contract specifies.
  • Business Visa: Holders of a business visa can stay in Sweden for a maximum period of up to 90 days, providing a short-term allowance for business-related activities.
  • Self-Employment Visa: This visa is issued for a period of one year, allowing self-employed individuals to reside in Sweden for an extended duration.
  • Working Holiday Visa: Citizens of eligible countries (Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea) aged 18-30 can experience life in Sweden for a period of up to one year, exploring the country and its culture.
  • EU Blue Card: The standard validity of the EU Blue Card is set at four years, offering an extended and stable period of residence for highly skilled workers in European Union member states, including Sweden.

The requirements for qualifying for a Sweden work permit:

To Qualify for the Sweden Work Permit:

  1. Valid Job Offer: You must have received a valid job offer from a Swedish employer. These job offers are typically listed on designated job sites.
  2. Salary Requirement: You are required to have a minimum monthly salary of SEK 13,000 before taxes. This income threshold ensures that you have the financial means to support yourself during your stay in Sweden.
  3. Valid Passport: It is imperative that you possess a valid passport to undertake the application process. Your passport serves as a crucial identification document during your stay in Sweden.
  4. Permit Grant: It's essential to note that you cannot enter Sweden until your work permit has been granted. This means you should wait for official approval before travelling.
  5. Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is provided by the employer, which ensures that you have access to necessary healthcare services during your employment in Sweden.

Read about Sweden’s Work Permit Requirements.

Sweden Work Visa Validity

The Sweden work visa, categorized as a long-stay visa and also referred to as a D-visa, is initially issued for a duration of one year.

This allows foreign workers to reside and engage in employment in Sweden for a period of one year, subject to extension based on individual circumstances and the terms of the work contract.

Sweden Work Visa Processing Time

When considering the timeframe for obtaining a Sweden work visa, the duration typically spans a dynamic spectrum, averaging between one to three months. Nevertheless, it's imperative to bear in mind that the precise processing timeline can fluctuate significantly due to various variables, including the particular embassy responsible for reviewing your application and the origin country from which you are making your submission.

To acquire the most precise and current insights into visa processing times, it is strongly recommended to establish direct contact with the Swedish Embassies located in your respective nation. They are uniquely positioned to furnish you with the most up-to-date and region-specific guidance pertaining to the handling of your visa application.

List of Swedish Embassies

Sweden Work Visa Cost 

  • D Visa Fee: The fee for a D visa, which includes work visas, is 80 Euros.

Sweden Work Permit Cost for Employees, Self-Employed

  • Work Permit: For employees, the cost of a work permit is SEK 2,200.
  • EU Blue Card, ICT Permit, Seasonal Work: The cost for permits such as the EU Blue Card, Intra-company Transfer (ICT) permit, and Seasonal work permit is SEK 2,000.
  • Extension of Work Permit: Extending a work permit in Sweden is priced at SEK 2,200.
  • Job Seeker Visa: The cost of a Job Seeker Visa is SEK 2,200.
  • Self-Employed: Self-employed individuals can obtain a permit at a cost of SEK 2,000.

Sweden Work Permit Application Process

  • Employer Sponsorship: The process of obtaining a work permit in Sweden is initiated by your employer in Sweden. Your employer will act as the sponsor and take the lead in the application process.
  • Employer Information Submission: Your employer in Sweden will provide essential information regarding your employment to the relevant authorities. This information includes details about your role, job contract, and other relevant documentation.
  • Contact from Swedish Migration Agency: Following the submission by your employer, the Swedish Migration Agency will contact you at the email address provided by your employer. This email will contain instructions on how to proceed with your work permit application.
  • Document Submission: You will be required to submit the necessary documents as specified in the email from the Swedish Migration Agency. This typically includes your employment contract and relevant passport pages.
  • Visa Fee Payment: You will need to pay the applicable visa fee online as part of the application process. The fee may vary depending on the type of work permit you are applying for.
  • Visa Processing: After all required documents are submitted and the visa fee is paid, the visa processing will commence. The authorities will review your application and, upon approval, issue the work permit.

Present Your Passport at the Swedish Embassy

  • Passport Verification: The Swedish Migration Agency requires verification of your passport before they can make a decision regarding your work permit.
  • Appointment Booking: You need to schedule an appointment with the Swedish Embassy or Consulate-General for this passport verification process. During this appointment, you may also be required to provide your fingerprints as part of the identification process.
  • Determine the Appropriate Embassy: To book this appointment and verify your passport, you should consult the specific Swedish Embassy or Consulate-General responsible for migration matters in your home country. The page titled "Embassies responsible for migration matters" can guide you to the relevant diplomatic mission.
  • Residence Permit: If your intended stay in Sweden extends beyond 90 days, you will need a residence permit. This permit is essential for individuals staying for an extended period and serves as proof of your legal residence in Sweden. It contains critical information such as your fingerprints and photograph.
  • Type of Visa: If you are not a citizen of a European country, you will need to apply for a National D Visa. This particular visa allows you to stay in Sweden for more than 90 days and is a requisite for work permit applicants. You can initiate the application process for the National D Visa at the Swedish Embassy or Consulate-General in your home country.
  • Swedish Embassies and Consulates General: Ensure that you are aware of the Swedish Embassy or Consulate-General that serves your region and follow their specific procedures for passport verification and visa application.

You can obtain a Sweden Visa without a job offer through the Sweden Job Seeker Visa. This visa category is designed for individuals who are seeking employment opportunities in Sweden and do not have a job offer at the time of application.

The duration of the Sweden Job Seeker Visa is typically limited to a period of 9 months. It provides individuals with the opportunity to reside in Sweden for an extended period to actively search for employment opportunities within the country. It's essential to adhere to the specified duration to maintain compliance with the visa terms.

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