Seasonal Work Visa for Portugal 2023 (Application Process)

In recent months, Portugal has ascended as a conspicuous hub for foreign laborers. Through a concerted endeavor to allure international talents, Portugal now proffers an array of employment visas meticulously tailored to diverse requisites, encompassing the Job Seekers Visa, Nomad Visa, and the freshly introduced Seasonal Visa for 2023.

Seasonal Work Visa for Portugal 2023

In this exposé, we shall plunge into the minutiae of the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa, especially designed for those seeking transient vocational engagements within the nation.

The Portugal Seasonal Work Visa extends an invitation to foreign laborers hailing from third-party nations to participate in temporary vocations on Portuguese soil. Whether one covets a brief interlude or a more protracted engagement, this visa affords remarkable flexibility. Initially, bearers of this visa are entitled to a 90-day sojourn in Portugal, with the prospect of an additional three-month extension.

The procedural initiation for acquiring the seasonal work visa can be embarked upon either at the Embassy of Portugal or through the agency of VFS Global. Herein, we furnish an all-encompassing overview of the application procedure, visa expenditures, and prerequisites for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa in 2023.

Elaboration on Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for 2023

In order to satisfy the eligibility criteria for this visa, the occupation one intends to undertake must align with the category of seasonal employments as elucidated by the pertinent Portuguese authorities. Enumerated below are the sectors where opportunities for seasonal employments abound:

  • Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting, Forestry, and Fisheries
  • Hospitality, inclusive of Dining Establishments and Analogous Establishments
  • Culinary Industry, Spirits, and Tobacco Sectors
  • Wholesale and Retail Commerce
  • Building and Construction
  • Land Transportation

Varieties of Portugal Seasonal Visa

The Portugal Seasonal Visas are bifurcated into two primary categories:

  • Abbreviated Sojourn Visa – Devised for seasonal labor intentions.
  • Temporal Sojourn Visas – Devised for subordinate seasonal job positions.

Costs Associated with Portugal Seasonal Visa

Applicants are mandated to remit a visa application fee, standardized at 80 Euros.

Duration of Seasonal Visa

The temporal span of the Portugal Seasonal Visa is contingent upon its type:

  • Abbreviated Sojourn Visa: Endures for 90 days.
  • Temporal Sojourn Visa: Potentially extendable up to 12 months.

Requisite Documents for Portugal Seasonal Employment Visa

While applying for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa, the submission of the ensuing documents becomes imperative:

1. A completed Visa Application Form

2. Valid Travel Documentation (e.g., Passport)

3. Photographic Representation for Passport

4. Return Journey Ticket

5. Travel Assurance

6. Demonstration of Financial Sufficiency, aligning with the legal prerequisites promulgated by the Portuguese Government

7. Occupational Contract or a Valid Labor Proposition for seasonal vocation, encompassing the particulars of location, duration, nature of labor, remuneration, and any provision for paid furloughs

8. Corroboration of Accommodation or Tenancy Accord, which may also be orchestrated by the employing entity.

More information on documents can be found at:  this link (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

Exemption from Visa Obligations

Inhabitants hailing from European nations are beneficiaries of visa exemption upon their entry into Portugal, permitting them to partake in professional pursuits within the country sans the obligation of a labor permit. It is prudent to scrutinize the roster of Visa Exempt nations to ascertain one's entitlement.

Nations Eligible for Seasonal Employment Visa

The Portugal Seasonal Work Visa is inclusive, welcoming nationals from across the globe, thus rendering it a global prospect for aspirants of seasonal vocations.

Methodology and Venue for Application for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023

In the majority of nations, the procedure for Portugal Visa application is orchestrated through VFS Global. The ensuing steps are requisite:

1. Submission of the application via VFS Global.

2. Selection of both country and destination: Portugal.

3. Opting for the Visa category denominated as "Seasonal Work."

4. Accessing the inventory of essential documents, visa levies, and application forms.

5. Completion of all mandatory formalities, culminating in the scheduling of an appointment at the Embassy of Portugal.

6. The convening of the appointment and the ensuing submission of mandated documents, inclusive of one's passport.

7. Awaiting the verdict on the Visa application.


Remark: In cases where one's nation is not enumerated on the VFS Global platform, recourse should be sought via alternative application procedures, adjudicated through the Embassy of Portugal in the respective home nation. Further insights can be gleaned from the official portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Portugal.

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Portals for Occupational Opportunities in Portugal

For those on the quest for seasonal employment openings in Portugal, several online portals can be of substantial aid:




4. EURES (European Employment Services)


6. LinkedIn

Processing Timelines

The processing duration for a Portugal seasonal visa is subject to variance contingent on one's nationality of application. Traditionally, it may span from 15 to 60 days to conclude the processing of a seasonal visa application. For further explication and precise documentary requisites, kindly refer to the [Ministry of Foreign Affairs website](


The Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for 2023 proffers an alluring prospect for foreign laborers to partake in transient labor endeavors within the assorted seasonal sectors of the nation. Whether one's penchant leans towards agriculture, hospitality, or any other industry, this visa program bequeaths adaptability and ingress to the vivacious workforce of Portugal.

To remain apprised of the latest information regarding the application process and prerequisites, it is sagacious to consult the pertinent official channels and websites delineated within this composition.

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