Legal Internship Program of the World Bank 2024 (Washington, USA)

The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency cordially invites applications from individuals in the United States and all other nations for the esteemed World Bank Legal Internship Program 2024. This program offers a highly competitive compensation package to successful candidates and takes place in the United States.

Legal Internship Program of the World Bank 2024

The primary objective of the Legal Internship Program is to harness fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and the latest research experiences to enhance the World Bank's legal expertise and daily operations. It is important to note that possessing an IELTS score is not a requirement.

The World Bank Legal Internship is tailored to accommodate law students and is recognized as one of the premier internships in the United States. The program spans across three separate offerings throughout the year, with each internship lasting a duration of three months.

Successful candidates will have the invaluable opportunity to be based at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Specifically, this invitation serves as a call for applicants for the Spring Internship of 2024, which typically encompasses the period between March and May. Further particulars about this exceptional opportunity can be found below.

Details About World Bank Legal Internship Program 2024

  • Host Country: United States
  • Location: World Bank Headquarters, Washington D.C.
  • Eligibility: The World Bank Legal Internship Program welcomes applications from both international and U.S.-based students.
  • Application Deadline: September 30, 2023.

Internship Benefits

The World Bank provides stipends to all interns in accordance with WB policies. Additionally, the World Bank offers a supportive environment where interns have the opportunity to work alongside professionals.

Internship Duration

  • Fall Internship: The duration of the fall internship is three months, specifically September, October, and November. The application period for the fall internship begins on April 1st and ends on April 30th.
  • Summer Internship: The summer internship spans three months, namely June, July, and August. Interested candidates can submit their applications for the summer internship from December 1st to December 30th.
  • Spring Internship: The spring internship lasts for three months, from March to May. Applicants can apply for the spring internship between September 1st and September 30th.

Can you work at the World Bank as a legal intern?

The World Bank Legal Internship Program has the following eligibility requirements:

  • - Are you a citizen of one of the IBRD's member states?
  • - Are you enrolled in an LLB, JD, LLM, SJD, PhD, or equivalent legal academic program while you are undertaking your internship with us?
  • - Students from the United States and qualified foreign countries are also encouraged to apply.

Required Documents

Please submit the following documents when applying:

1. Résumé: A comprehensive summary of your education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

2. Statement of Interest/Motivation: A document that outlines your reasons for applying and expresses your enthusiasm for the position.

3. Evidence of Enrollment in University: Please provide proof of your current enrollment in a law degree program, such as a student ID or an enrollment certificate. Additionally, include your academic transcript(s) to demonstrate your academic performance.

4. Short Essay: Write a brief essay responding to a research question posed by the Legal Vice Presidency during the current application period.

Role of Intern

  • Conduct thorough research on issues, work, and tasks related to the World Bank.
  • Engage actively in task and project teams under the guidance of the supervising lawyer(s).
  • Provide assistance in the preparation and coordination of conferences and meetings.
  • Fulfil ad hoc assignments as requested by the supervising lawyer(s).


The deadline for applications to the Spring 2024 Internship of the World Bank Legal Internship Program is September 30, 2023.

What is the WB Legal Internship Application Process?

The application process for the WB Legal Internship Program is conducted online. If you possess a Google account, you can utilize it to log in and fill out the application form. The official website where you can access the application form can be found by following the provided link.

Link to apply for the WB Legal Internship

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