List of Netherlands Scholarships with Full Funding 2024

The Netherlands beckons as an academic haven, proffering a plenitude of English-tongued degree programs—a siren call to discerning global scholars in pursuit of tuition-free enlightenment. This compendium unearths the 2024's treasure trove of fully-funded scholarships within this scholarly utopia.

List of Netherlands Scholarships with Full Funding 2024

The Netherlands, an EU luminary, stands as an academic paragon, minting graduates coveted by Dutch corporate titans. Within these annals, I meticulously unveil the Master's and PhD scholarships awaiting international aspirants in the Netherlands—an invitation to embark on a transformative academic sojourn.

If the Netherlands enchants your scholarly soul, delve deeper into the dossier below—a treasure map to the intellectual troves awaiting your exploration.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in the Netherlands for 2024

In this Lowlands of wisdom, a cornucopia of scholarships beckons, tailored for Masters and Doctoral aspirants. Behold, a glimpse of the bounteous scholarships for the annum 2024:

1) VU Amsterdam Scholarship 2024

Each year, VU Amsterdam University unfurls its beneficence, extending a lifeline to international Master's protégés. Herein lie an array of scholarships, including the prestigious Holland Scholarship and the OKP Scholarship.

  • Academic Attainment: Master's Degree Scholarship
  • Website Link: For more information,  Visit Here

2) Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS) 2024

Leiden University, a lighthouse of Dutch academia, bestows the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship upon Master's seekers, ushering them past the tollgates of tuition.

  • The accolades cascade in three tiers:
  • €10,000 dexterity in tuition mitigation.
  • €15,000 grace in tuition alleviation.
  • Total exoneration of tuition, sans statutory fees.
  • Scholastic Echelon: Master's Degree Scholarship
  • Temporal Deadline: October 1, 2023
  • Website Link: For more information,  Visit Here

3) Scholarships for International Scholars at Utrecht University 2024

The Utrecht University scholarship unfurls a rarefied carpet, a passage for international scholars to tread upon Master's dominions in select disciplines. This benevolence resulted from the triumvirate alliance between Utrecht University, the Dutch governance, and sundry affiliated entities.

  • Scholarly Pinnacle: Master's Degree Scholarship
  • Website Link: For more information,  Visit Here

4) Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships 2024

The Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships for 2024 extend a bountiful harvest for global scholars yearning to immerse in Dutch academia's embrace. Annually, this enterprise furnishes 24 full scholarships, blanketing an aspirant's voyage with provisions for subsistence, insurance, visa logistics, tuition obligations, and preparatory tutelage.

  • Academic Ascent: Master's Degree Scholarship
  • Temporal Threshold: The gates of application close on February 1, 2024.
  • Website Link: For more information,  Visit Here

5) TU Delft University Scholarship 2024

TU Delft University of Technology, in its quest to allure the finest minds from every corner, bequeaths a panoply of scholarships tailored for the international scholar. These bounties are extended to all MSc programs at TU Delft.

  • Temporal Boundary: The application closes its gates on December 1, 2023.
  • Website Link: For more information,  Visit Here

6) Radboud University Scholarship 2024

The Radboud University Scholarship Program for 2024 sets sail in October 2023, extending an olive branch to scholars seeking English-immersed Master's terrains, within the embrace of Radboud University.

The umbrella of this scholarship shelters partial tuition obligations, visa logistics, residence permits, and health insurance provisions.

7) Eric Bleumink Scholarships 2024

The Eric Bleumink Scholarships for 2024 unfurl an opulent tapestry of opportunity, encompassing international scholars' aspirations, with travel expenses generously underwritten. These scholarships are bespoke for Master's voyages, often spanning one to two years in duration.

Ancillary Scholarships Tendered by Dutch Academia

  • - University of Twente Scholarship
  • - Holland Scholarship for Non-EEA International Scholars
  • - Erasmus University Holland Scholarship
  • - Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Exceptional Global Scholars
  • - Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES)
  • - Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024

Top Scholarships in the Netherlands

  1. University of Twente Scholarship
  2. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship
  3. Utrecht Excellence Scholarship
  4. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship
  5. Delft University of Technology Scholarship (TU Delft)

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