TikTok Verification | A Step-by-Step Guide from an Expert

Out of the 4.8 billion global internet users, one billion visit TikTok each month. Despite this video-sharing platform's relatively recent emergence in 2016, it has already claimed the sixth spot among the most popular social media platforms, surpassing Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. TikTok has emerged as the hottest new platform, and content creators are eagerly seeking verification status.

TikTok Verification

The Advantages of TikTok Verification

To distinguish yourself among the millions of users uploading and sharing videos on TikTok, you need credibility, which can be obtained by having your account verified. When TikTok users spot a blue checkmark next to a content creator's name, they recognize that the account is reputable and trustworthy. If you want your TikTok account to be taken seriously, this is the way to achieve it.

It's common for people to create fake "mirror" channels to steal viewers' attention, and trolls or other malicious individuals might attempt to impersonate you or your business for various harmful purposes.

TikTok verification demonstrates to your audience that your account not only belongs to you (and no one else) but also signifies that you can be relied upon as a dependable and credible source of information. With that coveted blue checkmark on your account, your followers will be better equipped to verify information in your name if someone else attempts to provide them with information.

In addition to enhanced credibility, the small blue checkmark that accompanies TikTok verification adds an element of prestige to your account. Furthermore, since the platform's algorithm tends to favor and promote content from verified accounts more frequently, you'll benefit from increased exposure to your current followers and a broader potential audience.

Arguably, the most significant advantage of having your TikTok account verified is the ability to monetize it in various ways. For instance, as a verified influencer, you have the potential to endorse a product in a sponsored video, which, depending on your niche and the loyalty of your following, could lead to a long-lasting collaboration with a valued sponsored brand

Determining Your Eligibility for TikTok Verification

The latest update, as of August 2023, reveals that TikTok's verification process is now accessible to all users. However, the process of how TikTok assesses verification applications remains somewhat obscure. Here's what we currently understand:

1. Active Public Account: To initiate the verification process, you must maintain an active TikTok account, which should be set to public (not private).

2. Complete Profile: Whether you seek verification for your personal account or a business account, your profile must be fully filled out to undergo authentication. This means it should include the following elements:

  • Your name
  • Your bio
  • A profile picture
  • At least one TikTok video posted

3. Business Account Requirements: Business accounts also necessitate a verifiable email domain that corresponds to the business, organization, or entity seeking verification. For instance, if your business is named Otter PR, your email should end with "@top-info.net."

4. Recent Activity: Your account should exhibit activity within the last six months from the commencement of the verification process. While having only one video posted four or five months ago won't necessarily diminish your verification prospects, increased activity and content posting enhance your chances.

5. Authenticity: TikTok strictly considers only 100% authentic accounts for verification. Accounts that parody or imitate other users won't be eligible.

6. Notoriety: The final step in achieving TikTok verification entails a certain level of notoriety. This is facilitated if your name, brand, or organization has garnered attention in news outlets and experienced substantial online engagement. While not mandatory, consider the advantages of a well-known international brand in comparison to an emerging influencer when pursuing verification.

How to Apply for TikTok Verification

Until recently, TikTok lacked a verification application portal for creators. Previously, securing verification required a direct contact at TikTok to submit your case and elevate it within the system.

  • In the pursuit of soliciting validation via TikTok's novel interface, adhere to these guidelines:
  • Unveil the TikTok application and access your profile situated in the lowermost right quadrant.
  • Engage with the "Menu" icon, situated at the uppermost right.
  • Opt for "Settings and Privacy," subsequently selecting the "Manage Account" option.
  • Unearth the "Verification" facet and initiate the process by choosing "Commence."
  • Observe and adhere to the instructions exhibited on the screen to consummate the procedure and tender your petition.

It's imperative to acknowledge that this groundbreaking attribute remains beyond the reach of all TikTok denizens at present. Should the "Verification" alternative remain conspicuously absent from your "Account Settings" interface, you can nonetheless forward a validation entreaty via TikTok's online platform.

After completing the online form, the most challenging part is waiting. TikTok's verification team will review your request and respond within a few days with their decision.

Enhancing Your Chances of Getting Verified on TikTok

If you're concerned about your chances of getting verified on TikTok, remember that optimization is key. Initiate the process by ensuring the presence of a current, avant-garde profile image that vividly encapsulates your persona. Accompany this visual representation with a concise biography, one that elucidates the essence of your identity. Additionally, incorporate hyperlinks directing individuals to your website and other digital platforms of social engagement.

To augment the prominence of your profile within search outcomes, employ pertinent hashtags and keywords in your content, remarks, and re-shares. Sharing freshly minted videos incorporating these constituents, particularly content designed for a wide-ranging audience possesses the potential to elevate the vigor and authenticity of your account.

Don't underestimate the importance of creating content that engages your current followers and appeals to your target audience. Engagement strategies may vary depending on your audience and account type, so maintain a consistent posting schedule, whether it's a few times a week or daily. Your followers will anticipate your content on their "For You Page," and as more users engage, your content will reach a wider audience.

For TikTok's verification team, the quantity of your content matters more than its quality. Consistent posting is crucial, as the platform primarily verifies popular accounts for authenticity. Failing to post regularly may jeopardize your chances.

Building a strong presence on TikTok necessitates continuous interaction. Engaging with those who repost or comment on your content is essential. Start by responding to well-liked comments on your posts.

Even if you meet all the criteria and optimize your profile perfectly, obtaining the blue checkmark is not guaranteed. Thousands of users request verification daily, and most are declined. If you face rejection, don't be discouraged. TikTok's verification process is rigorous. Keep creating high-quality content, engage with your followers, and persistently apply until you attain that coveted blue badge of honor.

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