Italy 2023 University of Milan DSU Scholarship (Fully Funded)

The University of Milan stands as one of Italy's most esteemed and renowned higher education institutions. Situated in Milan, this public university offers a multitude of academic opportunities.

Italy 2023 University of Milan DSU Scholarship

Presently, applications are being accepted for the University of Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy for the year 2023. This scholarship program extends its reach to international students, encompassing Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree pursuits within Milan University. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the largest university in Italy.

Securing a scholarship in Italy has been streamlined for accessibility. To qualify for the DSU Scholarship, acquiring an offer letter of admission is the primary requisite.

The application procedure takes place online, facilitating the selection of the DSU Scholarship option within the online application form. Importantly, both Milan University and the DSU Scholarship waive the requirement of an IELTS score.

Instead, applicants are welcome to furnish evidence of English language proficiency. Further elucidation can be found in the subsequent sections.

Information Regarding the 2023 University of Milan DSU Scholarship in Italy

▪ Country of Hosting: Italy

▪ Name of University: University of Milan

▪ Level of Study: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Research

▪ Scholarship Title: DSU Scholarship

▪ Application Deadline: September 30th, 2023

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Who is Eligible to Apply for the DSU Milano University Scholarship?

Both Italian and international students have the opportunity to apply for the DSU Milano University Scholarship for the following types of degree programs:

1. Bachelor's degree (3 years: first-level degree)

2. Single-cycle Master's degree (5 or 6 years: combined first and second level degree)

3. Master's degree (2 years: second level degree)

4. Postgraduate school (excluding medical students with a specialist training contract)

5. Doctoral research program (unless they are already recipients of a scholarship or research fellowship).

Scholarship Perks

1. Complimentary on-campus housing at the University. In case of unavailability, a stipend for accommodation will be provided.

2. Complimentary meals at the University dining halls.

3. Financial support to assist with additional costs, including sports activities, books, and more.

4. Exemption from University tuition fees.

5. An annual stipend of 7200 Euros.

Academic Departments and Study Fields

  • - Engineering
  • - Computer Science
  • - Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • - Faculty of Humanities
  • - Faculty of Law
  • - Faculty of Medicine
  • - Faculty of Pharmacy
  • - Faculty of Political, Economic, and Social Sciences
  • - Faculty of Science and Technology
  • - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • - School of Exercise and Sport Sciences
  • - School of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline

The official call for applications has been released. For the academic year 2023/2024, the deadline to submit applications for the University of Milano DSU Scholarship is September 30th, 2023.

Application Process for the Academic Year 2023/24

All students are required to access the online application portal. Access to the Online Service Desk will be available from July 13th to September 30th, 2023.

Prospective students must complete registration with Unimi to gain access to the Online Service Desk. The link to the Scholarship announcement can be found below.


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