Universal Youth Leadership Summit 2023 in the Philippines Fully Funded Opportunity

Would you like to experience some of the most exquisite days of your life in Manila, Philippines? Imagine making the most of your mornings by the stunning beaches of Manila.

Universal Youth Leadership Summit 2023 Philippines

This dream can become a reality through the Universal Youth Leadership Summit (UYLS) 2023 in the Philippines. The UYLS 2023 aims to unite young individuals and changemakers from around the globe.

The Summit has the privilege of selecting 15 Fully Funded, 20 Partially Funded, and 115 SelfFunded delegates. Hosted by the Universal Youth Movement, the Universal Youth Leadership Summit is scheduled from December 7th to December 10th, 202 Spanning over four days, this event promises an array of nonstop exhilarating activities.

From the highly anticipated UYLS diplomatic discussions to the enjoyable cultural exchange evenings, it is destined to be an electrifying affair.

I wholeheartedly encourage all readers to consider applying for the Universal Youth Leadership Summit 2023 in the Philippines. This is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Information About Universal Youth Leadership Summit 2023 in the Philippines

  • Host Country: Philippines
  • Event Dates: December 7th10th, 2023
  • Number of Seats: 150
  • Types of Sponsorship: Fully Funded, Partially Funded, Self Funded
  • Application Deadline: September 12th, 2023

Brief Overview of the UYLS Summit

Distinguished young leaders from across the globe will convene during the summit to engage in profound discussions and exchange strategies aimed at safeguarding and empowering youth within their respective communities.

Seize the opportunity to compete among 150 like-minded international delegates. Share your perspectives on issues of significance, vie for awards, and gain well-deserved recognition.

Forge connections with leaders, diplomats, and enthusiasts, all while delving into the realm of leadership through the lens of diversity and inclusivity, enriched by exposure to new cultures that will broaden your horizons.

Summit Focus Areas

  • The summit will delve into these critical topics:
  •  Effective & Inclusive Education
  •  Empowerment of Marginalized Communities
  •  Combatting Climate Change

Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to be part of the Universal Youth Leadership Summit 2023 in the Philippines. Your contributions and experiences will undoubtedly contribute to positive global change.

Benefits for Fully Funded Delegates

Fully Funded Delegates will enjoy the comprehensive benefits outlined below:

  •  Roundtrip Airfare will be provided.
  •  Accommodation in a 4-star shared arrangement.
  •  Convenient Airport Transfers.
  •  Meals were provided during the summit.
  •  Exclusive Summit Merchandise.
  •  Invitations to a Gala Dinner alongside Government Representatives.
  •  Exciting opportunities to delve into Philippine culture.
  •  Official Certificates of Participation.
  •  Eligibility for the prestigious Best Delegate Award.

Benefits for Partially Funded Delegates

Partial Funded Delegates will be entitled to the following benefits:

  •  Accommodation in a comfortable 4-star shared setting.
  •  Convenient Airport Transfers.
  •  Meals are provided during the summit duration.
  •  Exclusive Summit Merchandise.
  •  Invitations to the distinguished Gala Dinner with Government Representatives.
  •  Opportunities to engage with and explore the vibrant Philippine culture.
  •  Official Certificates recognizing their participation.
  •  Eligibility to contend for the esteemed Best Delegate Award.

Eligibility Criteria

 Applications are welcome from individuals of all nationalities and academic disciplines.

  1.  Age must fall within the range of 18 to 35 years.
  2.  Proficiency in English communication is essential.
  3.  Demonstrated passion for contributing to the development of innovative ideas.
  4.  No requirement for IELTS, TOEFL, or any language proficiency test proof.

Required Documents

  1.  Recent Profile Picture
  2.  Passport or National ID

Why You Should Apply for UYLS 2023 in the Philippines

  •  This opportunity is a gateway to new horizons.
  •  Explore the enchanting country and establish meaningful connections with like-minded peers.
  •  Attain a Certificate of Participation, enhancing your resume.

Application Process

 All applicants are required to complete the online application via the official website. Please access the Application website through the provided link below. Wishing you the best of luck and an enjoyable experience.


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