UK Skilled Work Visa 2023 Process, Eligibility Criteria, and Fees

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the UK Skilled Worker Visa for the year 2023. It outlines the significance of this visa, who is eligible to apply, and provides insights into the application process.

UK Skilled Work Visa 2023

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is a prominent option for those seeking employment opportunities in the UK. It offers the privilege of working for authorized employers and residing in the UK for up to 5 years. This visa category has replaced the previous Tier 2 (General) work visa.

There are numerous companies in the UK that are willing to sponsor Tier 2 Work Visas and have received approval to do so. The UK Government has recently implemented certain changes, including an increase in the annual salary and hourly rate for individuals entering the country on a Skilled Worker Visa.

After a period of 5 years, individuals may become eligible to apply for permanent settlement in the UK. Typically, individuals from outside the UK seek to obtain the UK Skilled Worker Visa. Further information regarding the application process is provided below.

Information on the UK Skilled Worker Visa 2023

  • Job Location: United Kingdom
  • Visa Category: Skilled Work Visa
  • Authorized Stay: 5 Years, with the option to renew

Visa Fees

For individuals applying from outside the United Kingdom, the following are the Standard application fees for the UK Skilled Worker Visa:

- Up to 3 years: £719 per person

- More than 3 years: £1,423 per person

Shortage Occupation

If your occupation is listed as a shortage occupation (in-demand professions), you will be eligible for a reduced application fee:

- Staying up to 3 years: £479

- Staying more than 3 years: £943

Check the shortage occupation list.

List of Qualifying Professions

Presented below is a compilation of eligible occupations, each assigned a unique 4-digit code. If you have been extended a job opportunity within the United Kingdom, your prospective employer will provide an offer letter accompanied by this 4-digit code.

You can access the comprehensive list of eligible occupations, along with their respective codes, via the following link:

In the event that you already possess a job offer, kindly request your employer to furnish you with your designated occupation code.

Should you find yourself uncertain about your code, an effective method to identify it is by utilizing the ONS occupation coding tool, wherein you can search for your specific job.

List of Approved UK Employers (Sponsor List)

These authorized employers are commonly referred to as sponsors, as they support your immigration to or residency in the UK.

You can access the updated list of approved UK employers, which now includes additional companies.

It is highly recommended to consider applying with Approved UK Employers, as they will handle your work visa arrangements and provide guidance throughout the process.

Optimizing Your Opportunities

To enhance your likelihood of securing a job with a UK Approved employer, follow these research steps:

1. Begin by reviewing the shortage occupation list provided above.

2. Select an occupation aligned with your field of expertise.

3. Next, confirm whether the chosen occupation qualifies for the UK Skilled Worker Visa, as indicated in the eligible occupation list.

4. Once you've identified both the suitable occupation and its eligibility for the visa, proceed to search for an Approved Employer or company offering a position within that specific field.

5. Refer to the list of approved companies provided above to aid in your search.

Salary Requirements

The current prevailing rates are as follows:

- £26,200 per year

- £10.75 per hour

Each occupation code corresponds to its own annual prevailing rate. Please refer to the prevailing rates table to ascertain the applicable rate for your specific job.

Eligibility for UK Skilled Worker Visa 2023

To be eligible for the UK Skilled Worker Visa 2023, you are required to:

- Possess a job offer from a UK Approved Employer.

- Hold a 'certificate of sponsorship' from your employer, detailing information about the offered role in the UK.

- Engage in a job that is listed among the eligible occupations.

- Receive a salary that meets the minimum threshold.

It is essential to ensure that you have a confirmed job offer before initiating your visa application.

Duration of Stay in the UK on a Skilled Work Visa

The validity of your Skilled Work Visa allows you to remain in the UK for a maximum of 5 years, after which an extension is necessary.

Application Process for the UK Skilled Work Visa 2023

To apply for the UK Skilled Work Visa in 2023, you are required to complete the online application process accessible here. If you are currently located outside the UK, the Visa Decision typically takes around 3 weeks.

Permitted and Restricted Activities on a Skilled Work Visa

On a Skilled Work Visa, you are authorized to:

- Engage in employment within an eligible occupation.

- Pursue educational opportunities.

- Bring your partner and children along as dependents.

- Under specific circumstances, take on additional employment.

- Participate in voluntary work.

- Travel internationally and return to the UK.

- Apply for permanent settlement in the UK after a period of 5 years.

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