The Top 10 Scholarships for African Students

In today's world, African students have enhanced opportunities to pursue international education through a multitude of available scholarships specifically tailored for Africa.

The Top 10 Scholarships for African Students

Among the distinguished Top 10 Scholarships for African Students, several receive support from esteemed international organizations, while others are generously sponsored by universities and diverse governments.

A plethora of excellent scholarship websites cater to student's needs and offer a comprehensive list of scholarships aimed at assisting Africans in achieving their educational aspirations.

Guidance on Acquiring Scholarships

Within the following discourse, we will elaborate on scholarships designed to enable African students to engage in their studies at the global level. For those whose financial means might be limited, this article serves as a valuable resource. Numerous scholarships that do not require the IELTS examination are accessible.

Undertaking studies at an international institution presents an enriching experience for every student; however, the primary impediments often lie in the financial constraints associated with the high costs of studying abroad.

Additionally, language barriers can pose a challenge, but this hurdle can be overcome by seeking institutions that offer courses in English. Notably, countries such as the UK, China, Canada, and the United States boast cutting-edge facilities within their universities, rendering them prime choices for pursuing education.

Presenting Your Candidacy for the Scholarship

The central objective of these scholarships for African students is to empower deserving candidates to pursue their educational goals and aspirations through grants tailored for Africa's youth. A multitude of undergraduate scholarships aimed at African students in 2024 can be found across various universities.

Developed nations extend invitations to African international students, welcoming them to join their world-renowned educational establishments by providing exceptional scholarship opportunities.

These countries present invaluable chances for international students from Africa to partake in a comprehensive educational journey within their esteemed institutions. To this end, we have compiled a collection of 10 prominent scholarships accessible to African students in 2024

Top 10 Scholarships for African Students: A Comprehensive List

Explore the compilation of the top scholarship opportunities tailored for African students. These prestigious Top 10 Scholarships for African Students offer full funding to deserving individuals.

A crucial aspect to consider when applying for a scholarship is your GPA. Attaining a competitive GPA percentage is essential to meet the scholarship requirements. For detailed eligibility criteria, it is recommended to refer to the official websites of these scholarship programs.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

Renowned worldwide for imparting high-quality education, Canadian universities are a magnet for students from across the globe, including Africa. Among the various scholarships available to black students in Canada, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program stands out.

This initiative extends multiple scholarship opportunities to African students seeking to pursue their education abroad. The VCG Scholarship program, acknowledged as one of the most substantial financial aid programs in the country, bestows an annual grant of $50,000 over a three-year period to recipients pursuing Graduate Degrees.

The VCG Scholarship is exclusively accessible to Master’s students specializing in Health, Natural Sciences, Engineering, as well as Social and Humanities research. This initiative is designed to support financially disadvantaged African candidates, enabling them to pursue their studies without financial constraints.


The VCG Scholarship program provides a multitude of advantages to African students. Recipients are chosen based on their exceptional academic performance and demonstrated leadership skills, which are integral to their participation in the Master’s Degree Program.

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program, commonly abbreviated as TF Scholarship, extends its support to African students pursuing international-level studies at various institutes in Canada. This scholarship opportunity was established with the intention of grooming exceptional doctoral candidates and equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to evolve into innovative leaders within their respective communities.


The TF Scholarship offers an annual sum of $60,000 for a duration of three years, designed to cover the expenses of doctoral studies.

Encompassing grants for tuition fees, research endeavours, travel allowances, and accommodation costs, the TF Scholarship provides comprehensive financial support.

This scholarship opportunity is available on an annual basis, enabling prospective applicants who missed a previous opportunity to apply in the following year."

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The University of Dundee Scholarships for African Students

Numerous scholarship opportunities are available for African students in the UK who are aspiring to pursue Bachelor's or Master's degree programs in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are generously provided by various entities including the UK government, Commonwealth, Erasmus Mundi, and partner universities, aimed at facilitating African students' pursuit of international education.

The Dundee Scholarship, in particular, stands out as a premier UK scholarship designed to support African students in studying abroad, relieving them of the burden of tuition fees. This scholarship offer is exclusively intended for African students interested in studying in the UK.


Dundee University holds a prominent position as a leading institution for higher education in the United Kingdom. The university has successfully enrolled and supported the academic journey of 140 African students across a range of graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate degree programs.

Notably, Dundee University is committed to providing more than six distinct scholarships specifically tailored for African applicants, enabling them to pursue educational opportunities in the UK without incurring tuition expenses. These UD Scholarships are accessible to African students who are enthusiastic about engaging in graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree pursuits.

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The University of Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The University of Birmingham's Outstanding Achievement Scholarship for Nigeria offers a remarkable opportunity to African students seeking to pursue their higher education abroad at the esteemed University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Despite numerous scholarships being available for black students, many of these opportunities remain untapped.

These scholarships are facilitated through our local representatives, which are as follows: Brookstone International Foundation School Abuja, Bridge House Counseling, Oxbridge Tutorial College, SI-UK, Brookstone International Foundation School Port Harcourt, UKEAS, and Zamani College. The Country Officer will also provide valuable assistance to students in coordinating their scholarship applications.


The Achievement Scholarships are exclusively awarded to the most outstanding African students who commenced their degree programs at the University of Birmingham during the academic year 2023-2024.

This annual scholarship opportunity is extended to nearly four African students, entailing a financial award of 2,500 Euros. This scholarship is directed at students embarking on their first-year Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Birmingham, with studies commencing in September 2023.

The University of Birmingham Nigerian Scholarship is aimed at students entering their first year of full-time Bachelor's study. Students with exceptional academic records have enhanced prospects of securing this scholarship. There are also notable scholarship application platforms available for your convenience.

Numerous full scholarships are accessible to African students. Applicants must be enrolling in the first year of a Bachelor’s Degree program at the Birmingham UK campus, meeting the academic prerequisites of the chosen program. Furthermore, applicants must have a domicile in an African country. Those applying must be classified by the University as overseas fee payers for tuition, capable of covering the tuition fees not covered by the scholarship.

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American University Merit Scholarship Program for African Students

America stands as a premier global education hub, boasting esteemed institutions of higher learning and world-renowned universities. The United States offers an array of scholarships tailored for African students aspiring to partake in international education within its institutions and colleges, thereby immersing themselves in top-tier education and an enriching experience. These scholarships are also accessible to African American students.


Our scholarship awards are exclusively based on merit. Aspiring candidates must exhibit exceptional qualities, including outstanding academic prowess, active participation in volunteerism, excellent English language communication skills, and meaningful community service. The scholarship grants range from $8,000 to $20,000 per academic year, and they are renewable for the entire duration of a three-year Bachelor's program.

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Margaret McNamara Education Grants for African Students

The Margaret McNamara Education Grants Program is designed to support African students who aspire to pursue higher education in either the United States of America or a Canadian academic institution. This scholarship opportunity is offered on a competitive basis, targeting exceptionally talented women from underdeveloped countries across the globe. The program aims to provide financial assistance to these women, who must be dedicated to their roles in promoting the well-being of children and women.


Applicants are subject to a thorough evaluation process by an entirely volunteer-driven and independent selection committee. Awards are granted by the Board of Directors annually, with decisions announced in April. The application window remains open each year from September 15th to January 15th.

Eligibility criteria include the requirement that applicants be no older than 25 years at the time of application. Specifically, eligible candidates are African women who have enrolled in full-time degree programs at higher education institutions in either Canada or the United States of America.

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Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme in the Netherlands

Netherlands universities enjoy global recognition for their transformative research, impacting the lives of students worldwide while remaining deeply rooted in our local community. Numerous scholarship opportunities are available for African students pursuing education in Germany.

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) Scholarships, administered by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provide financial support to selected students. These scholarships cater to a range of short courses lasting from 2 weeks to 12 months, as well as Master's degree programs spanning 12 to 24 months.

Notably, the OKP stands as a prominent European scholarship option for African students, particularly those interested in studying at universities in the Netherlands.

The OKP scholarships for African students in Germany encompass both Short Training and Graduate-level programs across diverse fields of study within the Netherlands' higher educational institutions. These scholarships are specifically awarded to exceptionally skilled, innovative, and creative students.


The OKP is a fully-funded scholarship program open to all interested students who can apply through their chosen university, adhering to the outlined requirements. Applicants must complete the online application form, accessible via the official link provided by the Dutch institution. It is imperative for applicants to be diligent in meeting the application deadline.

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Swedish Institute Scholarships Program for Global Professionals

The Swedish Institute Scholarship Program for Global Professionals is a comprehensive funding opportunity tailored for African students aspiring to pursue graduate degree programs at distinguished Swedish universities. Within Europe, numerous scholarships cater to African students, and this particular initiative encompasses a selection of universities, including:

- Stockholm School of Economics

- Karolinska University

- Royal Institute of Technology

- Lulea University of Technology

- Stockholm University

- Karlstad University

- University of Gothenburg

- Uppsala University

- Umea University

- Lund University

- Linkoping University

- Blekinge Institute of Technology

- Dalarna University

Prior to submitting an application for the SISGP Scholarship, prospective students are required to have applied for admission to a Master's degree program at any of the aforementioned universities.


The SISGP scholarship is a highly competitive opportunity that fully covers both tuition fees and living expenses for a duration of two years during the pursuit of a Master's Degree. The tuition fee is directly disbursed by SISGP to the chosen Swedish university at the commencement of each semester. Additionally, selected students are granted a monthly stipend of 10,000 SEK to support their living costs throughout the study period. Health and accidental coverage are also included for the recipients of this scholarship.

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Scholarship Opportunities for International Students at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University presents a wide array of scholarships catering to international students. Among these are the Siemens China Scholarship, the Chinese Government Scholarship, and various tuition-based scholarships designed for students pursuing their education abroad.


Applicants from across the world, including African students, are encouraged to avail the Tsinghua University scholarships. These scholarships encompass programs at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral levels. Additionally, Tsinghua University extends PhD scholarships specifically tailored for African students.

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Jiaxing University International Scholarship Program

Jiaxing University, steeped in a rich legacy spanning 94 years, stands as a testament to tradition and history. Recognized and endorsed by the State Ministry of Education, this provincial institute of advanced learning is nestled within the captivating environs of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The university finds its home along the shores of South Lake, a revered site intertwined with the history of the Revolution.

To foster academic excellence among non-Chinese applicants, particularly from Africa, Jiaxing University extends a diverse array of scholarships.


The University of Jiaxing administers a range of scholarships, each with distinct prerequisites and monetary values. Prospective applicants must diligently review these criteria prior to submitting their applications. These international scholarships are tailored for academically gifted students who intend to embark on an Undergraduate degree journey at Jiaxing University. It's noteworthy that the application deadlines for these scholarships vary in accordance with the chosen degree program.

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