List of Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students for BS, MS, and Ph.D.

The Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students offer exceptional opportunities for those seeking to study in Hong Kong. This vibrant city is a harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, renowned not only for its top-tier education but also for its global scholarships.

List of Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students

Hong Kong's universities have a fervent dedication to research, advancement, and creativity, rendering them an ideal destination for a diverse range of qualified international students.

Impressively, six Hong Kong universities have secured places in the QS World University Rankings. This fact entices students who aspire to pursue a prestigious academic journey within Hong Kong's esteemed institutions.

However, prior to delving into the details of the Hong Kong Scholarship for International Students, let's first explore the pathways to studying in Hong Kong.

Navigating the Cost of Living and Employment with a Student Visa in Hong Kong

Regrettably, it's important to acknowledge the substantial financial challenge that accompanies residing in Hong Kong, where costs are exorbitantly high.

Additionally, international students encounter notable complexities when seeking employment opportunities. Most students opt to restrict their work engagements to internships facilitated by their respective educational institutions.

Furthermore, students are restricted to on-campus employment, which is limited to part-time roles not exceeding 20 hours per week. The silver lining, however, is that students are permitted to work full-time during the summer break at the conclusion of the academic term.

When considering the experience of sustaining oneself in Hong Kong, it's crucial to anticipate a significant portion of your budget being allocated to living expenses. On-campus housing is comparatively economical, with costs ranging from HKD 5,000 to 15,000 (USD 650 to 2000) per semester. Additional living expenditures may necessitate a budget of approximately HKD 30,000 to 50,000 (equivalent to USD 4,000 to 6,500).

Language Proficiency Requirements in Hong Kong

International students who wish to study in Hong Kong may be exempt from demonstrating their English language proficiency if their native language or language of instruction for their final degree is English.

Alternatively, if they completed their final degree in an institution where English was the primary language of instruction, they may also be exempt. However, if these criteria are not met, students are required to submit valid scores from recognized English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or other acceptable assessments.

Top Universities in Hong Kong

In the QS world university rankings, the University of Hong Kong holds the 25th position. Following closely is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, considered the second-best university in Hong Kong.

Alongside these highly-ranked institutions, we have the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Comprehensive Catalog of Scholarships in Hong Kong for International Students

In Hong Kong, a multitude of scholarships is available to international students. With a substantial number of international students pursuing education in Hong Kong through self-funded as well as fully-funded scholarship opportunities, the region aims to attract and nurture global talent for the advancement of society.

To facilitate this goal, a range of scholarships for international students in Hong Kong, supported by both governmental and university initiatives, have been established.

These scholarships aim to alleviate tuition expenses for exceptional students, thereby opening doors for a broader spectrum of international scholars to engage in academic pursuits within Hong Kong. Presented below are some notable examples of funded and fully-funded scholarships:

Education University of Hong Kong Entrance Awards Scholarship

The Education University of Hong Kong offers entrance awards in the form of undergraduate scholarships to international students. The value of this scholarship is HKD 112,000, which is dedicated to covering tuition fees.

This scholarship applies specifically to the undergraduate program in Social Sciences within the Greater China Studies field. It is exclusively available to international applicants and has the potential for renewal in the following years, contingent upon the academic achievements of the recipients. 

The University of Hong Kong Scholarships

The University of Hong Kong presents an exceptional opportunity in the form of the International Scholarship, tailored for students from around the world who aspire to engage in a fellowship program hosted by the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong.

This program, spanning 13 weeks, is centred around the realm of Asian Studies. Successful candidates will actively participate in a range of enriching activities, including lectures, conferences, workshops, and immersive experiences in various Asian capitals. Moreover, participants will have the chance to conduct firsthand research on diverse Asian countries.

Selected recipients of this scholarship will benefit from a monthly stipend intended to cover their living expenses, university accommodation, and study-related expenses.

While successful applicants will be responsible for their own airfare, there is also the possibility of receiving a travel grant. This esteemed scholarship opportunity is open to students of all nationalities, reflecting its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community. 

For more information, visit The University of Hong Kong Scholarships.

Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowships (HKPF)

The Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowships (HKPF) offer fully funded scholarships for international students seeking to pursue Ph.D. studies at various esteemed universities in Hong Kong.

These universities include, but are not limited to, the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Lingnan University. Each of these institutions offers a distinct array of international degree programs, providing students with the opportunity to apply for Ph.D. degrees in their chosen fields.

Recipients of the HKPF will enjoy an annual stipend of 309,600 HKD (approximately 39,700 USD). Additionally, there is an allowance provided to support attendance at conferences and research trips, amounting to 12,900 HKD (1,700 USD) per year. The duration of the international scholarship is a maximum of three years, with the possibility of extension in specific cases. 

For more information, visit The Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowships (HKPF).

Scholarships Offered by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is delighted to extend an invitation to international students for its prestigious postgraduate scholarships. These scholarships encompass a diverse array of fields and majors, spanning finance, management, applied economics, and accountancy.

Successful recipients of this scholarship will benefit from a comprehensive tuition fee waiver, along with a generous allowance of 100,000 HKD, equivalent to approximately 12,800 USD annually.

This scholarship is highly competitive and offers substantial financial support, aiming to nurture future global leaders and trailblazers within the realm of business. Priority consideration will be given to students who exhibit a strong commitment to advancing Hong Kong's higher education on an international scale.

For more information, visit The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Scholarships.

Lingnan University Undergraduate Scholarships

Lingnan University is pleased to offer an exceptional opportunity for foreign students, who are neither from China nor from Hong Kong, to pursue various bachelor's degrees through our international undergraduate scholarship program. The scholarship holds three distinct categories, each offering valuable benefits.

The first category encompasses a comprehensive package covering full tuition fees, accommodation expenses, as well as an allowance to assist with various educational and living costs.

In the second and third categories, scholarships are granted as partial and full tuition fee waivers, respectively. These options cater to different levels of financial support based on individual circumstances.

The selection process for the international scholarship is meticulous and considers a range of crucial factors. These include the volume of applicants within a specific program, the performance exhibited during the student's interview, their professional and academic background, areas of interest, voluntary experiences, and related qualifications.

For more information, visit The Lingnan University Undergraduate Scholarships.

Hong Kong Management Association Diploma Scholarships

The Hong Kong Management Association offers Diploma Scholarships on an international level. These scholarships provide support for individuals interested in pursuing diplomas (basic, advanced, and professional) and certificate courses at esteemed higher educational institutions in Hong Kong.

These scholarships are particularly advantageous for studies in various disciplines including criminology, management, financial management, and mediation-related courses, among others. The scholarship is fully funded, aiming to cover all educational expenses while studying in Hong Kong.

For more information, visit The Hong Kong Management Association Diploma Scholarships.

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