Estonia Work Visa Application Process 2023: Relocation Jobs Available

Estonia, a member of the European Union, boasts a population of 1.3 million. The country takes pride in its diverse workforce, and within its borders, companies extend opportunities for employment along with relocation support. Understanding the Estonia Work Visa Process of 2023 and securing the appropriate work permit is crucial.

Estonia Work Visa Application Process 2023

Estonia stands as a prominent hub for digital technology, credited with being the birthplace of Skype. Notably, 44% of the workforce is concentrated in the cities of Tallinn and Tartu. The Estonian government consistently presents updated job offerings.

Estonians are known for their proficiency in conducting various tasks online, encompassing activities such as voting, tax payment, and passport applications. The capital, Tallinn, has earned the moniker "Silicon Valley of Europe" due to its flourishing technology sector.

Particularly within the realm of technology, the odds of securing a rewarding position in Estonia, supported by relocation assistance, are notably high. Salaries typically range from 4,000 to 5,000 EUR.

Comprehensive information regarding the Estonia Work Visa Process for 2023 is outlined below.

Estonia Work Visa Process 2023

Non-European Union nationals are required to initiate the application procedure for an Estonia Work Visa.

Exemptions from the Estonia Visa Requirement

Citizens hailing from specific non-European Union countries can reside in Estonia for a period of up to 90 days without necessitating a visa. These countries fall under the category of Visa Freedom Countries.

Estonia Temporary (D) Visa

Estonia offers a Long-Term (D) Visa designed for stays lasting over 90 days, allowing a 1-year stay duration. This visa is eligible for renewal.

Acquiring a Temporary Residence Permit

Upon arrival in Estonia, you have the option to apply for a temporary residence permit. Alternatively, it's possible to secure your Estonian Residence Permit prior to your arrival.

Processing Period for Estonia Work Visa

The processing period for this visa ranges from 2 weeks to a month and necessitates thorough completion. Prior to applying for the Temporary Long Stay Visa, it is essential to have a valid reason, such as employment, job prospects, or educational pursuits.

Application for a Temporary (D) Visa

To initiate the process for obtaining a (D) Visa, you can submit your application at the nearest Estonian embassy. It's important to note that different embassies might have varying processing times and specific requirements.

Requirements for Estonia Work Visa

Several prerequisites must be met prior to applying for the Estonia Work Visa. These prerequisites include:

  •  Possession of a confirmed job offer from an Estonian employer.
  •  Possession of a valid job contract detailing all relevant terms with your Estonian employer.
  •  Enrollment by your employer with the Estonian Police and Border Guard. Upon the successful processing of your registration, you can expect to receive your Estonian ID code within a span of up to 15 working days.
  •  Completion of document submission and application for the Estonia work Visa at the Estonian Embassy.

Estonia Employment Opportunities: Relocation Job Offers in Estonia

Discover Job Opportunities in Estonia with Relocation Support

Explore the latest job offerings on the Estonian Government's "Work in Estonia" website. Many companies not only provide appealing job positions but also offer comprehensive relocation assistance. Once you've successfully secured a job contract, you can initiate your relocation process confidently.

Steps to Obtain an Estonia Work Visa

  1. Search and apply for a job online.
  2. Receive a job offer with relocation support.
  3. Apply for an Estonia Work Visa through the Estonian Embassy, including the necessary documentation.
  4. After arriving in Estonia, apply for a Residence Permit.
  5. Obtain your Estonian ID code.

Estonia Work Visa Costs

The fee for the Work Visa (D visa) is €100.

Bringing Your Family to Estonia

If you hold an Estonian work visa, you have the opportunity to bring your family members along. Eligible family members include:

  • - Your spouse or partner.
  • - Your child (provided they are under 18 years of age).
  • - Elderly relatives (above the age of 65) with health conditions and no company.

Complimentary Consultation

Work in Estonia also extends free consultation services to assist individuals who are arriving in or currently residing in Estonia. For more information, visit:


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