United States H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023 (H-1B Employer Data Hub)

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) permits employers in the United States to temporarily hire foreign workers for various occupations. For the year 2023, the USCIS website contains a comprehensive list of US H1B Sponsorship Companies.

United States H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023

Under the H1B Visa program, foreign employees can legally stay and work in the USA for a maximum period of 6 years. However, finding a US Visa Sponsorship company can be a challenging task, but fortunately, the USCIS plays a crucial role in facilitating this process.

To further assist job seekers, the USCIS launched the H-1B Employer Data Hub. This platform provides valuable information about employers who are petitioning for H-1B workers, and in the year 2022, a significant number of sponsorships were provided by US companies.

H1B jobs are available in various sectors, making it an opportune moment to apply for US Visa sponsorship positions with reputable American companies. To ensure a smooth application process, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the US H1B Visa Process.

Commence your search for suitable opportunities today, and below, you can find the list of H1B sponsorship companies for your reference.

List of US H1B Sponsorship Companies

The top company on the list for H1B sponsorships in 2022 was Amazon, with over 8,000 work visas sponsored. Following closely behind was Google in second place, with 7,000 sponsorships.

Industries with H1B Sponsorship Opportunities

 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing


 Oil and Gas




 Wholesale Trade

▪ Retail Trade



 Finance and Insurance

 Real Estate


 Educational Services




...and many more.

Top H1B US Sponsorship Companies

Below is a list of leading companies that are known for sponsoring H1B visas in the United States:

1. Amazon

2. Ernst & Young

3. Google

4. Cognizant

5. Tata Consultancy Services

6. Microsoft

7. Intel

8. Infosys

9. Amazon Web Services

10. Qualcomm

These companies are well known for their involvement in the H1B visa sponsorship program, which allows them to hire skilled foreign workers to work in the United States.

Top Sponsorships by Profession

1. Software Engineering

2. Software Development

3. Senior Software Engineer

4. Software Manager

5. Assistant Professor

6. Architect

7. Associate

8. Analyst

US H1B Employer Datahub List 2023

Within this comprehensive datahub, you will find a complete directory of US employers offering H1B visa sponsorships.

You can conveniently search by employer name, city, or state. Additionally, the data includes the number of H1B work visas approved in the Fiscal Year 2022.

Below is the link to access the full list of US H1B sponsorship companies for 2023. We encourage you to explore their respective company websites to check for suitable job vacancies that match your qualifications and interests.

Visit Here for a list of US H1B visa sponsorship companies

Final Word: If you are fortunate enough to receive a job offer, the next crucial step is to apply for the appropriate US temporary work visa, specifically the H1B Work Visa.

We have published an in-depth article that provides detailed information on the process and requirements US H1B Visa Process 2023.

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