UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023 | Guidelines and Costs

Starting from February 2022, health and care workers have been included in the UK Shortage Occupation List, making them in-demand professions in the UK.

UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023

This post provides information about the application process for the UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023, including the required documents and associated costs.

The Health and Care Visa was previously known as the Tier 2 General Visa and is a part of the UK Skilled Worker Visa program.

Under the current rules, companies and care providers in the UK are allowed to sponsor care workers from all over the world to work in the UK health and social care sector.

This profession does not require high qualifications, and care workers typically earn a minimum of £20,000 to £40,000 per month. Successful applicants can live and work in the UK for up to 5 years and then have the option to apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

Details About UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023

  • - Job Country: UK
  • - Visa Type: Health and Care Worker Visa
  • - Stay Duration: 5 Years, renewable

Cost of UK Health and Care Worker Visa

If you are applying from outside the UK, the standard application fees for the UK Health and Care Worker Visa are as follows:

  1. - Up to 3 years: £247 per person
  2. - More than 3 years: £479 per person

The application fee for the Health and Care Worker Visa is significantly less compared to the UK Skilled Worker Visa.

Eligible Occupations and their Codes

To qualify for the Health and Care Worker Visa, your job must fall under one of the following occupation codes, which are all listed as Shortage Occupations:

▪️ 1181: health services and public health managers and directors

▪️ 1242: residential, day, and domiciliary care managers and proprietors

▪️ 2112: biological scientists and biochemists

▪️ 2113: physical scientists

▪️ 2211: medical practitioners

▪️ 2212: psychologists

▪️ 2213: pharmacists

▪️ 2214: ophthalmic opticians

▪️ 2215: dental practitioners

▪️ 2217: medical radiographers

▪️ 2218: podiatrists

▪️ 2219: health professionals that are ‘not elsewhere classified, such as audiologists and occupational health advisers

▪️ 2221: physiotherapists

▪️ 2222: occupational therapists

▪️ 2223: speech and language therapists

▪️ 2229: therapy professionals that are ‘not elsewhere classified, such as osteopaths and psychotherapists

▪️ 2231: nurses

▪️ 2232: midwives

▪️ 2442: social workers

▪️ 3111: laboratory technicians

▪️ 3213: paramedics

▪️ 3216: dispensing opticians

▪️ 3217: pharmaceutical technicians

▪️ 3218: medical and dental technicians

▪️ 3219: health associate professionals not elsewhere classified

▪️ 6141: nursing auxiliaries and assistants

▪️ 6143: dental nurses

▪️ 6145: care workers and home carers

▪️ 6146: senior care workers

In the ONS occupation coding tool, you can look up jobs. Any code from the list above can be copied and pasted into the ONS Tool to get an overview of the task type.

Approved Companies Sponsoring UK Health and Care Worker Visa

Only UK Registered sponsors who are approved can sponsor your work visa. You can apply for a job in the UK through an Approved Sponsored company, such as:

- The NHS

- Organizations providing medical services to the NHS

- Organizations providing adult social care

To view the complete list of approved UK employers, search for the "Health" keyword on the updated list.

Salary Requirements

Applicants typically need to be paid at least £20,960. Each occupation code has its own annual going rate, which can be found on the list.

Shortage Occupation

If your job is on the shortage occupation list, you can be paid 80% of the job's usual going rate, potentially increasing your chances of getting a job and visa.

Knowledge of English

Most applicants are required to prove their proficiency in English. You can check the countries exempt from this requirement on the government website.

Eligibility for UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023

To be eligible for the visa, you must meet the following criteria:

- Have a job offer from a UK Approved Employer.

- Possess a certificate of sponsorship reference number, provided by your employer.

- Hold a valid passport.

- Know your job's occupation code.

- Have a clean criminal record.

- Be paid according to UK government standards.

- Sufficient funds in your bank account to support yourself for the first month after arriving in the UK.

Duration of Stay

The Health and Care Worker Visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to 5 years before requiring an extension. After this period, you may apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

How to Apply for the UK Health and Care Worker Visa 2023

You must apply online through the provided link. Visa decisions typically take 3 weeks for applicants outside the UK.

For a more comprehensive overview of this visa, you can refer to the Government of UK Immigration and Visas website.

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