Work Visa Sponsorship Companies in the Netherlands in 2023 (Recognized Sponsor)

As of July 18, 2023, there are 10,648 organizations/companies registered as recognized sponsors in the Netherlands. These companies are eligible to hire foreign workers and sponsor their work visas.

netherlands work visa sponsorship companies

They are all recognized and registered with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

The list consists of companies, universities, and research institutions in the Netherlands that are seeking employees.

The number of sponsors has been increasing in recent years as the Netherlands has become an appealing destination for foreign workers due to the abundance of job opportunities. In this post, we will provide information about sponsored jobs in the Netherlands.

List of Recognized Sponsors for Work Visas in the Netherlands in 2023

I understand that you are primarily interested in reviewing the list of companies in the Netherlands that offer jobs with work visa sponsorship. However, I would like to provide some background information about sponsored jobs.

What is a Sponsored Job and its Benefits?

A sponsored job refers to employment where the employer assists with the work visa process, alleviating the need for the employee to handle visa preparations. In most cases, the employer also covers the costs associated with work permits.

If you are employed by a recognized sponsor company, you can benefit from a fast-tracked application process for your work visa through the IND (Dutch Immigration Department).

Types of Recognized Employers in the Netherlands

The following are the different types of recognized sponsors in the Netherlands who are eligible to sponsor foreign workers:

1. Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants: Companies seeking individuals with specific skills.

2. Au Pair and Exchange Programs: Opportunities in the field of cultural exchange.

3. Educational Institutions: Teaching, study, and research positions in educational establishments.

4. Scientific Researcher Directive: Opportunities for individuals involved in scientific research.

List of Companies in the Netherlands Offering Work Visa Sponsorship in 2023

These lists are updated monthly and can be found in the public registers:

1. List: Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants

This list comprises over 10,000 companies/organizations in the Netherlands that are registered as recognized sponsors.

2. List: Educational Institutions

This list includes Netherlands educational institutes that hire foreign applicants interested in teaching and education.

3. List: Scientific Researcher Directive (EU)

Organizations related to scientific research that accept applications from individuals in this field.

Popular Companies in the Netherlands Offering Full Benefits

Some of the well-known companies in the Netherlands that sponsor work visas include:

- Shell

- Philips

- Heineken

- AkzoNobel

- Unilever




- Randstad

How to Apply for a Sponsored Job in the Netherlands?

To apply for a sponsored job, follow these steps:

1. Open the lists mentioned above, which contain the names of sponsors.

2. Copy the name of any company and search for it on Google.

3. Explore the company's portfolio and the type of job they are offering.

Netherlands Government Online Job Portal

The Dutch Government operates an online job portal where all companies in the Netherlands are listed, along with their published job openings. You can visit the website here: Visit Here

Additionally, you can utilize other reputable online job portals such as:

  • - EURES
  • - Indeed
  • - Glassdoor

What's Next after Securing a Sponsored Job?

Once you have successfully secured a job offer, your employer will assist you with the work visa process. They will likely apply for the "Highly Skilled Migrant Visa." It is crucial to obtain the appropriate work permit, and you can find information about the various types of work permits in the Netherlands.

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