Causes of cracked foot and 4 recipes for treatment

Cracked feet a common problem all through the ice season due to the cold climate and various other reasons.

To cast off cracked feet, you want to perceive the causes and avoid them.

Here are the maximum vital causes of Cracked feet and a few natural recipes that assist put off them.

Causes of cracked foot and 4 recipes for treatment

Causes of cracked feet

One of the maximum common causes of Cracked feet is the lack of moisture in this area, which makes the pores and skin layers dry, rough and cracked. 

This can show up because of a loss of vitamins and minerals in the body, inclusive of zinc, which substantially impacts the prevalence of dryness and cracking of the heels.

Standing for long periods for the duration of the day, whether at work or at domestic.

The pores and skin is affected as we age, so the pores and skin can age inflicting cracks at the feet.

Obesity and overweight cause increased stress on the fatty pad in the heel, which reasons pores and skin tightening, which results in dryness and various cracks in the toes.

Wearing uncovered or open-toed sandals and high heels can have an effect on the feet and make the skin tough.

Exposing the ft to water and moisture for lengthy durations eliminates water and oils from the skin, causing dryness and cracking.

Studies have confirmed that dryness and cracking of the pores and skin can result from genetic causes.

Recipes for cracked ft:

1- Honey

Using honey allows you to put off cracked ft as it incorporates antimicrobial and antibacterial homes.

Research has also indicated that honey has the capability to moisturize the skin nicely and aid in wound recovery.

You can use honey as a type of natural exfoliation for Cracked feet, by means of massaging the feet with a quantity of honey and protecting it with plastic wrap, leaving it in a single day and washing it in the morning, taking care to dry the toes properly after that. Washed.

2- Rice flour and honey

It is considered one of the right recipes used to get rid of cracks, and that is completed by blending three teaspoons of rice flour with a teaspoon of honey and three drops of apple juice, and the elements are blended nicely till they're absolutely mixed, then combined. Apply to the feet and depart for 10 minutes.

The combination is rubbed at the feet after drying to eliminate it, which helps to remove lifeless skin layers.

Rice flour allows for exfoliating the skin, honey is ideal for treating Cracked feet, and apple cider vinegar is particular for softening dry pores and skin and eliminating lifeless pores and skin.

3- Baking soda

Baking soda is a component that facilitates the elimination of useless skin cells, is also anti-inflammatory, and allows taking away the unpleasant odour from the toes.

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To prepare the recipe, three tablespoons of baking soda need to be placed in a bowl filled with warm water, and the ft have to be soaked for about 1 / 4 of an hour, rubbed with a pumice stone, and rinsed with lukewarm water, taken care to dry them. Your toes are well with a smooth towel, and you can repeat the recipe two times per week.

4- Vaseline and lemon juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which facilitates exfoliating the skin and regrowing new pores and skin cells, whilst petroleum jelly is essential for moisturizing the pores and skin.

To gain from this recipe, it's miles important to soak the toes in lukewarm water for a third of an hour and allow them to dry before beginning to put in force the recipe.

 A teaspoon of Vaseline is mixed with drops of lemon juice and combined well, and the toes are massaged with the mixture, focusing on the cracked places, and also you need to wear a kind of woollen socks, leave them overnight, and wash them. Lukewarm water inside the morning and dry.

Treatment of significantly cracked feet:

One of the symptoms of cracks inside the feet is dryness and a boom within the thickness of the pores and skin similar to its cracking. If the cracks are not handled, they can deeper further the pain they reason.

In the case of critically cracked feet, you could get bacterial contamination and ulcers in the foot, and for this, you need to work on the speed of remedy and visit the physician who gives sure types of remedy, such as:

The medical doctor might also lodge to scrape the difficult layer of pores and skin on the heels of the toes while prescribing sure styles of moisturizers that ought to be used regularly.

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