The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs on World

Are you hoping to make a job change? Do you want to start fresh and pursue a new career? Perhaps you’re just curious about what other jobs pay in the country.

This list includes the 10 highest-paid jobs in the world, regardless of your interests or job type. This list covers many industries and gives you an insight into what’s available and the potential for a career change.

1. Software Developer

Software Developer

Software developers have one of the highest average salaries, even though it is slightly higher than other professions. The average pay for this position across the country is $86,000. A starting salary for this career would be around $55,000.

Many factors influence the maximum salary, including company experience and location. Although the national average salary for maximum compensation is $125,000, it is possible to make much more. Bloomberg pays $179,000 to its top software developers, while Oracle is close behind at $173,000. It all depends on where the person works.

2. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

An average salary for a qualified FAA air traffic controller is $138,871. It does depend on where you live. Higher salaries are paid at larger airports with more inbound and outbound flights. For those just starting in this field, you can expect to earn around $51,000.

However, the salary can rise to almost $200,000. This stressful job affects hundreds of thousands of people each day. More lives depend on an air traffic controller than any other professional.

3. Sales Manager

Sales Manager

This selection may vary. The salary of a sales manager in a retail outlet might be significantly lower than that of other positions within the company. It isn’t very easy because there are so many variables involved. The average salary for an air traffic controller is significantly lower than the average salary. It is approximately half the national average air traffic controller salary of $71,000. However, it is still a good amount.

A typical sales manager might earn around $146,000, which is close to the average traffic controller. This position is highly desirable because it allows earning exponentially more. In particular, if it’s a commission-based role, there are no restrictions on the correct company. As a result, it is ranked higher than the original option.

4. Financial Manager

Financial Manager

The same group as sales managers includes financial managers. Although earning less than the national average for air traffic controllers, they can make more. For the next year, the national average will be $103,500.

A beginner to the industry may anticipate earning $76,000. Depending on how much the business has paid out in commissions, a financial manager can earn up to $133K on average.

5. Petroleum Engineer Salaries

Petroleum Engineer Salaries

The entry-level salary for oil-based engineers is $86,000. This is one of the highest entry-level salaries in the industry. Chevron pays $90,000.

BP starts at $94,000. While the national average salary for petroleum engineers is $109,620 and the highest earning amount is $150,000, it can vary widely. BP’s top salary is $208,000, while Exxon Mobil’s maximum salary is $216,000.

6. Airline Pilots

Airline Pilots

An airline pilot’s starting salary is around $46,000. Pilots who fly commuter routes tend to be the most successful. Their salary increases as they get upgraded to larger passenger planes. The national average pay for airline pilots for the upcoming year is $121,914. Nevertheless, the maximum varies greatly depending on the airline you use.

The average pilot salary for Delta is around $215,000, and United at $250,000. Although there are many variables, an experienced airline pilot can make money.

7. Engineer and Architectural Managers

Engineer and Architectural Managers

The final salary of these professionals can vary greatly. The median average salary in both these fields is $118,000. Most start at $86,000. This is the base salary, not the bonus or benefit. These people frequently obtain sizable bonuses if the task is finished on schedule or on budget.

Before factoring in all these extra expenses, the highest paid professionals in this field make more than $170,000. Depending on where you work, the typical pay might increase to $120,000 with bonuses.

8. Dentist


The top three spots on this list are all related to medicine. While each position on this list requires very specific education, more education and field experience are required. The average dentist earns $133,780. The average entry-level salary is $102,000.

The maximum salary in this field can vary greatly. There is no upper limit for those who own their practice. While $173,000 is the national average for maximum earnings, many factors and variables can make it higher.

9. Surgeons


The salaries of the top two positions are far higher than those in all other fields. The national average salary for a surgeon is $355,800. This will increase next year. Starting surgeons earn $250,900, while top-of-the-line surgeons make just under $500,000. Some specialist surgeons are more in demand and can earn over $1 million. However, this is just an average. This is more dependent on where you live than any other factor.

10. Anesthesiologists


Anesthesiologists are the top job. Although they may not be performing the actual surgery themselves, anesthesiologists must consider all factors when creating the medication combination that will put patients under the influence of the drugs.

The median salary for surgeons is $351,300. The starting salary for a surgeon is $261,600. This is likely to be higher than any other position in medicine, as it will vary significantly. It all depends on where the person works and what type of medical facility or practice they work in.

Although anesthesiologists don’t usually own their practice or work in a hospital, they are highly sought after and in high demand. While the standard salary is $450,000, there are fewer surgeons than anesthesiologists, so one who is highly sought-after can make a substantial amount more than a surgeon. Keep in mind that salaries in the medical field are much higher because of the higher cost of insurance.

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