Tech layoffs: Google staff fearful

On the heels of many technology giants who have cut employees or frozen hiring, the big search Google is suing a clear warning to its employees considering the grim outlook for the business environment.

According to the report, Google executives have reportedly advised employees to improve their performance or be ready to leave. An internal message was circulated to employees and advised them to be aware that “there will be blood on the streets” if the earnings for the next quarter aren’t good.

Tech layoffs: Google staff fearful

Eye on 3rd Quarter Results

In a message from Google Cloud, viewed in the hands of Insider, Google Cloud sales management has warned employees of claims of “overall examination of sales productivity and productivity in general,” IANS reported. The message also states that blood will be everywhere if the quarter’s results “don’t look up. “

Numerous Big Tech companies like LinkedIn, Meta, Oracle, Twitter, Nvidia, Snap, Uber, Spotify, Intel and Salesforce have laid off workers or stopped hiring amid the economic recession in the wor

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If the third quarter’s results “don’t look up, [then] there will be blood on the streets,” according to a notice sent to sales personnel. The warning was first revealed via Insider.

The New York Post reports that Google workers have been “fearful of layoffs” after the company had to extend its hiring freeze for March without making a public announcement.

This company reported that employees would be warned of the possibility of being laid off if they do not achieve results

The alphabet and Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai told employees late last month that they needed to boost productivity in the face of severe economic headwinds.

Pichai declared that he would like to get ideas from his staff on achieving “better results quicker. “

The source reported him as saying, “There are serious worries that our productivity overall is not where it needs to be for the number we have.”

Google during July placed the hiring freeze for two weeks to evaluate the needs of its workforce and make a decision on the following actions. The company previously announced slow-down hiring for the remainder of the calendar year.

We are clearly confronting a difficult macro climate with increasing uncertainties in the future, according to Pichai.

Alphabet Google, the leading company behind Google and Google, has reported less-than-expected results and revenues for April-June (Q2).

The revenue growth slowed to 13 per cent, down from 62 per cent in the same quarter of last year.

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